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    Is Evian Water Good For You? (Healthy Choice or Just Hype?)

    Evian Water is one of the popular mineral water brands today. 

    But is Evian Water good for you or is it just a hype with no solid benefits? 

    We are here to tell you everything you need to know. 

    This blog will discuss the pros and cons of Evian water. 

    Continue reading to find out whether Evian water is good for you. 

    What is Evian Water? 

    Evian water has been a natural mineral from the French Alps since 1826.

    This brand is a great choice because of its unique mineral content. It’s salt-free, low in magnesium and calcium, and surprisingly high in pH. It is filtered through arctic rocks, adding purity to water. 

    Evian’s biggest selling point is that their products have zero chemicals or artificial additives. 

    Moreover, Evian contains electrolytes and strong minerals, which provide hydration to your body. And that makes it a good choice for athletes who need a good source of minerals. 

    Evian Water comes in different sizes and is sold in many supermarkets profitably. You can also find it in restaurants or cafes or buy it online. 

    Pro Tip: It is a great option for those looking for a tap water substitute. 

    Is Evian Water Good For You?

    If you are looking for a naturally healthy drink, trust me, Evian water is all you need. 

    Evian is made from rain and snow in the heart of the French Alps, which includes high mineral content, making this water 100% natural. The most surprising part is that Evian water can also break down kidney stones, a terrible disease for everyone. 

    Evian water is the perfect choice for a person who is into daily exercise like gymming, outdoor games, etc. The number of electrolytes it contains helps the body’s overall hydration. 

    7 Health Benefits of Evian Water

    We all know the health benefits of drinking water in general, but Evian water, being a brand, contains tons of benefits which can improve your health amazingly. 

    1. Natural Source of Hydration

    The natural source of electrolytes in Evian water helps keep your body hydrated. Especially during exercise, you should drink this water because it functions your body ideally when you are sweating.  

    1. High-Mineral Content 

    Another benefit of drinking this water is the number of minerals it contains—mainly calcium and magnesium. Calcium strengthens our bones, whereas magnesium helps relax our muscles and provides better sleep. 

    1. Cure for Your Skin Problems 

    Evian water helps with skin problems with the number of minerals included. It helps keep skin cells hydrated and can enhance your overall skin tone. This Evian water is needed to reduce redness and inflammation if you have sensitive skin. 

    1. Less Salt, More Benefits 

    Moreover, you will be surprised to know this water is low in sodium. So, make it your number 1 choice or suggest it to those who want to reduce their salt intake. You can drink this Evian water and get all the mineral benefits with no negative outcome of salt. 

    1. Good for Immune System 

    Evian water has zinc and manganese for a stronger immune system, so another great benefit is here. With these minerals, you can heal your wound and repair the tissue.

    1. Healthy and Strong Muscles 

    Silica is another surprising benefit that’s included in Evian water. It strengthens your bones and teeth and helps boost the appearance of your skin and even nails by nourishing them. 

    1. No Risk of Serious Diseases 

    The most important health benefit is yet to come. Some reviews say drinking Evian water can save you from stroke and other heart health issues. Add this water to your daily routine to lower your blood pressure level. 

    Evian water is a great choice for anyone who wants to improve their health. Whether it is a skin, hydration, or heart health issue, Evian Water is here to save you from these problems and level up your health!

    If you want to drink something healthy with a bunch of flavors, you can have a high-protein mango smoothie or beet smoothie.

    Is Evian Water Good For Kidneys?

    Evian water is excellent for those looking forward to improving kidney health. Different minerals and low potassium levels make this water perfect for kidney problems. 

    Drinking Evian water with tea or coffee without sugar will help you get the correct amount of fluids and minerals to make your kidneys function perfectly. 

    Overall, Evian water is a great source for kidney health. 

    Is Evian Water Good For Your Skin?

    Evian water contains silica which boosts your skin health by reducing inflammation, redness, and acne breakouts and improving signs of aging and rubberiness. You will eventually notice your skin is active and radiant. 

    There comes a product called Evian Facial Spray, which refreshes and moisturizes your skin in the daylight. 

    You can freely apply it on your tensed, irritated skin for a relaxing and soothing outcome. 

    It is best to use in Summer when the sunlight annoys your skin. 

    Even Evian Facial Spray will refresh your skin while giving you a smooth, glowing complexion. 

    Can Babies Drink Evian Water?

    Evian water is a great choice for parents looking for a natural and safe option for their baby. 

    It is free of impurities with no added sugar, so you can let your child drink Evian water straight from the bottle. 

    If your child is 5-11 years old and needs hydration, Evian water is all you need. In Belgium, this water has always been the #1 choice. 

    Parents give bottled water of certain brands like Evian to their six months old baby because they believe it’s one of the healthiest options for their child. 

    Final Thoughts

    Evian Water is the most authentic brand, which is good for you. It helps with hydration healthily and naturally, providing numerous other health benefits related to skin, kidneys, or pregnancy. 

    The high-mineral content, freshness, and capability to functionally hydrate the body make Evian water a great choice to add to your healthy living. 

    If you’re wondering, “is Evian water good for you?” the answer is yes. So, if you are looking for a pure and natural way to balance hydration for yourself or your children, Evian water is undoubtedly a perfect choice. 

    Drink healthy, and Stay healthy!

    FAQs About Is Evian Water Good For You?

    1. Is Evian water packed with flavors?

    No, Evian water is flavorless. It is natural, refreshing spring water with no extra added. 

    2. How do electrolytes in Evian help in hydration?

    Evian water is a natural electrolyte source that hydrates your body during exercise and other sports activities. Athletes are recommended to drink Evian water. 

    3. How many sizes are available for Evian water bottles?

    Evian water comes in 4 sizes: 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1L. The price alters depending on the size of the bottle. 

    4. In how many countries is Evian water being sold?

    Evian distributes its bottles in 7 countries, including its home France where this water is created. The United States, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Germany, and Belgium are other countries.

    Nutrition Chart

    Calcium 80 mgMagnesium 26 mgPotassium 1 mg
    Sodium 6.5 mgSulfates 14 g Nitrates 3.8 mg
    Bicarbonates 360 g Chlorides 10 mgSilica  14 mg

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