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    Is Fiji Water Good For You? (Discovering the Truth)

    Fiji Water has become the most popular bottled water brand in recent years, but this question may arise in your mind: Is Fiji Water good for you?

    Well, there has been a long debate going on between researchers and health counselors to find out if Fiji Water is healthy for you or not. 

    To clarify this confusion, we have gathered some important factors of Fiji Water to help you make the right choice. 

    Continue reading this blog to find out whether Fiji Water is good for you.

    What is Fiji Water?

    Fiji Water comes from an isolated island called power of Fiji, located in the South Pacific Ocean. It has been popular since 1996 around the world. 

    The distinctive taste of Fiji Water makes it popular because it is made through filtered rain and layers of volcanic rock from groundwater. 

    Afterward, using its source called Yaqara Valley on the island of Viti Levu, the water is distributed worldwide. 

    Fiji Water has become one of the most popular bottled water brands because of its pure taste, high-quality levels, and continuous environmental practices. 

    You can find Fiji Water at any store, any restaurant, and even in the recipes of other summer drinks. 

    If you want premium bottled water with a unique taste, Fiji Water is the right choice. Drinking Fiji Water is a new, refreshing way to stay hydrated. 

    Benefits of Fiji Water

    The health benefits of drinking water are common knowledge to us, but we need to go in-depth about the nutritional facts of it, which are the main reason to keep you healthy.

    Fiji Water is undoubtedly a safe and filtered bottled water brand. It contains vital minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 

    All these minerals do their job exceptionally to keep a healthy body on track and prevent dehydration. 

    1. Natural Source of Electrolytes

    Moreover, Fiji Water is also a natural source of electrolytes essential for the body’s fluid balance.

    It keeps your body temperature balanced and helps you function your muscles properly. 

    Electrolytes also help stabilize the water in your body and pass nutrients to your cells. 

    2. Low in Sodium 

    Fiji Water is low in sodium, making it an ideal choice for reducing salt intake. 

    Much other bottled water is made with a considerable amount of salt, which harms aged people. 

    But Fiji Water contains less salt which can save you from the risk of high blood pressure, many heart diseases, and other minor diseases associated with high sodium intake. 

    3. Low in Calorie

    Fiji Water can also help you maintain a healthy weight with its low-calorie content. You will find no unnatural sweeteners or flavors. 

    So, it is an ideal and beneficial choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.  

    4. Packed With Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium 

    These nutrients are the most important for your body’s optimal performance. 

    For instance, calcium helps regulate blood pressure and keeps your bones and teeth healthy. 

    While magnesium assists in solid muscles, healthy bones, and teeth. 

    Potassium is essential because it maintains healthy nerves and helps in muscle functioning.

    Overall, Fiji Water is packed with many nutrients that help boost your health and keep you hydrated. 

    Whether you want to enjoy the perfect and no-salty taste or want to start a healthy diet, Fiji Water is an excellent choice for anyone. 

    Is Fiji Water Good For You?

    After reading the nutritional benefits above, you may wonder if Fiji Water is the right choice. 

    The answer is Yes, Fiji water is a good for you and a perfect choice to help improve your health. 

    When you need clarification about something, the essential thing to remember is to focus on the nutrients it contains.  

    The number of minerals Fiji Water contains can benefit your health in many ways. 

    By adding Fiji Water to your routine, you are reducing the risks of: 

    • Stroke
    • Heart disease 
    • High blood pressure

    And you will be getting the following:

    • Enough Hydration
    • Strong bone health  
    • Better immune system 
    • Proper body muscle functioning
    • The balanced temperature of the body 

    Nutrition Chart Per One Fiji Water Bottle:

    Potassium 4.9 mgMagnesium 14.7 mgCalcium 17.9 mg
    Chloride 9.3 mgFluoride 0.2 mgSilica 93.4 mg
    Sodium 17.8 mgProtein 0 gpH 6.96

    Note that Fiji Water does not claim its health benefits officially, but the company declares that it is purely filtered because it has been sourced from private artesian wells on the island of Fiji.  

    Instead of consuming chemicals from tap water, switch to Fiji Water, which contains no toxins or artificial sweeteners or flavors. 

    Pros & Cons of Fiji Water

    Although nutritional benefits speak it all, you should know every bit of Fijit Water. Let’sLet’s dive into the pros and cons now:


    • Pure and filtered artesian water 
    • Natural source of electrolytes 
    • Available in BPA-free bottles
    • Varieties of sizes in bottle 


    • Fiji Water is only available in plastic bottles
    • It’s hard to find other sizes of this bottled water

    Yes, you heard it right! These are the only disadvantages you will face; otherwise, Fiji Water will serve you with numerous health benefits for life. 

    Comparison of Fiji Water with Other Types of Bottled Water

    When comparing Fiji Water with other bottled waters, you must remember its nutritional content and pure taste. 

    Regarding nutrients, Fiji Water tends to have more minerals than other types of bottled water, including Dasani, LifeWtr, Smart Water, etc. 

    But when choosing the best-bottled water, the top 2 choices are Evian Water and Fiji Water, the most premium bottled water brands worldwide. 

    After researching a few water brands, only Evian Water came closer to it. But which water is the best? We have an answer for you. 

    Fiji Water Vs. Evian Water

    Evian Water has been sourced from the region of France since 1826 while on the other hand, Fiji Water has come from the island of Fiji since 1996. 

    Fiji Water is an artesian water that is rainforest and filtered through, and Evian Natural Spring Water is known for its unique taste. 

    When tested thoroughly, 77.7% preferred Fiji Water over Evian Water. In the taste test, Fiji Water was considered a real winner.  

    Somebody made another comparison by testing the Fiji pH level to Evian Water. After completing the test through a digital pH meter, the result showed that both bottled water brands could not reach the perfect 7.0 neutral pH.  

    But, here, Fiji Water’sWater’s result was an average of 6.96, compared to Evian Water, which had 7.07. 

    After comparing everything, Fiji Water has been declared one of the most preferred bottled water brands over any other type.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Fiji Water is an excellent choice if you are looking for an authentic bottled water brand containing rich minerals. 

    When someone did research, we found out that Fiji Water is not only excellent and smooth in taste, but it’s pure, artesian water with a nearly required pH level compared to other types of bottled water. 

    Since every bottled water contains different amounts of minerals, it’s essential to compare each with Fiji Water.

    Ultimately, the decision is always yours whether you want to get your hands on Fiji Water. 

    Let us know in the comment box if you have started taking Fiji Water.

    Good Luck! 

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