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    Easy Medjool Date Candy Recipe (Healthy Candy Bars)

    Many times we all crave sweets! 🤔

    It might be after lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. Then who doesn’t love to have a pack of chocolate bars in your fridge all the time? For me, too, this craving for sweets is never-ending. Yet, it isn’t easy to afford a bunch of chocolate candies every time. The diet we eat does matter healthwise.

    So, is it a NO to the frequently bought big chocolate bars from the mart!?

    Well, you should avoid buying sweets each time. What if we talk about a super easy and quick alternative that can get steady in less than 30 minutes in your kitchen?

    Why not! I am glad to share this simple healthy Medjool date recipe. I went through a few similar Medjool date recipes earlier, but this one works best for me. These are the delicious dates candy bars that fill up your tummy. These are healthy candy options for you and your closest people when you feel hungry late at night or plan a weekend gathering of friends. 

    This blog will show you how to make candy bars with attractive health benefits. Feel free also to call these little sweethearts the Medjool date Snickers. You‘ll love them for sure! 🍫😊

    So, let the fun begin!

    Medjool dates —Nature’s Unique Treat

    unique dates for medjool date recipes

    You must be wondering, what are Medjool dates?

    Medjool dates are a type of sweet dates that are the oldest cultivations. These dates grow on the date palm tree and are larger. They look darker than the most common dates on the market.

    Medjool date recipes come out to be good. The dates taste creamier, having a more caramelized flavor with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. They say that Medjool dates are from the Middle East and Morocco. But these sweet treats from nature can also grow well in other regions having similar climates, such as the United States.

    Know that fresh Medjool dates are dried yet NOT dehydrated. You still get a soft and sticky texture, making it a great replacement for your life-long, loved Snickers and similar chocolate bars. Just make them with ease, and store them in the refrigerator. Remember to make a note of the expiration date on the package.

    User tip: If you want a nut-free Medjool date recipe, stuff your dates with another seed butter or tahini.

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    Where Can You Find Medjool Dates?

    You can find Medjool dates and similar varieties in the grocery stores near you in the fresh produce. You can also get these dates in dried fruit aisles.

    It’s Good to Know!

    medjool date recipes

    You can try Medjool date recipes with variety. Make a decent variety of desserts, smoothies, sauces, salads, and baked products using fresh dates. Dates are natural sweeteners that are also known as ‘stone fruits.’ Stone fruit is a kind of fruit that has a single seed. The seed surrounds by fleshy fruit on the outside, such as olives, mangoes, peaches, etc.

    Be creative with this recipe. Adjust the ingredients to what suits you best. If you like almonds more than coconuts, and others like coconut more, you can make half with only almonds and half with coconuts. You can even try adding both, as mentioned in the directions.

    How to make Medjool Date Candy Bars?

    Making healthy candy recipes is easier than you think! Medjool date recipes are the best examples.

    When making any recipe, be daring to use ingredients you have on hand. You can be as creative as you like and make substitutions where possible. The same goes for this date candy recipe!

    For instance, in the case of the Medjool date candy recipe, if you have almond butter at home, you can use that in place of peanut butter. It’s also a lot of fun to keep using a variety of toppings.

    Melting chocolates in the microwave is my favorite part. I heated the chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 minute and stirred. I then heated the chocolate again for 20 seconds more to make it smoother. You have to be quick for coating, or the chocolate starts hardening.

    User tip: If the chocolate hardens during the process, pop it back in the microwave.

    If you have to struggle often with sugar cravings like me, also try this dairy-free blueberry muffins recipe.

    I made this recipe with chocolate chips; you can also use white chocolate or butterscotch chips to crush sugar cravings.

    The best part is that you will find this Medjool date candy recipe even more satisfying than your regular choco-candy bars. In addition, these date candy bars fill you up with healthy ingredients. You might have also heard about other vegan date recipes, but this one is my favorite.

    How good is a sweet treat full of nutritional value —fiber and antioxidants? The best Medjool dates come with natural goodness. They have potential health benefits that are not available in regular candy bars.

    How to Store Your Chocolate Coated Medjool Dates?

    Medjool dates hold well if kept in the fridge overnight. They set and chill fully to hold up for a long time. It helps so much when you want to gift Medjool dates with chocolate to someone. Or you are deciding on a trip and want to take them along. Storing them in the fridge prevents the date chocolates from getting dewy when they expose to room temperature. You can also save them in a freezer for the same perfect results and great taste.

    If you love Oreos like my little ones, make this fun delicious Oreo milkshake recipe without ice cream. All kids in your family will love it.

    The Upshots

    The above post explained one of the best Medjool date recipes on the planet. Can you now picture bunches of hundreds of dates on date palm trees!?

    Avoid falling for regular candy bars and go for a package of Medjool dates when you see them at the store. You will certainly love making and having Medjool date desserts for a sweet treat.

    It’s so good and is only a few minutes away to throw together. I am sure those who don’t have a sweet tooth in the family would fall in love with them. Make Medjool date no bake dessert with the quick and easy method described in this post, and thank me later! 😃

    Learn More:

    medjool date recipes

    Easy Medjool Date Candy Recipe (Healthy Candy Bars)

    Satisfy your sugar cravings in just two deli bites!
    5 from 1 vote
    Cook Time 30 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes
    Course Dessert, Side Dish
    Cuisine American


    • 8 Medjool dates (pits removed)
    • 3 tbsp Creamy peanut butter
    • ½ Chocolate chips (melted)
    • 3 tbsp Roasted Almonds (chopped)
    • 2 tbsp Coconut flakes (optional)


    • Take parchment paper—line a baking sheet with it.
    • Remove pits from the dates.
    • Create space by slicing the dates lengthwise.
    • Take ½ a teaspoon of peanut butter and fill the date with it.
    • Squeeze the date back together.
    • In the microwave, melt the chocolate.
    • Now dip the filled date in the melted chocolate. You can use two forks to ensure it is coated well on all sides.
    • Put the chocolate-coated dates on parchment paper.
    • Top them with chopped almonds and coconut.
    • Let the chocolate cool and harden for serving.
    • Fill, quote and top all dates with almonds and coconut.
    • The dates will remain safe in the fridge for about four days.


    Have fun eating!
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