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    8 Easy Healthy Food Swaps To Improve Your Health

    Do you know you can still eat delicious food while eating healthy and that is too easy?

    With little or minor healthy food swaps, you can make your food delicious. You don’t have to be heavy on yourself when cutting off some extra calories or junk from the diet.

    Eating healthy is all about eating smart. Start by swapping your food ingredients for healthier ones. You can also try different customized healthy recipes perfect for your lifestyle.

    The idea of swapping your food helps eliminate excess sugars, salts, fats, or carbs but remember you have to be smart and start small. Just a few healthy food swaps to your daily choice help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

    This blog will uncover the easy healthy food swaps that can for sure improve your health.
    Let’s look at those easy substitutes that you can start with.

    1. Swap From Refined Grains To Whole Grains

    Earlier, if you were using white bread and white rice, it is high time to say goodbye to them. The addition of whole grains will be a kickstart toward your healthy journey.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, whole grains are found in their complete form with all their seed parts retained, and they help you feel full and satisfied.

    Opting for whole grains or high fiber for your breakfast is such a healthy option.
    Your whole grains include:

    • Oats
    • Chia pudding
    • Whole grain cereals
    • Brown rice
    • Brown bread
    • Granola
    • Muesli

    2. Swap From Sugary Beverages To Unsweetened Beverages

    Kicking your sugar habit is the real game to turn your life into a healthy one. Sugary beverages or drinks like milk, coffee, carbonated fizzy drinks, and milkshakes are high in calories due to excess sugar.

    You need to cut off sugar and get your hands on its substitutes that will benefit you in the long run.
    Consuming too much sugar leads to premature aging, skin-related issues, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

    Instead, you can opt for healthy beverages and drinks like:

    • Detox water (any favorite fruit slices, mints, lemon slices, cucumber)
    • Lemon water (it offers multiple benefits and keeps you hydrated)
    • Black coffee without sugar
    • Tea without sugar
    • Herbal tea
    • Fresh juices from vegetables and fruits

    3. Swap From Dried Fruits To Fresh Fruits

    Dry fruits are full of calories because they are completely dried and left with no water; hence if you are in the mood for munching, make sure you opt for fresh snacks.

    Wherever you go, grab your favorite seasonal fruit on the go and feel full instead of an unhealthy or calorie-based snack. Fresh fruits are a high source of nutrients like potassium, vitamin c, dietary fibers, folate, and many more that you often miss out on in your diet, but fresh fruit intake can cover them.

    4. Ditch Your Sidelines With Green Veggies

    How about some nice broccoli sprinkled with salt and pepper for your lunch or dinner? Sounds yummy and healthy.

    Lettuce leaves, iceberg leaves, spinach, and similar green veggies as your sides are a source of high fiber that you can consume daily.

    Suppose you are a pasta lover and prefer having them as your sides. Don’t worry! You can also have pasta or noodles in whole grain as they are more nutritious and full of fiber than regular pasta. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, you will get 6 grams of fiber from whole wheat spaghetti and 2.5 grams from regular pasta.

    5. Swap Beef Steaks for Fish Steaks

    Salmon and Tuna are richly dense with omega-3 fatty acids. Instead of beefy meat filled with saturated fat, the cause of low-density lipoproteins (LDL-C), also known as bad cholesterol, leads to chronic heart diseases.

    Salmon and Tuna are high protein sources with a good source of vitamin D with fewer calories. Some prominent American health organizations suggested consuming around 250 to 500 milligrams of omega 3s.

    6. Swap From Bakery Items for Dark Chocolate

    Suppose you are a sweet tooth person and can not resist sweets. You can opt for dark chocolate and cut all those carbs from your diet. Baked goods are high in trans fat because of all the ingredients used for preparation.

    You can satisfy your sweet craving by having a piece of dark chocolate. Facts say cocoa used in chocolate helps lower blood pressure, mood swings, and blood vessel function. Although dark chocolate is also high in calories, it’s a healthier option than baked goods.

    According to some research, consuming chocolate a few times can reduce the risk factors of heart attacks, chest pain, and strokes.

    7. Swap From Chips To Healthy Snacks

    Try getting some healthy and homemade chips or snacks instead of those spicy and oily junk chips. Switching to a gluten-free breakfast is also one of the ways to bring about a healthy change since you are cutting out unnecessary proteins. This swap will benefit you in good health and good skin as packet chips cause acne bumps and oily skin, so it’s healthy with beauty investment!

    You can opt for roasted chickpeas, kale chips, beetroot chips, and some fresh veggies sliced like cucumber, carrots, and reddish to satisfy your crunch attack. You can pair them with your favorite sauce too!

    8. Switch From Unhealthy To Healthy Cooking Methods

    Sometimes cooking method habits are the leading cause of unhealthy diets. You have to change your cooking methods to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Now you’ll be assuming, but how? It’s so easy! You can switch your deep-fried items to air-fried or even baked. They turned your meals into delicious and healthy meals.

    For instance:

    • Boiled eggs over pan-fried
    • Baked fish over fried fish
    • Air fried snacks
    • Steaming and grilling your food

    The Food Nom’s Takeaway

    See! It is easy and simple to do healthy food swaps for your meals and ingredients, and you were stressing about it. No need to thank us, the food nom platform is here for your health concerns.

    There are so many healthier options and ingredients to switch that we discussed above.
    We’ve made it quite easier for you to start your healthy journey without any second doubt.

    With slight changes, you can improve your diet and healthy living style, and of course, you will notice the visible difference once you start following these for a few months, and the results will make you happy.

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