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    Difference Between Seltzer and Sparkling Water?

    Have you ever been caught in a situation where you need help making wise decisions among different water brands? Wondering if sparkling water is seltzer water? No, it is not the same. Then what is the difference between Seltzer and sparkling water? 

    Don’t worry at all! We are here to help you make quick and informed decisions regarding healthy water.

    In this blog post, let’s dive into the helpful details and determine the difference between the two.

    Is Seltzer the Same as Sparkling Water?

    Many people are curious whether Seltzer and sparkling water are the same. But the answer is no. Seltzer is plain water that has been artificially carbonated and contains no other ingredients, sodium, or minerals. 

    On the other hand, Sparkling water is a naturally carbonated water source from natural springs. Sparkling water does have minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

    What is the Difference Between Seltzer and Sparkling Water?

    Many people assume that all carbonated beverages are the same. People want to know if they can use seltzer water instead of sparkling. Are they the same? Well! Don’t panic. They are not the same. 

    We’ve covered a brief insight on Sparkling Water vs Seltzer so you will understand the main difference between the two. Let’s have a look below.


    Seltzer is the primary form of carbonated water because it is injected or artificially carbonated with carbon dioxide into the water. Remember that any flavoring, addition, or modification to carbonated water is necessary to make seltzer. The beverage is called a seltzer beverage when all three components are included.

    Moreover, Seltzers can be used as a substitute for club soda in cocktail mixers and other drinks. It is available in plain water or fruity flavors. It does not contain sodium, minerals, and other ingredients.

    Seltzer originated in Germany, where carbonated water was bottled and sold off, before taking off in the United States. This plain water has been carbonated with added carbon dioxide rather than minerals, sugars, and other ingredients. As a result, it potentially leads to a change in the flavor of a drink.

    Sparkling Water

    Sparkling water is naturally occurring carbonated water sourced from underground springs or wells. Based on the source, it contains different minerals, such as sodium, magnesium, or calcium.

    Sparkling water is available in plain or several delightful fruity flavors. Some sparkling waters have a mild and clean flavor, while others range from stony to sulfur. It depends on the source from where they are and the particular minerals they contain.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that mineral water must contain at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solids, which include minerals and trace elements from bottled water.

    However, the mineral content significantly changes the taste of water. This is the reason why each brand of sparkling water has a unique taste.

    To make it bubblier, some producers will add carbonate to their products by including carbon dioxide.

    Sparkling vs. Seltzer Water: Which One is Healthiest?

    lemon water

    Seltzer and sparkling water have similar nutritional benefits except for a few minerals, such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Both drinks are a great choice to quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds. But now the question arises: which one is the healthiest and better than the other?

    Sparkling water is good to go because it is naturally carbonated and has sodium, calcium, and magnesium, whereas Seltzer has been artificially carbonated and doesn’t have sodium and minerals. 

    However, Nutritionists agree that artificially carbonated Seltzer or naturally carbonated sparkling water is as hydrating as regular water. Nevertheless, tap water contains fluoride content, which helps prevent tooth decay.

    If you struggle to meet your daily hydration needs, choose any of these beverages to stay hydrated all day.


    Q1: Does sparkling water taste like seltzer?

    Ans: No, it does not. Seltzer is plain water with added carbon dioxide and added flavors. Meanwhile, sparkling water is naturally carbonated and contains minerals such as salt and sulfur. Thus, it has a unique flavor.

    Q2: Can I substitute sparkling water for seltzer?

    Ans: No, You can’t. You can use Club soda as a substitute for seltzer. Club soda and seltzer can be interchangeable in recipes. While sparkling water is better for drinking.

    Q3: Is sparkling water suitable for the stomach?

    Ans: Yes. It improves digestion. People may experience digestive issues, and they get relief after drinking sparkling water. Further, research and studies show that it may also help with constipation.


    Still, deciding which one you should opt for for your day? Well! It depends on individual needs and preferences. If you want a crisp taste, refresh your mind and enrich minerals in the body. Then, go for the sparkling water.

    In contrast, if you struggle with drinking enough water the whole day. Then, you’d like to drink Seltzer. It has many natural flavors, making drinking easier than tap or spring water.

    Hopefully, you get the best one as per your needs. Stay healthy!

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