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    5 Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas On a Budget

    You have landed right if you are looking for baby shower food ideas on a budget!

    There are plenty of healthy baby shower food ideas today. You can be as creative as you like, but the execution of the plan is crucial. Planning for quick and easy food will be far better for the organizers, but if you are on the budget and one of the enthusiastic DIYers, you can try out these homemade baby shower food ideas.

    To plan a baby shower, you can select a theme with ease if you know the gender of your baby as pink or blue.

    We look forward to pleasing the guest crowd, too, by the way! 😃

    Explore how to plan food items for a perfect Baby Shower.

    What is a Baby Shower?

    A baby shower is a gift-giving party. It is arranged to celebrate the expected birth of a child and a woman’s transformation into a mother. It won’t be wrong to narrate that baby showers are a party to celebrate humanity.

    Filled with lovely gifts and mouthful flavors, baby showers have gained huge popularity in the U.S and the U.K for a long time. Although it is new to Ireland and some other parts of the world. It has different names in different cultures.

    Quick and easy baby shower appetizer ideas for the menu that people will remember are easy to find on the internet and on social media handles these days.

    Easy Baby Shower Food Ideas

    Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun. You can begin by brainstorming food ideas and activities for a theme-based gathering or a party everyone will love. You have to take care of many other aspects like planning for gifts, venue decor, and organizing the baby shower brunch for guests.

    So, why not gather some nice, nutrition rich food ideas? Now, let me sprinkle baby shower ideas for planning the food items.

    1. Tea-time Sandwiches

    four grilled tea time sandwiches in a tray

    Tea sandwiches are one of my favorite and the cutest ideas of all time. So, I definitely want to add them to my baby shower food ideas list. You are free to use your creativity to make many different kinds of tea-time sandwiches.

    You can use any bread you like or even a gluten-free version, or fill the bread slices with cream cheese and cucumber, thin sliced roasted meat, and chili-garlic sauce. Also, You can use sliced beef or turkey and pimento cheese.

    This idea would work great when planning a tea-time-themed baby shower if you are sensing a theme yet!

    2. Fruits & Dips

    strawberry being dipped into chocolate fondue

    Think of softened cream cheese, orange juice concentrate, and marshmallow fluff for your baby shower food menu. The super whippy rich texture soothes your taste buds like the juicy combination of marshmallow cheesecake and orange creamsicle.

    You get them ready to eat or make them on your own. They are very easy to prepare.

    Here, I give you some popular fruit pairings for the dips:

    • Strawberries with cream cheese fruit dip
    • Apple slices (bathed in lemon water) with caramel dip
    • Pineapples or strawberries with chocolate spread
    • Apples with peanut butter
    • Berries with brownie batter and more

    The best part is that fruit dips save you time and energy. They are usually made using three ingredients paired with your favorite fresh fruits. It’s a tasty, nutritious diet for all your loved ones. You can also make fruit dips ahead of time. It lasts several days in the fridge.

    3. Chicken Sliders

    bunch of chicken slider in a tray

    Another great option for your baby shower food ideas is the chicken sliders. Whether it is Italian chicken pasta salad with pasta or BBQ chicken sliders with bun or bread, everyone will love them.

    You can always prepare it beforehand and save it in the fridge. Or you can also choose to buy your chicken salad sliders from stores and serve them.

    Pairing your chicken or egg sliders with Hawaiian rolls is a good idea. You can also make them in advance, but it is better to make them fresh to avoid sogginess. The idea is super simple! Fresh chicken, pasta, and a few nutritious ingredients like vegetables and flavorings will make your day.

    What goes with chicken sliders?

    You can serve any of the following with your chicken sliders:

    • Quick, easy baked beans
    • Homemade french fries
    • Traditional potato salad
    • Sauces and dips with seasoning, etc.

    The easy and versatile Chicken Sliders are a great way to add joy to your baby shower gathering. Imagine the taste when you put some shredded chicken, dijon mustard, red onion, cheese, spices, between the buns and enjoy them.

    4. Cupcakes, Brownies, and Cake Pops

    cupcakes decorated whipped cream frozen raspberries

    Baby shower food is often simple to make and light to eat. I give you another delicious idea for people having a sweet tooth 一the most popular, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate brownies. Cupcakes are fun to decorate and great to eat. You can decorate them with different frosting colors and interesting toppings to match the theme of your baby shower, if any.

    You can also use marzipan, cocktail umbrellas, mini flags, edible glitter, and more to add beauty to their looks. Bake the brownies and cut them in different interesting ways. Use small squares, triangles, or cookie cutters to create custom shapes.

    With these precious items, you can also add cake pops. Buy the cake or bake one for your baby shower celebration day. You will need to mash the cake and combine it with frosting. Then, you can make the balls out of the mixture. Ice the balls with different colors or candy melts and add sugar dead with edible glitter on top to make them look more appealing.

    5. Chilled Flavorful Sodas

    colorful soda drinks macro shot

    Change the idea of casual sodas from the known brands to a nice, decent homemade soda bar. Make use of different varieties of syrups that you are used to making yourself. Take berry, grapefruit, apple, mango, or passion fruit as examples.

    Guests can pick their fav ones from a good range of drinkables.

    You should garnish the drinks with refreshing stuff like sprigs of fresh mint or swirly straws to add flavor to the soft drinks you created. Try leveling your drinks up by adding lemon to a few flavors.

    Final Thoughts

    Can’t wait to meet the baby? 🥳

    Get your hands on some of the above snazzy and unique baby shower food ideas for the special one in your life. You will make many memories whether you go with simple juicy cupcakes, yummy fruit dips, or healthy chicken sliders.

    Whether you keep traditional dishes on the menu like tea, coffee, and drinks like fruit juices and punches. Since alcohol is not good for the mother-to-be, avoiding alcohol will be one of the best practices in a baby shower.

    Wishing you all the best for the baby shower and the mother-to-be. 💫💝

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