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    7 Best Mexican Thanksgiving Food Ideas to Fire Up Your Holiday!

    Thinking about classic Mexican Thanksgiving food ideas once again?

    We are coming to the end of yet another blessed year. Humans always want to be as creative as possible, especially regarding our traditional celebrations. Thanks to another blessing of the Internet, that has opened the widest range of creative options to choose from while collecting ideas for food preps on different festivals.

    This post aims at helping you with 7 meal ideas that should be on your Thanksgiving table this year.

    What is Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving is a day that is celebrated annually in North America as a national holiday. It is held on the fourth Thursday of November no matter the date. People celebrate this day to show thankfulness for the harvest season and other blessings from the preceding year 一they celebrate humanity in short! 🎉

    The Origins of Thanksgiving

    Before I give you some delicious Mexican thanksgiving food ideas, let me tell you briefly about Thanksgiving Background. Thanksgiving day is widely celebrated in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Liberia, Grenada, and other parts of the world. It is a holiday to thank God for all the blessings He bestowed upon us.

    Well…. Yes, but who started it?

    The Thanksgiving tradition started with the Pilgrims who got settled at Plymouth, Massachusetts. They had a gathering that celebrated their harvest for the first time in 1621. The Governor at that time, William Bradford, organized the event. He also invited the locals —Wampanoag Indians to share the meal.

    They named this gathering ‘Thanksgiving’ in 1623, after long-awaited rain that ended a drought. It was also a way to celebrate family and living together. In 1789, President George Washington proclaimed the first National Thanksgiving Day. Later on, it became a regular annual holiday in the U.S when Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November a day to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    What’s next?

    Since then, this day has been celebrated every year in the U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt 1941 made this day an official federal holiday. What a fun way to celebrate living!

    What Traditional Mexican Thanksgiving Food Includes?

    The Mexican Thanksgiving menu has different kinds of food for everyone. It includes turkey, potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, vegetables, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and more. This day is also famous for the best Mexican American Thanksgiving food.

    So, this year’s Thanksgiving day is again so close. Do you know what everyone is talking about? The food, of course. I am here to give you some exciting food ideas for this Thanksgiving, so you can get started on your Thanksgiving by serving these Mexican foods.

    7 Mexican Thanksgiving Food Ideas

    1. Mango Pomegranate Guacamole

    First mexican thanksgiving food ideas is Mango Pomegranate Guacamole

    Think a starter for a change!

    Guacamole is an important Mexican meal for Thanksgiving. Mexicans folding fruit into guacamole is a tradition. They use tropical mangoes in the recipe to add a subtle tartness with their silky flesh. Incorporating pomegranates makes it a great starter for an additional seasonal flare. This guac can be your creative vegan take on guacamole that is filled with fresh fruits. The classic dish is also gluten-free and dairy-free.

    Get the recipe: Mango Pomegranate Guacamole

    If you are a meat lover, get some crazy steak dinner ideas.

    2. Mexican Thanksgiving Turkey

    second mexican thanksgiving food ideas is Mexican Thanksgiving Turkey

    Thanksgiving is particularly about enjoying turkey. They cook it whole and fill it with fruit, veggies, and other stuffing. It is also seasoned with various herbs to add smell and flavors. They roast turkey over an open fire or in an oven. The specialty of turkey is its flavors and juices if cooked skillfully. I say ‘skillfully’ because turkey is usually well-known for being dry after cooking. The roasted bird is an essential food item in Mexican Thanksgiving dinner.

    3. Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing/Dressing

    5. Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing Dressing for mexican thanksgiving food ideas

    Another best Mexican food for Thanksgiving is your Turkey stuffing. Stuffing means ‘fillings.’ You fill something until it is full with no spaces left. Note that Thanksgiving stuffing is also known as dressing. We are talking about the food that goes inside the turkey after it is roasted. The stuffing meal is a side dish along with the main course. Traditionally, they have been using bread and herbs to prepare the stuffing.

    Sometimes they also use sausages, and a hot dog, to make stuffings with other traditional ingredients. You can check out some delicious stuffing/dressing ideas here.

    4. Mexican Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

    6. Mexican Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes for mexican thanksgiving food ideas

    Here is another one of the Mexican Thanksgiving food ideas. We already know that mashed potatoes are boiled first and peeled. They are then crushed or mashed into a soft, creamy edible texture. They taste good even when consumed solely, but I recommend adding milk, butter, hot peppers, and some garlic to enjoy a perfect meal. The cream cheese adds a classic taste to mashed potatoes. It’s a great flavor boost there!

    Try to learn the steps to prepare Mexican mashed potatoes.

    5. Sweet Potato & Rice Casserole

    7. Sweet Potato & Rice Casserole for mexican thanksgiving food ideas

    It’s a Mexican vegetable side dish for a Thanksgiving meal. This dish means no more boring veggies and stuffing. If you want to prepare the next-level stuffing, fill your turkey with a rice bowl with the best seasonal flavors and a Mexican touch. The blend of vegetables includes sweet potato, black beans, Monterey Jack cheese, and green chile peppers.

    Get the recipe for this beautiful and fancy Sweet Potato and Rice Casserole. The best part is that it takes only 25 minutes to deliver the best taste ever.

    6. Mexican Bread Pudding Dessert

    8. Mexican Bread Pudding Dessert for mexican thanksgiving food ideas

    Now, let’s have some desserts. A traditional Lenten staple in Mexican culture, Mexican bread pudding is also a great idea for a Thanksgiving meal list. It is also called capirotada. It features layers of nuts, dried fruit, bananas, cheese (providing extra protein), and crusty bread with a drizzling of cinnamon-infused sugar syrup. Capirotada is a Mexican version of bread pudding.

    In the pudding, they use a special unique ingredient called piloncillo, a Mexican brown sugar. This makes the Mexican Bread Pudding desert the ultimate taste adder to your Thanksgiving food. You can also look for Pumpkin Empanadas and Tres Leches Pumpkin Flan to have more desserts.

    7. Mexican Thanksgiving Drinks —Cranberry Margarita

    9. Mexican Thanksgiving Drinks —Cranberry Margarita for mexican thanksgiving food ideas

    How can we go without having a drink with our Mexican fiesta on Thanksgiving? You can take Cranberry Margarita or Mexican Eggnog for some liquid refreshment alongside your other unique recipes. I pick up the sweet and tart cranberry extract for your festive margaritas. The formula is quick, simple, and mind-blowing. You can also enjoy this drink at any random happy time.

    You can also get creative with the garnishing. Use curls, slices, or wedges of cranberries or lime with cubed crushed or blended ice. The cranberry Margarita can fire up your holiday cocktail. Simply delicious!

    To cater the calorie-conscious, use the link here to know about some filling high volume low-calorie meals.

    Non-Traditional Mexican Food Options For Your Thanksgiving

    Above are some Mexican Thanksgiving menu ideas for 2022!

    As you have been reading this post, here is an incentive to add more flavors to your special day. If you are not into traditional food at the moment, feel free to try some non-traditional Mexican menu options for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Pumpkin Tacos, Avocado, and Roasted Yam Fall Ensalada are some of the other authentic, tasteful Mexican meals you can thank me for later! 🥰

    10. Non-Traditional mexican thanksgiving food ideas For Your Thanksgiving

    The Bottom Line

    I hope you like the above Mexican Thanksgiving food ideas. The recipes are not overly complicated. Your creative flair can make the Thanksgiving occasion even more memorable for the special people in your life. I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving hours this year. Stay thankful and blessed!

    Enjoy the Mexican Thanksgiving food. Happy Thanksgiving! 🎊💫

    If you want to have some more ideas on traditional Mexican food, try The Food Nom’s recipe for Mexican Huaraches food.

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