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    9+ Best Peanut Substitutes (Best For Recipes, Safe From Allergy)

    If you’re allergic to peanuts or want to try a new ingredient for recipes that gives a peanut-like flavor, we have some of the best peanut substitutes for you!

    You can use beans, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, almond, and many more. 

    This post will discuss 9+ best substitutes to fulfill your cravings and keep you healthy. 

    Continue reading to pick your favorite one!

    Why Do People Look For Peanut Substitutes?

    Peanut allergy is the main reason! It is one of the common food allergies which causes life-threatening anaphylaxis. You will have trouble breathing if you have a peanut allergy and still eat peanuts. 

    That’s why most people look for peanut replacement because health is always the first priority! 

    Let’s begin!

    Best Peanut Substitutes:

    There are varieties of peanut alternatives that you can easily find and use for your recipes. Some of these options are also great for your favorite peanut butter cookies

    Read through each substitute and pick the one that best fits your taste. 

    1. Beans 

    Looking for best peanut substitutes ? Try Beans

    Beans are great in taste, very healthy, and packed with various nutrients. Also, there are many kinds of beans, each of which is a perfect substitute for peanuts. 

    Here are some of the best beans that you should try: 

    Feel free to use roasted beans in your recipes. Your recipe will turn out delicious; surprisingly, they are healthier than peanuts. 

    2. Pretzels

    Pretzels is one of the best peanut substitutes

    Pretzels are another great alternative for peanuts, especially for recipes that need extra crunch. You can add pretzels to any recipe where you would use peanuts. 

    Crush pretzels and sprinkle on a pie crust or use them to coat chicken tenders. Moreover, baked pretzels are a great ingredient for desserts like chocolate clusters or cookies. 

    Give it a try; you will love it!  

    3. Seeds


    Seeds are a common way to create an everlasting flavor in your recipe. Here are varieties of seeds that you can substitute with peanuts. Just don’t add them with other nuts. 

    Use sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, or watermelon seeds. They all work great as a replacement for salads, stir-fries, and more recipes when baked or cooked.

    These seeds also work great to make nuts or seed butter without any risk of allergy. 

    4. Tahini 


    Tahini is a flavorful ingredient made from sesame seeds and tastes like them. You can use this Middle Eastern ingredient as a substitute for peanuts.

    The tahini flavor is a bit bitter and savory, so it is mostly used for build-up dishes and as a main ingredient in some foods like Hummus, salads, or soups. 

    Tahini is also high in natural fat, which makes it a perfect alternative to peanuts. There is nothing to worry about the allergy because it is safe and healthy to add tahini to your recipes and enjoy a bright flavor. 

    Pro tip: make a sandwich with honey or jam because tahini contains no sugar and will turn out delicious.

    5. Almond Butter

    Almond butter

    Almond butter is one of the best substitutes if you are looking for a buttery replacement. It is more sweet and crunchy than your favorite peanut butter. It tastes heavenly tho! 

    Almond butter is also a healthy spread with more fiber and calcium than peanut butter. Some people say it provides a cherry-like flavor. 

    Sandwiches and some breadsticks are a great treat to enjoy with almond butter. Also, you can make cookies with this delicious creamy butter easily. 

    6. Sunflower Seeds Butter

    Sunflower seeds butter

    Sunflower seeds butter is also an excellent alternative to peanut butter. You can enjoy the scrumptious taste of peanuts with this sunflower seeds butter without fearing allergy. 

    The mild and nutty flavor you get with a mouthwatering, creamy texture is a treat. Eat it with jellies, spread it on bread, or add a tablespoon to smoothies or shakes. 

    Sunflower seeds butter is easy to find at any local store, or make your own at home with a few pumpkin seeds. 

    7. Hummus


    Well, Hummus may not be the first choice for you because it is not an ingredient but a proper recipe to make. Hummus works great as a dip and spread while providing a peanut-like taste. 

    The recipe of Hummus includes roasted chickpeas, lemon juice, spices, tahini, and olive oil, so the flavor is most likely similar to peanuts. 

    Hummus is a great peanut substitute for the allergy and is high in various nutrients that will keep you healthy. 

    8. Brazil Nuts 

    Brazil nuts

    Brazil nuts are large-sized tree nuts that deliver a peanut-like texture when chopped and roasted, and that makes a good replacement for peanuts. 

    The best part is that brazil nuts can be chopped up easily in the same size as peanuts. Also, feel free to use these tree nuts in baked goods or salads. 

    Note that you should use brazil nuts only if you have a peanut allergy. Don’t consider it a substitute if you have a tree nut allergy. 

    9. Pili Nuts 

    Pili nuts

    Pili nuts are popular in their native country, the Philippines, and less common in the U.S., so most people are unaware of them. 

    Although they are famous worldwide and known as a peanut substitute because of their similar flavor, the nutty, crunchy texture makes them a perfect replacement for many dishes. 

    Ensure you find the packaged pili nuts because having them shelled through is important. 

    They are not too popular because these nuts are mostly shelled and don’t come out easily. 

    10. Tiger Nuts 

    Tiger nuts

    Tiger nuts may sound unfamiliar to you but know that they are not a nut. These nuts are a root vegetable known as a tuber that grows below the surface. 

    If you want to make sweet dishes, tiger nuts will work great because they taste nutty and crunchy. The way it balances the flavors is incredible. So, it makes a good peanut substitute. 

    You can also use tiger nuts for savory dishes, which might create too much flavor. To avoid this, use half the amount of tiger nuts. However, in sweet dishes, add the same quantity of peanuts.

    Final Thoughts

    If you or someone you know is allergic to peanuts and looking for some of the best peanut substitutes, the abovementioned alternatives will surely help.

    You can use any options even if you run out of peanuts for certain recipes. The flavor of each substitute is quite similar to peanuts, so try it.

    Let us know in the comments which substitute worked best for your recipe!

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