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    Huaraches Food – Traditional Mexican Recipe & Its Origin

    Let’s talk about Huaraches Food, a Mexican delicacy with a distinctive corn-tasting tortilla complementing its topping.

    Perfect right….!

    Learn more about this classic dish from Mexico in this resource. You will find out about Huarache, its origin, and the exotic recipe here. I am sure you will love making thin masa dough and different tasty toppings.

    The toppings in a Huarache can have a variety of delicious nutritional ingredients, such as beans, ground beef, and more. The unique oval shape symbolizes the traditional Mexican sandals having the same name, Huarache. Huaraches are another form of a tortilla, sope, and pizza.

    This article includes everything you need to know about the nutrition-rich diet 一Mexican Huaraches and their making.

    What is Huaraches Food?

    Huaraches food is a popular traditional Mexican dish. It comprises thin masa oval-shaped tortillas with some filling ingredients on top. The following ingredients are used to make Huaraches to deliver a nutritious mouthwatering meal:

    • Flattened fired masa base
    • Refried pinto beans
    • Some meat (different forms of protein like ground beef, optional)
    • Chorizo
    • Onion, potatoes, cilantro, and some other vegetables
    • Red or green salsa drizzling etc.

    You can also use substitutes for spring onions.

    Huaraches are served with the finishing called queso, the Mexican cheese dip.

    What is huaraches food

    Huaraches Mexican food belongs to the loved food family of antojitos, referring to the nutritious and fulfilling ‘little craving’ meals like chicken Tostadas and Garnachas. The huarache dish entirely satisfies all your taste buds. You can enjoy the delicious huaraches recipe for breakfast as a replacement for Picaditas if you like.

    The Origin of Huaraches Food

    It is the most popular dish in Mexico and areas in the U.S where a large number of Mexicans live. But where does this unique dish come from? The huaraches taco originated in Mexico back in the 1930s. It is said that Huaraches were first made in a small food stall alongside the La Viga navigation channel.

    A lady named Mrs. Carmen Gomez Medina owned the Huarache stall. She used to make tlacoyo. Tlacoyo was smaller in size. After some time, she decided to increase their size and change their shape to resemble a huarache sandal.

    This interesting new dish started gaining popularity among the masses in no time. This was a healthy and filling snack for many out there. Finally, the name and shape became a superhit Mexican meal. Since then, Huaraches have been known to be a staple Mexican delicacy.

    Next time you will not be surprised to see the images of a sandal on a search engine when you type Huarache! 😀

    Huaraches Food 一Ingredients & Recipe

    As told earlier, you can make different toppings for Huaraches as you like. Even so, let’s learn to prepare the tempting topping with chorizo and fried beans.

    So, let’s start making the Huarache Comida!

    The Masa Dough

    You must make the masa dough with corn flour to make tortillas, sopes, and other Mexican foods. Huaraches are also one of the options.

    Corn has to pass through a special procedure for this recipe. They call this procedure nixtamalization. This treatment is years-old and was introduced by Mesoamerican civilizations. They used an alkaline solution like lime or ashes with corn kernels.

    You can buy masa dough from the tortilla stores in Mexico. But, if you are a foreigner, you must make your own masa dough by combining masa harina with water. Masa harina comes from several brands; a little research is advisable.

    Be very careful while buying this ingredient. Use real nixtamalized corn flour instead of the regular one since you will not get the desired results. When you are done with dough making, check to see if the dough is smooth and resembles the play dough in texture. The finished dough should not either be too soft or too dry for you to easily shape the tortilla.


    • Masa Dough: Flattened
    • Chorizo: 3 oz. (85.04 g)
    • Pinto beans: 1 cup (236.58 ml)
    • Tomato sauce: ¼ cup (59.14)
    • Red Onion: ½ sliced
    • Small tomato: 1 chopped
    • Fresh basil: Roughly chopped
    • Queso fresco
    • Salt & pepper: To taste
    • Olive oil: For cooking

    Salsas & Salads

    • The Mexican cabbage salad
    • Naples salad
    • Salsa Verde
    • Tomatillo red salsa

    Cooking Directions

    1. Preheat the broiler of your oven.
    2. Take a frying pan. Put chorizo on low heat until it becomes brown.
    3. Now add the pinto beans.
    4. Mash them.
    5. Cook for 10 minutes until it becomes a thick paste.
    6. Add tomato sauce to the pan now.
    7. Mix them all thoroughly.
    8. Add salt and pepper as you like.
    9. Remove the pan from the heat.
    10. Put another pan on medium heat and grease it with oil.
    11. Cook the flattened masa dough on each side for 2 to 4 minutes.
    12. Take a baking sheet. Place this cooked masa dough on a baking sheet.
    13. Top the dough with cooked chorizo, pinto beans, sliced onions, and chopped tomatoes.
    14. Broil Huaraches in your oven for about 5 minutes.
    15. Garnish the meal with basil and queso fresco.
    16. Serve it hot with the salsa of your choice.

    Have fun trying out other combinations of toppings as you keep practicing making Huaraches. Be creative and daring enough to add a twist to the meal.

    Just like she did!

    We hope you enjoy the above Mexican Huaraches recipe on your breakfast, lunch, or dinner table.

    Huaraches Vs. Sopes

    People are often confused between these two. We have discussed Huaraches; now comes the question, what are sopes?

    Sope is also a traditional Mexican dish originating from central and southern Mexico. There, they also call it Pellizcades. It looks like an unusual tortilla, having some meat and veggies as toppings at first sight. It is also made using masa, the same as Huaraches but with ground maize soaked in some lime and the sides pinched.

    huaraches food Vs Sopes

    Huaraches and Sopes also differ in shape. The Sope is more circular containing mashed watery beans and similar toppings. The size of Sopes is also smaller than Huaraches.

    You might be interested in the Top 5 Ground Beef Healthy Recipes in Easy Steps.

    The Outro!

    Try this Mexican take-on Pizza meal with various other vegetables, such as avocado, or lettuce, as toppings 一pick the ones that are also beneficial to your health. You are free to use your versatility and creativity.

    Huaraches cuisine is just perfect for any occasion. Take them as a snack, an appetizer, or a main meal; it’s adorable anyway! They make a great combination with lemonade.

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