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    Easiest Ways to Start Eating Healthy (Expert Recommended!)

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is opting a healthy and balanced diet. 

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a healthy balanced diet protects against malnutrition.

    It is never late to switch to a diet full of nutrition. Eating pure, green, and clean is a great way to eat healthily.

    Learning healthy eating habits will work in the long run as compared to a strict diet. 

    Diets are unproductive and that’s a fact. Once you follow a diet for a few weeks, you’ll end up with the same unhealthy junk. The wiser idea is to eat healthily.

    Healthy eating is all about a balanced diet so that if you are even eating a piece of chocolate cake, you don’t end up feeling guilty.

    A NY based registered dietitian Fiorella DiCarlo said: Healthy eating should be versatile and delicious. People who eat a well-balanced diet and consumption of more veggies and fruits improve their moods.

    With a few little adaptations in lifestyle, you can start healthy eating without feeling too bound and intense.

    The Easiest Ways to Start Eating Healthy

    Opt For Whole Foods Instead Of Processed

    Adding whole foods would do wonders. Whole foods are counted as fresh veggies, fruits, and whole grains. They are more proteins, fibers, minerals, vitamins, and good fats. 

    Processed foods like frozen items, chips, and candies are of no use. In other words, processed foods have empty calories.

    A Big No To Sugary Beverages

    Beverages or fizzy drinks that are sugary are enormously harmful to your health. 

    Cutting sugar from your life is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

    Too much sugar consumption in your drinks is an open invitation toward premature aging and anxiety. Better to opt for fresh juices prepared from fresh fruits or drinks that are unsweetened. 

    A handful of Nuts Everyday

    Dry Nuts are a high source of protein, and they are delicious too. You can kickstart your day with a punch of nutrition from any of your favorite nuts or can take them to your study or workplace for munching as snacks. On the other hand, seeds are a great power source like chia seeds, flaxseeds, and sunflower seeds. 

    Nuts are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, zinc, and calcium. They can also help you maintain a good healthy weight also. They are super nourishing for your brain. 

    Addition of Probiotics

    Probiotics are essential for your gut bacteria to improve digestion, build a strong immune system and extract good nutrients from food.  Gut-friendly products are yogurt, cheese, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, and kefir. 

    As per research by Casey Adams Ph.D., probiotics in the human body play a role in up to 70 % to 80% of our immune system.

    Addition of Green Veggies

    You can start eating veggies in the form of salads with a little seasoning. Eating veggies goes best in the daytime. Seasonal vegetables are delicious and nutritious; cook vegetables for your meal on most days of the week. Make sure you are not supposed to kill the nutritional value of veggies by overcooking them.  

    As per studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2008, the intake of vegetables and fruits lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    Adding Fruits to Diet

    Fruits are a high source of fiber and minerals, there is another glow in the skin of a person who is more towards eating fruits daily. 

    The best part about fruits is that they are low in fat. Breakfast and brunches are the ideal time to add fruits to the diet. 

    The plus point is that you will never get bored with fruits since they have various options according to seasons in the market. 

    Drink Plenty Of Water

    Staying hydrated is the key: our human body is upto 60 % water and the brain is 73% water. Our body needs water for the process of digestion to detoxify the toxin and salts from the body and transportation of minerals. 

    Intake of water also helps you in staying active and to perform your daily life activities and chores. 

    Portion Control

    Overeating leads to obesity. Having control over portions will not lead you towards over-munching and snacking. If you’re someone who needs to have control over calories, this tip will work for you.

    Eating smaller and frequent meals will help in avoiding larger portions. The science behind this also says eating large meals will trick your brain into not eating in ample amounts. 

    Avoid Salt

    Excess salt intake has obvious negative health effects; it leads to high blood pressure, stroke, stomach cancer, and heart disease. 

    Cut off any extra salts from your curries, omelets, and rice to be healthy.

    People who consume high salt in foods are more aggressive and get stressed easily.

    Add Protein in Diet

    Proteins are the building blocks of the human body, the best sources of protein available and easy to digest are chicken meat, beef, mutton, fish, prawns, pulses, lentils and more. 

    Intake of the protein shows your overall health also protein makes you feel fuller without overeating much.

    Eat Complex Carbs

    Complex carbs take a little longer to digest like rice, sweet potatoes, rice etc. Complex carbs will give you a fuller feel for a long time, simple carbs help as post workout snacks for that instant dose of energy and glucose. 

    Never Leave Home Without Healthy Snacks

    When leaving home for work or study, grabbing some healthy snacks will help you to maintain a healthy eating pattern. For instance, snacks full of rich protein like nuts, a healthy fruit smoothie, or a protein shake will give you that hunger solution and you won’t end up eating unhealthy, processed or fast food.

    Healthy Sweet-Tooth

    Craving sweets is completely normal. If you are already going with a planned balanced diet then no worries! You definitely can eat a scoop of ice cream or a bar of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, but similarly, on other side, you have healthy sweet options to consider.

    For instance, how about dates and raisins? They are an instant energy source and a healthy way of consuming sweets.

    Addition of Healthy Fats (Omega-3)

    Fish or other sea foods, flaxseeds, canola oil, or any plant oil is a high sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy fats are essential elements for a balanced diet.

    As per the recommendation of the National Institute of Health male adults should get 1.6, female adults 1.1 g, pregnant women 1.4 g, and breastfeeding moms 1.3 g.

    Adding Green Tea or Herbal Tea

    Green tea helps in flushing out toxicities from bodies. It proves to enhance the metabolism of the body and has antioxidants. It also banishes all unhealthy calories from the body. Green tea also helps in losing excess belly fat or excess weight. 

    The Food Nom’s Takeaway

    There are various easiest ways and tips that you can initiate to start a healthy lifestyle from today.

    Remember, it always starts with you. If you have that motivation to eat clean and healthy, nothing can come your way to stop that.

    You can easily start your healthy eating regime with the help of the above easy ways. By eating healthy and nutritious food, say goodbye to chronic diseases.

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