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    Cowboy Caviar With Rotel: 5 Minutes Instant Appetizer Recipe

    Are you looking for how to make 5-minute Cowboy Caviar with Rotel? It is super easy and so much fun. All you need is some drained, rinsed, and diced ingredients and you are ready to create this quick appetizer in 5 minutes. Add it to your weeknight meal or any kind of party, and you will love the response!

    What is Cowboy Caviar?

    Cowboy Caviar is a salad made of black-eyed peas slightly pickled in an Italian dressing known as vinaigrette-style. This dish is served as an appetizer, mostly eaten as a dip to support tortilla chips. Cowboy Caviar has other names, too, like Texas Caviar, since the dish was served in Texas second time ever.

    Cowboy Caviar or Texas Caviar is a super easy, quick dip. It is made in 5 minutes with canned beans, tomatoes, corn, onions, and peppers. It is a vibrant appetizer that also makes a great topping for chicken, fish, and salsa full of flavor.

    Why Is It Called Cowboy Caviar?

    why is it called cowboy caviar with rotel

    The creator, Helen Corbitt, first served the dish on new year’s eve at the Houston Country club in the 1950s. She was a Neiman Marcus food director. At first, she named it pickled black-eyed peas. Later, she presented it at the Driksi hotel in Austin, Texas. This time around, they called it Texas Caviar. This is how old Cowboy Caviar is!

    How to Make Cowboy Caviar with Rotel?

    Cowboy Caviar or black-eyed peas salad has been trending since the summer of 2022. It is when content creator Bria Lemirande made a hit for her red onion, beans, corn, feta cheese mix, and bell peppers mix recipe.


    • Rotel tomatoes and jalapenos
    • Black beans
    • Kernel corn
    • Black-eyed peas
    • Red onion
    • Bell pepper
    • Italian dressing
    • Cilantro
    • Lime juice and Cumin


    1. Take a large bowl.
    2. Put all ingredients into the bowl.
    3. Mix all ingredients.
    4. Place the bowl in the fridge. Let the Caviar cool.
    5. Serve the cowboy corn dip with Rotel with tortilla chips.

    *Get the complete recipe with the measurements below in the recipe card.

    User Tip: Black-eyed beans and black beans can be replaced with other cooked beans available to you. Pinto beans or any other beans can go well with the recipe.

    Preparation Notes for Cowboy Salsa

    • You can easily substitute Black beans and black-eyed beans with other cooked beans.
    • Make it a day ahead and keep it fresh in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days.
    • While serving the salad immediately, use any frozen corn after thawing them. Small corn kernels melt faster.
    • In place of parsley, you can use Cilantro.

    When Can You Make Cowboy Caviar With Rotel?

    You can pick any time of the year to serve this recipe. But spring and summer are the best times because, during these months, you can use homegrown fresh veggies and herbs. This cold salad will be a perfect party appetizer for your loved ones. This Cowboy Caviar also is an ideal diet to have in your backpack.

    Make this easy, inexpensive dish for holiday get-togethers, picnics, BBQs, or potlucks. Whether you serve it as a healthy salad or surround it with tortilla or nacho chips, you will see this dish disappear soon! If you are a salad lover, you will also love this Southern Macaroni salad.

    The Brilliance of Classic Cowboy Caviar Recipe

    The Brilliance of Classic cowboy caviar with rotel recipe

    Call it an appetizer, snack, lunch, salad, or side dish! All names suit this superfood well. Eat Cowboy Caviar with Rotel alongside your next batch of tacos, or take a fork alone and finish it all. You are free to enjoy cowboy caviar with Italian dressing in so many ways.

    You should try the classic Texas Caviar recipe because of many cool reasons. It is quick, easy to make, crispy and crunchy, kid-friendly, satisfying, packed with protein, healthy, and delish. Its sweet and tangy Vinaigrette style makes it a Southwestern classic.

    I make Texas caviar with Italian dressing on weekdays, at super bowl parties and New Year celebrations, because they say the black-eyed peas bring you good luck. My whole family is addicted to its awesome taste. Some of my family call it tomato salsa, while others call it a fresh, cold bean salad. To me, it’s Caviar, so jam-packed with vegan and gluten-free health properties.

    So, prepare to be wowed! My friends from the Southern US find this recipe better than most other Southern dishes. They call it a perfect salad for family gatherings. This versatile Cowboy Caviar recipe goes well with so many dishes. My kids love its vibrant colors and like to have it with nacho chips. Also, consider a simple Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with green peas recipe as another delightful quick meal for your busy weekdays.

    Different Names of the Texas Caviar Recipe

    Cowboy Caviar recipe with Rotel is known by many different names. Other than Texas Caviar, it is also known as Hillbilly Caviar, Cowboy Salsa, Southwestern Bean Salad, Lone Star Caviar, Southwestern Vegetable Salad, Southern Caviar, Tex Mex Caviar, and Black-Eyed Pea Salad. My favorite is Cowboy Caviar forever.

    Cowboy Caviar with Rotel —Making Ahead!

    You should make Cowboy Caviar with Rotel about 30 minutes ahead of time. This lets the flavors interact well with each other. You can also choose to make it one day before serving. In this case, you can store this salad in an air-tight container in the fridge and let it cool.

    How long can you Store Cowboy Caviar in the Fridge?

    Texas caviar with black-eyed peas can last in the fridge for about 4 to 5 days. It is the case with any leftovers. Tex Mex Caviar has this distinct capability of holding up so well in the refrigerator for days and coming up as tasty as day one.

    Key Takeaway

    We talked about black-eyed peas, beans, tomatoes, and corn in this nutritiously amazing texas caviar with Rotel recipe. The kicky, colorful Italian-style dressing takes it to the next level. For a bigger crowd, serve it with other in-demand appetizers such as garlic knots. For my family weeknights, this alone is enough with the main course. I will simply call this recipe hearty and addicting!

    Did you like to eat Texas Caviar? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

    cowboy caviar with rotel

    Cowboy Caviar With Rotel: 5 Minutes Instant Appetizer Recipe

    Texas Caviar aka Cowboy Caviar is a super easy, quick dip. It is made in 5 minutes with canned beans, tomatoes, corn, onions and peppers. It is a vibrant appetizer that also makes a great topping for chicken, fish and a salsa full of flavor.
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 0 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Course Appetizer, Side Dish
    Cuisine American
    Servings 8 People
    Calories 115 kcal


    • 1 Mixing Bowl Large enough to put all your ingredients


    • 1 Can Rotel tomatoes and jalapenos
    • 1 Can Black beans drained and rinsed
    • 1 Can Kernel corn drained and rinsed
    • 1 Can Black-eyed peas drained and rinsed
    • 1 Red onion small-sized
    • 1 Bell pepper diced
    • ¼ Cup Italian dressing
    • 1 Pinch Dried Cilantro
    • Lime juice: To taste
    • Cumin: As you like


    • Take a large bowl.
    • Put all ingredients into it.
    • Mix all ingredients so they combine well.
    • Place the bowl in the fridge until cool.
    • Serve the southern caviar with tortilla crackers.
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