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    High Protein Mango Pineapple Smoothie for a Well-Lived Day!

    If you are a smoothie lover like me, try this healthy mango pineapple smoothie. It tastes AMAZING and is just so good to be your favorite morning tropical treat. 

    Adding this rich, creamy, healthy mango pineapple smoothie to your routine diet to stay energized throughout the day. 

    Besides being healthy, this drink is unbelievably refreshing!

    You can make the mango pineapple protein smoothie in 10 minutes when you are in a rush and need sustained energy for the day.

    Give A Joyous Natural Treat Yourself today!

    mango pineapple protein smoothie
    Image: Freepik

    I call this smoothie a “summer paradise on Earth.” You will, too, love this recipe for many ‘sweet’ reasons 😀. 

    Here are some of them:

    • Mango and pineapple pair up to give you the most refreshing, creamy texture.
    • The making is quick, easy, yet satiating. 
    • It’s a healthy tropical smoothie that’s paleo, gluten-free, and dairy free.
    • Fun and delish way to get numerous vitamins and nutrients.
    • This mango-pineapple smoothie has only 4 readily available ingredients.
    • The process is simple. You only need to place all ingredients in the blender, and the smoothie is ready to energize you!
    • This mango and pineapple smoothie is healthy. It’s made with all-natural ingredients —mango, pineapple, and coconut milk. 
    • Most tropical fruits make incredible drinks when blended together. Mango and pineapple are two of them. They make you feel like a low trip in a glass. 
    • This smoothie is a perfectly healthy way to start your day with. It keeps you energized during that first half of the day!
    • This drink becomes everyone’s favorite, whether it is kids or adults. 
    • You can use this as breakfast, a snack, or a dessert. You’d like to have it all the time. 
    • This drink is an ideal balance of sweet and nutritious. 
    • You can experiment with mixing other fruits as well in this recipe. Its versatility allows you to even use protein powder for taste enhancement.
    • You can beat the summer heat with its power! It’s suitable for overall body functions. 

    Without a doubt, you’ll love this homemade joy filled with fruits. 

    Healthy Tropical Mango-Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

    mango pineapple protein smoothie recipe
    Image: Freepik

    You Will Need

    To make this fresh, tropical high, protein pineapple smoothie, you will need the following simple ingredients:

    Frozen Mango Chunks

    Buying prepared mangos (already cut and frozen) makes the process easier for you. 

    Frozen Pineapple Chunks

    Pre-cut frozen pineapple saves you time and extra effort. Even then, if you find it easy to buy fresh pineapple and cut and freeze it, you can also do it. 

    Protein Powder

    You stay fuller for longer using protein powder in mango and pineapple smoothies. It’s an easy way of getting proteins. I recommend using unflavoured protein. This ingredient keeps the tropical flavor the same. 

    Almond Milk

    Using unsweetened vanilla almond milk is a good idea. Note that any kind works well too. You can also use any non-dairy milk instead of almond milk. 

    How to Make A Creamy Protein Mango Pineapple Smoothie

    1. Add frozen mangoes, pineapple, protein powder, and almond milk to a high-speed blender.
    2. Blend high until the mix gets thick, smooth, and creamy.
    3. Pour into a beautiful serving glass. 
    4. Top the smoothie with some fresh mango and pineapple. 
    5. Enjoy the heart-freezing delight with different dishes. The smoothie goes well with soft-boiled eggs or Chicken Quesadillas!

    Quick & Handy Tips

    Tips mango pineapple protein smoothie
    Image: Freepik
    • If you only have to use fresh fruit, you should thicken the smoothie with a frozen banana or cauliflower rice. 
    • Using orange juice instead of almond milk will give the smoothie an even more tropical flavor. We have to add regular ice, but it doesn’t make the smoothie thick. 
    • When it is difficult to find frozen mango and pineapple in the market, a frozen tropical fruit mix will also do good. 
    • Make the creamiest smoothie using frozen fruits always.
    • Use any non-dairy milk for good results. You get extra protein if you use light coconut, oat, or soy milk.
    Add-in options for mango pineapple protein smoothie substitutes

    Optional Add-Ins

    optional ad-ins
    Image: Freepik

    A slight variation or extra add-ins to this nutritious drink are an excellent way to quench your cravings. Sneak some more nutrition into your smoothie with the following:

    • Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds give a cool sensation to the drinks alongside being highly nutritious. They are full of fiber and iron. 

    • Ground Flax Seeds

    Flax seeds are high in nutrients like protein and fiber. 

    • Hemp Seeds or Hemp Hearts

    You add plant-based protein, carbohydrates, and good fat to your diet by consuming hemp seeds into your smoothies. These are all-natural sweeteners you can enjoy with them. 

    • Nut Butter

    Cashew butter, almond butter, and macadamia nut butter nurture your body with extra protein and healthy fat. You still get to enjoy the sweet flavor. 

    • Plain Yogurt

    Yogurt is not dairy-free or Paleo. Yet, thick, creamy, and tropical Greek yogurt smoothies are superb for getting more protein in your diet and staying in good shape. 

    • Maple Syrup or Honey

    Both these ingredients are all-natural sweeteners if you like to add sugary flavor to your smoothies. 

    We hope you enjoy this combined mango and pineapple smoothie recipe with true happiness. Eat natural, and stay fit!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I store leftover smoothies?

    You can enjoy the smoothies best when they are fresh. Even so, you must store them in a mason jar in the fridge for 1 to 2 days. The texture changes to more liquidy but still remain tasty. 

    Is it a good idea to use fresh fruit to make smoothies?

    Yes, it is. But you will need a more creamy mango pineapple smoothie texture. However, if you don’t have a choice, use frozen almond milk as cubes or a banana to give it a creamier texture. 

    Is this drink healthy?

    Of course, it is! Mango and pineapple are nature’s treats that are too good for your health. These fruits, along with almond milk, are fun, delicious, and nutritious at the same time. You can call them your nutrient powerhouses for a healthy life. Mango pineapple smoothie is a rich source of potassium and vitamin A and C. Using it as a snack or light meal is a wise choice as it also has a low-calorie count. 

    What is the calorie count in mango and pineapple smoothies?

    This mango and pineapple smoothie has about 134 calories. 

    Is it safe to freeze the smoothie?

    Yes. You can freeze the smoothie in a freezer-safe container and freeze it. The smoothie remains OK for up to 2 months.

    What is the time needed to make a mango smoothie?

    Anyone can prepare this smoothie recipe in 10 minutes -5 minutes for prep and 5 minutes to blend. You blend all ingredients well until smooth and creamy. 

    Try these more 2 & 3-Ingredient Recipes


    Mango Pineapple Protein Smoothie

    Want to taste sunshine in a glass? Try this drink from heaven full of protein, nutrients, and vitamins. It tastes incredible enough to satisfy all your taste buds. Enjoy your mango pineapple protein smoothie with all goodness of nature!
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Course smoothie
    Cuisine American
    Servings 2 people


    • 1 cup Pineapple frozen
    • 1 cup Mango frozen
    • 1 scoop Protein powder
    • ¼-½ cup Almond milk


    • Take a high-speed blender. Put in the frozen mango, pineapple chunks, almond milk, and protein powder.
    • Place the lid on the blender and blend at high speed. Do this until it gets thick, smooth, and creamy.
    • You can add some more almond milk if you feel like it. Do NOT add too much, or else the smoothie can get too liquidy and spoiled.
    • When it reaches the ideal texture you want, pour it into 2 glasses. Decorate as you like. You can top it with extra mango chunks and granola. The tastiest smoothie is all yours to enjoy!


    Preparation Notes

    • Thicken the smoothie with a fresh banana. You can do the same with cauliflower rice. It will help because regular ice will not make it thick.
    • Using frozen fruit makes the creamiest smoothie.
    • You can replace the almond milk with orange juice. It adds more tropical flavor to the smoothie.
    • For more protein, non-dairy milk will do well. You could use oat milk, soy milk, or light coconut milk.
    • If frozen mango and pineapple are unavailable in your area, a frozen tropical fruit blend will also work.
    • The smoothie can last up to 2 to 3 days if stored in a mason jar in the fridge. But the best idea is to enjoy it fresh.

      Nutrition Facts Per Serving

    Total fat: 2.2 g
    Cholesterol: 0 mg
    Sodium: 134.3 mg
    Protein: 6.5 g
    Sugars: 19.4 g
    Vitamin A: 117.4 µg
    Vitamin C: 69.5 mg
    Total Carbohydrate: 24.1 g
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