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    Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs? The Simple Method

    I will tell you the best way to preserve scrambled eggs for later use or if you are having a party and don’t want to make too many. Learn how to freeze scrambled eggs in a simple and easy method.

    You can freeze scrambled eggs in the refrigerator and reuse them as you like. However, it is important to do it using tried, tested, safe, and helpful texture and flavor optimization methods. Scrambled eggs freeze well for up to a surprisingly long period. Say adios to the boring, typical, and older ways of making them by using them creatively in different recipes, and have fun! 🍽️ 😋

    Get the details ahead in the post!

    What are Scrambled Eggs?

    Scrambled eggs are full-cooked eggs prepared by beating them well with some liquid and then cooking them while stirring gently. The flavors added to the popular dish include butter, salt, oil, and some other ingredients of your choice.

    Get the recipe: Quick Instant Pot Scrambled Eggs Recipe

    Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

    At the blog’s beginning, I mentioned that you can freeze cooked eggs even after months of freezing. Freezing boiled eggs is an art; you only have to be a little careful during the process of freezing them. It is safe and practical. Even other than cooked eggs, you can also save raw eggs easily. Just do it properly and do not miss any step.

    The idea of freezing scrambled eggs is absolutely great, especially if there is a possibility of egg availability shortages. Then it would be important and worth your time, effort, and money to probably freeze 12 or 24 eggs.

    Do Scrambled Eggs Freeze Well?

    Yes, they do. The freezing process and period will not affect the egg’s natural taste, texture, and nutritional capabilities. The process is proven and simple. You only need to try it yourself!

    How to Freeze Scramble Eggs?

    I have an authentic way for you to freeze scrambled eggs. Excited about doing just that?

    So, can you freeze scrambled eggs? Here are the steps:

    1. Scramble the eggs like you usually do. Include a dash of cream or milk.
    2. Cool the eggs down for a while.
    3. Take a tin with a plastic lid. Pour the eggs into it.
    4. Now, put the eggs in the freezer for a short time.
    5. Wait for the eggs to get solid, and take them out of the freezer.
    6. The eggs are frozen now. Wrap them in plastic wrap. Ensure to have all air is removed well.
    7. Put the plastic-wrapped scrambled eggs in a freezer bag or tin foil. Again, make sure to remove all air.

    User Tip: to have a longer freezer shelf-life for your scrambled eggs, you can add one more layer of vacuum seal to them.

    1. Now date and label each bag. Flatten the pouch as much as possible.
    2. Place the bag into the freezer at its coldest part, meaning the location must NOT be near the door.
    3. Reheat and use within six months of freezing.

    How Long Can Scrambled Eggs Be Frozen?

    Freeze your cooked eggs to save time and energy on busy or lazy mornings. Additionally, it will be very helpful in food shortages or unavailability. Now, the question arises, how long do cooked eggs last in the freezer?

    Continue reading!

    Fried eggs can become hard or rubbery when frozen in their normal condition. However, when you freeze them in the scrambled state with the addition of a dash of milk, cream, or water, you can hit the target. You can freeze the mixture for about 6 months without any harmful internal reactions or changes in taste and texture.

    The touch of milk or liquid stabilizes the mixture while keeping it smooth and creamy. This is because milk proteins create a protective layer around the egg proteins. It prevents the formation of hard molecular bonds that might have caused rubberiness or toughness within the mixture.

    Note: Even when you put the date and time on the frozen eggs, always check if they look or smell weird. Get rid of them to be on the safe side.

    I conclude that adding cream or milk to your scrambled eggs is the best method. Whether making a family breakfast or preparing a scramble-and-freeze nutritious breakfast for your kid’s lunch boxes, you will surely enjoy the ease.

    Is it Possible to Save Poached Eggs?

    As we know, poached eggs are cooked outside the shell by poaching. Unlike boiling or simmering, the poached eggs take more attention and a delicate touch when cooked. It is also possible to freeze poached eggs, but it is also possible for a shorter time. Even so, here’s how you can do it.

    Your poached eggs are fine to serve within 2 days of putting them in the fridge. To have them afterward, you can boil water in a pan, then remove the pan from the heat. Gently lower the poached eggs into the water and reheat for about 30 to 60 seconds or until hot inside.

    Click the link to learn about freezing scrambled egg patties for breakfast sandwiches.

    Can You Freeze Fresh Eggs?

    You can freeze fresh eggs the same way as store-bought eggs. Make sure they are fresh and completely clean before you put them to freeze.

    Can You Freeze Fried Eggs?

    Yes, you can even freeze fried eggs. But they often lose their texture and flavor by becoming crumby. If still, you want to freeze them, reheat them later and use them in a sandwich. Do NOT use them over a month of freezing to avoid any risks.

    Ways to Defrost Frozen Scrambled Eggs

    Not only the correct freezing but also the right defrosting is important. You can use various methods to defrost, but I don’t recommend doing this at room temperature. It is NOT safe. Instead, you can use any of the following ways:

    1. Fridge Defrost

    Defrosting it in the fridge is the safest way. You can defrost them overnight. Also, know that the residing smells in the refrigerator might affect the odor and taste of the scrambled eggs.

    2. Microwave Defrost

    When in a hurry, put your eggs in the microwave for around 6 minutes. But remember, this can harden the eggs and damage their structure. Not a very pleasant method, though! 🤔

    3. Water Defrost

    Immerse the zip lock bag with your frozen scrambled eggs in a water bowl. This will be a quicker method for defrosting.

    Once you defrost, use the eggs within a day.

    The Process of Reheating

    1. Reheating in Microwave

    Reheat the defrosted scrambled eggs in the microwave by doing the steps below:

    1. Take a microwave plastic container and put the eggs in it.
    2. Place the container inside the microwave.
    3. Stop after 25 seconds and stir the eggs.
    4. If the bottom of the bowl has any liquid, remove it.
    5. Heat them at intervals of 25 seconds. Keep stopping in between and stir and empty the liquid as you go.
    6. After you feel they are hot enough, remove them from the microwave.

    2. Reheating On The Stove

    Following are the steps to reheat scrambled eggs on the stove:

    1. Take a frying pan on the stove and put some oil in it.
    2. Put the scrambled eggs in the frying pan.
    3. At normal heat, cook them for five minutes.
    4. Remove the liquid from the egg, if any.
    5. Keep cooking until the eggs are hot.

    Can You Refreeze Scrambled Eggs?

    I suggest, no. It is certainly NOT a good idea. Doing this will affect the taste and texture at a health-damaging level.

    Different Forms of Scrambled Eggs

    can you freeze scrambled eggs in different forms ? 

    Scrambled eggs are already very nutritious and so full of taste. But If you are a real foodie who loves healthy food and the richest flavors, try them with some cheese, sausage, or bacon. You can also freeze the scrambled eggs along with these additional ingredients. But, for the cheese storage along with it, consume the eggs within 3 months to stay safe.

    You can be as creative as possible to use all your local seasonal ingredients to bring value to the food you cook for your family. You can make scrambled eggs with Feta hash, cheese, potato veggies or scrambled egg muffins, and more.

    Final Thoughts

    It does make sense that there is a proper way to do things, and doing everything takes a few careful steps. The same goes for scrambled eggs we all love. It is a great nutritious idea to freeze scrambled eggs to benefit from their nutrients later in time. You are free to reheat and use them for breakfast or dinner and live a productive life.

    So, the above post walked you through freezing scrambled eggs, defrosting, and reheating them. We recommend that if you have been freezing your scrambled eggs or find this information useful, share what you experienced after using these methods in the comments below.

    This will motivate us to write more for the betterment of our readers! Happy, healthy life. Take care! 🥰

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