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    5 Substitutes for Oat Flour – #4 is Surprising!

    If you love gluten-free eating, you must have been using oat flour. And why not! Consuming oat flour is one of the healthiest habits you can have to transform your lifestyle for good. Not only that, but it is also easy to make at home. You can use oat flour to make many recipes, including pancakes, crisps, etc.

    You might need a nice replacement for oat flour while cooking or baking. This can be the case when you don’t have any on hand. You do not even know if it is available near your store. 

    What to do, then?

    Fortunately, we can use many good substitutes for oat flour that save your day. This blog is all about those alternatives. 

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    What is Oat flour?

    Oat flour is a gluten-free form of flour. Its popularity continues to grow because it is healthy and goes well with various recipes. You can make fluffy muffins, waffles, fruit crumbles, etc. 

    Try these delicious oat flour recipes this month and enjoy!

    Manufacturers grind oats into a fine powder to make whole-grain oat flour. It contains nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. Its high protein and fiber properties enable it to maintain baked products’ structure. These qualities also make this flour more satiating. 

    Oat flour is a less costly replacement as compared to other gluten-free flour. Make it easily at home or buy it from stores if you wish. 

    You will find oat flour super beneficial for conventional gluten-free baking. Here are some useful oat flour baking tips for you.  

    Oat Flour Substitutes

    oat flour

    When substituting oat flour, look for other medium-density flour that is gluten-free. Examples are almond flour, buckwheat flour, sorghum flour, spelled flour, and quinoa flour. All these flours require different amounts of liquid for you to end up with dense or gritty baked goods. 

    Below is the list of our 5 substitutes for oat flour for you to try:

    1. All-Purpose Flour

    Plain or All-Purpose Flour as substitute

    You can use all-purpose flour if you’re making wholesome bread and are not following a gluten-free diet. It is also known as regular white flour. 

    You will observe that using self-raising flour will prove to be a better idea for some dishes. This might improve the overall texture and flavor of the food if used in place of oat flour. 

    Note that regular flour absorbs water faster than oat flour. So, you’ll need to adjust the water and ingredient quantities more carefully while baking or cooking. 

    2. Rice Flour

    Rice Flour substitute

    Rice flour is another oat flour replacement that is gluten-free and popular, which makes it ideal for people with celiac. 

    Rice flour is made up of ground raw rice. It can make noodles, pancakes, cookies, and pasta. It is also used to thicken stews and soups. Even so, it is not as absorbent as many other flours. This indicates that you should mix it well and add water slowly. 

    Rice flour is not as sweet as oat flour, either. However, you can buy sweet rice flour, which could be an even better option for baking. 

    Note: It is advised NOT to use rice water for baking bread. This is because it does not give the desired texture you envisioned for soft bread slices. 

    3. Almond Flour

    almond four substitute

    Almond flour is a nut-based flour, although almonds are not nuts. This flour is extremely healthy and gluten-free. Almond flour, like oat flour, absorbs water at the same rate. This means you won’t have to make adjustments to the recipe. 

    You can prepare delicious cookies, muffins, and other baked items with almond flour. Also, this useful treat makes really nice breading, cones, pasta, and macrons. Almond flour is one of our favorite gluten-free baking flour. 

    Feel free to use it as a direct substitute for oat flour to take the taste of your food to a brand new level, especially your pancakes. It goes very well with pancakes giving them a mild and sweet nutty flavor. Use it stress-free if you are not allergic to nuts. 

    4. Buckwheat Flour

    buckwheat flour substitute for oat flour

    Buckwheat flour is yet another option as the best substitute for oat flour. However, it has a specific taste that does not appeal to everyone. Yet, this flour has been popular in many parts of the Asian subcontinent. 

    Furthermore, it is gaining popularity in the West, where pastry chefs look for new additions to baked goods ingredients. Its earthy flavor catches their attention as an oat flour alternative.

    This flour, too, on our list, is gluten-free. It is a perfect way of cooking for health-conscious people. Inculcation of buckwheat flour adds multiple health benefits to your dishes. The only issue with buckwheat flour is that it is not easily available in stores. 

    5. Amaranth Flour

    amaranth flour substitute for oat flour

    Next on our list of substitutes for oat flour is amaranth flour. It is yet another gluten-free way to add flour benefits to your diet. Amaranth flour is packed with vital proteins. It is just one of many reasons it has been used in the US for thousands of years. 

    You might have this flour in your kitchen if you bought it at some point. But it is not easily available in the markets usually. 

    Amaranth flour works well as a sauce thickener and slurry maker. It also bakes bread to the desired level. It will be your nice oat flour substitute when you don’t have other options in your pantry. 

    Final Words

    Above are some great substitutes for oat flour for you to benefit from. 

    Whether you use almond flour, rice flour, or buckwheat flour when looking for nutritious substitutes for oat flour, we assure you of a good texture and flavor. However, all-purpose flour remains the best option if you do not have any gluten issues. Otherwise, almond and rice flour will be your go-to choices for the best results.

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