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    9+ Creative Food Truck Ideas to Make Money in 2023

    So, are you ready to be a small business owner with food truck ideas?

    Creating your own income stream can be a great idea especially if you’re into food and cooking. It’s an evergreen business category. Thankfully, you are NOT bound to one specific type of food these days. Countless different types of food trucks are roaming around 24/7 and making lots of bucks each day!

    You only have to be a good cook, so you can offer healthy and tasty food to the consumers. Be careful about the rates for your food and learn the newest ways to market your business.

    When done all this, pick one from the many types of food trucks and rock your city!

    Your Food Truck Starting Point!

    Before we discuss the food truck menu ideas, you should first have a clear idea about planning your business well.

    You must start by outlining an effective business plan that aligns with your costs and capital. You can set up the truck and establish your business on its own with the help of different truck ideas. After proper planning and budgeting, you will buy a suitable food truck, then get a food truck business license.

    At this point, your complete focus should be on the food truck design ideas following your menu selection or main food item.

    Top 9+ Creative Food Truck Ideas for 2023

    Here, I’ll share with you some of the top 10 food truck ideas for 2023. You will also learn small tips and tricks on earning money with all the different types of food trucks. You could go with the one that fits your requirements and business goals, and let the magic begin!

    1. Cupcakes Truck

    cup cakes for food truck

    You can make the world’s most delicious cupcakes and more on your truck!

    Your scrumptious cupcake recipes can become people’s heat favorite around the city. Whether you own a retail food store or a mobile food truck business, your food items can be successful.

    While searching for the best cupcake food ideas for food trucks, I remind you of some unique flavor combos. The delectable combinations are vanilla and orange cream cheese, vanilla matcha, chocolate marshmallow, and more. This idea will be very exciting for people with a sweet tooth and who know nothing other than baking.

    Since the pandemic, the demand for these admirable food trucks has skyrocketed. Your food truck can be the show’s star for your family picnics.

    Estimated Profit

    You will likely earn about $2 to $3 per cupcake after it is sold. You can sell a cupcake for $3 to $4. Another opinion is that a dozen homemade cupcakes sell for $15 to $25, depending on the muffin size.

    Success Tactic

    You should branch out to increase sales or introduce your catering service.

    2. Ice Cream Truck

    ice cream for food truck

    Another mouthwatering, top-selling food truck business idea is to sell ice cream 😋!

    Ice cream trucks are one of the most classic food-selling options in 2023. You can also drive through the neighborhood or set up at designated spots. Even for the newer locations, ice cream is never an avoidable option for people.

    You will soon see lines forming out the window of your food truck. With consistent quality and an ever-increasing audience, you will soon come to a point where you will need to brand out your business to avail a wider audience.

    To stand out, you should introduce homemade ice cream of different flavors and gelato with great combinations of flavors. Gelato specialization could include lemon thyme, ginger pineapple, coffee, and donuts.

    Estimated Profit

    A normal day in summer can close sales of $200 to $300. If you sell five days a week for $300 in the product, you will earn up to a $1,500 gross profit. After cutting the expenses or re-investment costs in half, you still end up with a net profit of $750 per week.

    Success Tactic

    You can branch out to increase sales or introduce your ice cream delivery service.

    3. Burger Truck

    Burger for food truck

    The ever-popular fast food truck is more like a drive-thru 一A drive-through in a smaller place for people to walk up to. People love a good burger, so making a good one and selling that will definitely lead you to food truck success.

    A good burger has some nice cheese, mayonnaise, and tomato to catch up with the main ingredient, meat. Besides focusing on your burgers’ taste and quality, you also have to be very creative about toppings.

    Introducing different types of meat and variety like pizza burgers or frozen turkey burgers will also play an important role in your food truck business’s success.

    Burger patties, chicken, and beef meats have always been popular as favorite restaurants or street food. Simple cheese with vegetable burgers, meatless burgers, and salmon burgers will also make a huge difference.

    Estimated Profit

    Despite huge competition in the industry, a good burger food truck can generate $200k to $300k per year. This is because all people love to eat a good burger.

    Success Tactic

    You can offer steak burgers in addition to the traditional ground beef burgers. Bringing variations in your offerings will boost your sales, making you stand out from the competition.

    4. Waffle Truck

    Waffles for food truck

    Here’s another interesting food truck for your place 一The waffle truck! The waffle food item is not unheard of to catch maximum likes. Although waffles are not as healthy as they look, people buy them like crazy, being very delicious.

    Waffles are made up of leavened batter or dough. The dough is prepared between two plates having a decent size, shape, and base impression. Originating from France and Belgium, the waffle dish is served on a stick or paper tray for easy carrying. It comes with interesting toppings like whipped cream sprinkles and cream cheese.

    A good waffle is welcomed everywhere. The best thing is that this dish is not limited to being a breakfast item with maple syrup. It can also be a nice lunch, dinner, or dessert for many food lovers.

    Estimated Profit

    To talk about only some of the most successful waffle trucks in the business, they have earned nearly a million dollars within a year.

    Success Tactic

    Roll up the waffles and sell them burrito style. You can introduce innovative fillings, like fried chicken tenders, lemon curd, and cream cheese.

    5. Loaded Fries Truck

    Loaded cheesy fries for food truck

    Suppose you are a successful business owner with a loaded fries food truck….!

    It gives me an awesome feeling, though. These fries are exceptional in taste and look. Its demand is ever-rising as a main meal or as a side dish at different types of food trucks where they sell sandwiches or burgers.

    The cost of loaded fries prep is very economical, as the main ingredient is potatoes. Along with some salt, pepper, seasoning, and delicious toppings, this is a go-to meal for many out there. Loaded fries feel more like a snack than finger food but you can also make fingerling potatoes for your food truck.

    You can also incorporate colorful meat, egg, or vegetable sandwiches with fries to make the offer irresistible to the customers. Loaded fries can be presented in various ways and are portable food items. You can specialize in a specific type of loaded fries recipe or stick to an extensive menu list.

    Estimated Profit

    You can earn a profit of $4 to $5 by selling a pack of loaded fries.

    Success Tactic

    Add lots of cream cheese, garlic mayo, and a sprinkle of rosemary and thyme as your fries toppings. You will be surprised by the results.

    6. Barbecue Truck

    bar be que food truck

    Who doesn’t love to have sizzling barbecues for dinner? Barbeque is one of the most favorite and popular cuisines of all time. Many people will crave to have tender, tasty BBQ food from you.

    However, the competition is also huge in the ready-to-eat food market.

    You can use creative barbeque recipes, such as traditional smoked ribs, Korean chili, sesame and honey chicken, next-level BBQ chicken, and smoked sausage sandwiches. More creative ideas can be used to boost sales, like creamy coleslaw.

    BBQ is loaded with many different dish ideas, including the traditional smoked ribs, and smoked sausage sandwiches. Introduce your original sauce recipes to stand out from the crowd and offer them free as samples.

    Estimated Profit

    The right location plays a significant role in the success of any food business. Even your BBQ truck can earn up to $50,000 a season.

    Success Tactic

    A BBQ food truck is the top-ranking food truck idea. You need to ensure that your food really outshines the huge competition.

    7. Ethnic Food Truck

    Ethnic food for food truck

    Ethnic food trucks are very popular and run a successful food business. These are basically delicious cuisines from specific cultures. Examples are; Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian Food, Indian and Pakistani Food, and so on. Originating from a particular heritage, these foods give consumers a sense of our multicultural world.

    This type of food is considered ethnic only outside their origin countries. Broadly speaking, ethnic or specialty foods come with an opportunity to try new cuisines easily and inexpensively. Even ordering various dishes from different origins is a fun experience for people.

    For example, people can order Indian vegetable curry, Lahori Biryani, garlic bok choy, and pineapple cashew rice to make a memorable lunch or dinner. It’s human nature to know the unknown, even when it comes to taste. The prep costs are nominal, so the selling price can also be economical.

    Estimated Profit

    Feel excited to make around $5000 a month with a decent ethnic food truck. Be very picky about location.

    Success Tactic

    It is already an exciting and fun idea. Keep bringing variations in presentations to improve user experiences and win.

    8. Cheese-Themed Food Truck

    If you like to add a variety of menu items, the cheese theme is for you. These items are one of the people’s all-time favs and are easily sold in small packages. They make a perfect pack for vendors with space limitations. They can also be the tastiest food in demand for the school lunch boxes. Can you imagine the number of orders in this case?🙂🙃

    You can try mac and cheese, grilled cheese, fried cheese sticks, and much more to make your food truck successful. If your expertise is in Grilled cheese sandwiches, you only need two main ingredients: cheese and sourdough bread. You might also offer different types of cheese for your food items. That will appeal more to the crowd eager to have good cheesy food.

    Estimated Profit

    The China Food Press concludes that the gross profit is as high as 50% only when we speak about cheese sticks. A good grilled cheese sandwich truck sells a sandwich for $4.50, while the prep cost is estimated at $1.90. This indicates you can easily earn from $2 to $3 per sandwich.

    Success Tactic

    Your cheese, bread, and butter quality should be very good. You can pick either a sharp cheddar or a mascarpone. You can mix butter and mayonnaise to add a greater taste to your meals. And win more audience.

    9. Pizza Food Truck

    pizza for food truck

    Pizza is considered to be America’s staple food. The Americans eat about 100 acres of Pizzas on an average day. It becomes a heart-favorite midnight snack or a party rockstar more often than we can imagine.

    Pizza love started in America when 4 million Italians migrated to the United States. They introduced their pizza-making skills, and the taste skyrocketed in popularity. Since then, pizza has become a part of American culture. It fits every many, as a portion of dinner or lunch, sometimes even an exotic breakfast item.

    You can provide a pizza delivery service as well alongside your pizza food trucking. Offer your customers the comfort food they love on their doorsteps and if your pizza is left at the day’s end you can make pizza eggs for breakfast.

    Only in the U.S. states has pizza brought about hundreds of variations. You can pick any of these tastiest ideas to finalize your pizza food truck menu: Cheese and Pepperoni, Chicago Thin Crust, Grilled Chicken Fresco, Chicken Dominator, Supreme Pizza, and more.

    Estimated Profit

    In major cities, the average estimated earnings of pizza food trucks are between $20,000 to $50,000 each month. Whereas smaller or mid-sized cities let you earn from $5,000 to 16,000 at the month’s end. The average profit margin of pizza food trucks is 15%.

    Success Tactic

    Use attractive, professional food visuals, choose great locations, and offer pizza by the slice to boost sales and grab the audience.

    10. Kebab and Salad Truck

    kebab for food truck ideas

    Kebabs and salads are also some of the most popular cuisines. Kebabs include various sorts of meat and veggies; they can also be sold on sticks, making them more portable. You can offer kebabs from different cultures that you like, such as Turkish kebabs. These kebabs have already spread all over the globe due to their unique cooking methodologies.

    You can also learn about the Top 5 Ground Beef Healthy Recipes in Easy Steps

    Now, talking about salads. Rich, vibrant, seasonal salads are must-haves for lunch and dinners. Vegetables are the freshest and most colorful food sources and add an irresistible taste to every meal. Salads can bring lots of lunch traffic near offices, malls, or localities.

    Estimated Profit

    A competent kebab food business is estimated to have a good turnover of $8000 to $9000 per week. Besides, the salad food business is expected to make between 25,000 to $30,000 a month.

    Success Tactic

    Use distinctive packaging and take advantage of social media handles for fast and widespread marketing of your kebab and salad brands.

    The United States food truck industry recorded a revenue of up to $1 billion in 2019. The business continues growing; however, every type of business has several pros and cons. We further list only some of the pros and cons of the mobile cuisine business.

    Pros and Cons of Offering Mobile Food Services


    • You can be as creative and courageous as you want using new ideas.
    • You have plenty of options to stand and sell all around the city.
    • You can rock multiple sorts of gatherings.
    • You are free to supply food to different offices and localities.
    • Your vehicle becomes a great marketing tool.
    • If you dare for this food business venture, the fun is endless!


    • You must be reserved for a specific location for the time being unless the sales start.
    • Travel might cost you more than estimated.
    • Sales might vary from place to place initially.
    • Your audience may have different requests that could eventually become too much for you to handle.

    Are Food Trucks Worth Invest?

    The food truck business has witnessed continuous growth over the years. Since 2015, the promising food truck industry has seen many ups and downs, yet the risks are worth taking. A solid, dependable business plan and your ability to manage food, tools, labor, and expenses will be a huge help if you do not have enough money for a restaurant and get started.

    Final Verdict

    If cooking is your passion and you trust your potential, then there is no limit to the possibilities you can enjoy by running a smart food truck business in 2023.

    Running an outstanding food truck business will satisfy your needs. It can also lead you to financial prosperity with selfless, continued effort.

    Not only that, but your food truck business will also pave the way to better connect with your neighbors. Also, you can increase your network as you go. Earning a decent income by growing a successful food truck business is no more a day’s dream!

    It has rather become a fulfillment for many out there. Give it a try to believe it.

    Happy food trucking! 🙂🎉

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