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    Best Carne Asada Seasoning Recipe (The 5-Minute Dry Rub)

    Homemade seasoning mixes are love! We have seen our mothers and aunts making them with pride and winning hearts.

    Following in their footsteps, I started making my own spice mixes when I was a kid. I tried many different flavors of it as the years passed by. I also had to make my own mixes for my young kids and old parents for their health-conscious diets. Altering seasoning mixes is simple and fun. You should know exactly how you’d like to have them. And, of course, which flavor do you want the most?

    I love this Carne Asada Seasoning recipe which is a homemade Asada seasoning. It’s so full of flavor and is a perfect way to add taste to Carne Asada, meat marinades, food that needs taco seasoning, etc.

    The recipe is so simple and quick you will easily make this dry rub for flank meat in less than 5 minutes. Let’s begin!

    What is Seasoning?

    what is carne asada seasoning recipe

    Seasoning is adding salts, herbs, and spices to the food and bringing out its best. This process enhances a specific flavor to the dishes. The easy Carne Asada Seasoning recipe uses a unique blend of spices.

    What is Dry Rub?

    What is Dry Rub in carne asada seasoning recipe

    Before diving into the Carne Asada Seasoning recipe, let’s see what the dry rub is.

    A dry rub is a tasteful mix of dry herbs and spices. This amazing blend of FLAVORS is generously applied and rubbed well onto the food’s surface. It is intended to add flavor to the cooking. Rubs go well on meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. It depends on the flair profile.

    Not only do dry rubs make food delicious, but they also give an exclusive texture. You get many wows with this big hit, and the best thing is, making dry rubs is super easy. An effortless way to impress the loved ones around you with lovely meals.

    Carne Asada Dry Rub Recipe

    Before I take you to the carne asada seasoning recipe, there are some more facts you should know.

    You start to dry rub with a salt base. By doing this, you ensure to amplify the flavors from herbs and spices. It also helps all tastes to penetrate the meat when left to rest. Avoid using more brown sugar in your dry rubs than salt because you can caramelize the meat and burn the sugar itself under high heat pressures.

    Other than these, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, paprika, and more are the common ingredients used in dry rubs. There are plenty of standard rub flavors around. Steak seasoning and BBQ spice rub in particular!

    Ingredients for Carne Asada Spice Rub

    Your well-stocked pantry normally has all these ingredients. Even so, to make Asada seasoning, you’ll need the following:

    • Kosher salt
    • Chili Powder
    • Black pepper
    • Onion Powder
    • Cayenne pepper
    • Ground Cumin

    Instructions for Best Carne Asada Seasoning Recipe

    Below are the steps to make Asada seasoning:

    1. Add all spices to a bowl.
    2. Mix them together.
    3. Pour the seasoning blend into a sealed container to store.

    Note: You can store this Mexican Carne Asada Seasoning recipe like any other spice. But you know that all of them lose flavor over time. However, this dry rub seasoning’s flavor stays for about a year.

    Carne Asada Seasoning —Usage

    carne asada seasoning recipe and it's usage

    You noticed how easy the authentic carne asada dry rub recipe is. Now, how do you use it? You can use it for flank or skirt steak, grilled meat, or street tacos. These are dried ingredients with no moisture, but they add flavor when applied to the meat’s surface.

    Carne Asada Dry Rub

    Apply dry rub liberally to your meat, covering it holistically on all sides. I habitually push the spices into the meat as much as I can. I also add an olive oil splash to the meat before adding the rubs sometimes. Just try to make it better every time!

    Carne Asada Marinade

    If you plan to make a Carne Asada Marinade, rub the spice blend over the steak or chicken. Put the meat inside a large bag of plastic. Splash with lemon or lime juice and add some fresh chopped cilantro.

    Place the meat in the fridge. Marinate it for a few hours and enjoy the results!

    Make Carne Asada

    • Put your marinated (seasoned) flank steak on an outdoor grill. You can also cook it on medium-high heat in a large cast iron skillet.
    • Use a meat or cooking thermometer to know when the steak is cooked.
    • Remove the steak from the grill. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Slice the steak across the grain into equally thin slices.

    If you use dry rubs for ground beef or shredded chicken, you’ll need to add ½ tablespoon of seasoning and ¼ cup of water to the meat after it is cooked. Taste the meat and ensure the amount of seasoning is enough to your liking. Add more if you want.

    Can You Alter the Dry Rub for Carne Asada Recipe?

    Can You Alter the Dry Rub for carne asada seasoning recipe

    Sure there are alternatives to the carne asada seasoning recipe?! Variety is the spice of life. We all love changing our cooking and herbs to enjoy their taste and appearance variations. Mixing all spices is an easy step. You can add a few ingredients or substitute some to make it your recipe. For instance, You can add smoked paprika or garlic powder. You can also replace chili powder with Mexican chili powder or anything else you like.

    Best Recipes to pair with Carne Asada

    Best Recipes to pair with Carne Asada

    Carne Asada goes well with so many recipes. You can enjoy it with:

    Wrapping Up

    The above recipe makes the best Carne Asada. Your family will love it on grilled meat. You will also like its marinated version on any other meat at all. It tastes adorable when used in place of taco seasoning. It tastes delicious when making burritos and tacos with it, too.

    Carne Asada Seasoning Recipe

    Best Carne Asada Seasoning Recipe (The 5-Minute Dry Rub)

    Are you a meat lover looking for a perfect seasoning blend to spice up your life? Look no further! This amazing Carny Asada recipe is the solution to your steak and chicken cravings.
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Course Side Dish
    Cuisine American, Mexican


    • tbsp Kosher salt
    • 4 tbsp Chili powder
    • 6 tbsp Garlic granulated
    • 6 tbsp Onion powder
    • 1 tbsp Cumin


    • Add all the spices to a bowl. Mix them well.
    • Transfer the fragrant spice mix to an airtight container and store it.


    Push the spice mix into the meat for better penetration. Place the meat in a ziplock plastic bag with a splash of lemon or lime juice with some freshly chopped cilantro. Place the plastic bag in the fridge, and let the meat marinate for a few hours. After that, grill it as usual. Use this seasoning for grilled meat or street tacos. Sprinkle these spices on a skirt or flank steak.
    When using this seasoning for chicken or ground beef, add about ½ tablespoon of seasoning with water around ¼ cup to the meat after it's cooked. You should then taste the meat to check if the spices are good. Add more if you want.
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