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    10 Amazing Substitutes for Pasilla Pepper

    If you’re looking for a tasty and zesty substitute for your favorite pasilla pepper, here are the 10 best pasilla pepper substitutes to try.

    It is hard to find Pasilla peppers in most other parts of the world, so it is important to have a substitute that’s just as flavorful and spicy.

    We have done our taste tests and come up with 10 pasilla pepper substitutes like Ancho pepper, Mirasol pepper, and a few more to share with you in this post.

    Fun fact: Peppers are a fruit. But, in culinary language, they are considered a vegetable.

    Pasilla pepper is the most common type of pepper used in Mexico. It originates from Mexico with a long formation and dark coloration. The term is pronounced, “Pah-SEE-Yah.” Pasilla is black in color that changes to dark brown with time.

    The flavor is a blend of peppery, mildly earthy, and acidic. The best part is these chilis are not very hot. They are often paired with other peppers in various Mexican meals as a traditional Mexican ingredient.

    Is there a Good Pasilla Pepper Substitute?

    Yes, you can use Ancho pepper, Mirasol pepper, Serrano pepper, and a few more as substitutes for pasilla pepper. These peppers are just as savory and versatile as pasilla pepper. Read this blog to know some more options.

    Best Substitutes for Pasilla Pepper

    Pasilla chilies substitutes include the following:

    1. Ancho Pepper​​

    Designed by Freepik

    If you are making tacos, salsas, and similar dishes, you can use Anchos without worry as a substitute for Pasilla pepper. Anchos are a perfect dried Passila chiles substitute for any Mexican dish.

    Just like pasilla, Ancho peppers are also combined with Mexican food. These two peppers resemble each other in appearance but have unique tastes on their own.

    The main difference is the fruity, earthy flavor of Ancho peppers. They are also a bit hotter than Pasillas. Yet, when used as an alternative, it proves to be the ideal Pasilla chiles substitute.

    You can crush Anchos prior to the cooking into a handy powder to add to the dishes. While using these as a substitute for pasilla pepper, do not forget that these are a bit spicier.

    If you and your family have certain medical conditions, use them in smaller amounts. Or, if you do not like hot flavors, taking lesser portions will help.

    2. Mirasol Pepper

    Designed by Freepik

    Another popular substitute for Pasilla pepper in the Mexican tradition is Mirasol pepper.

    Mirasol pepper is best known for making cultural mole sauces in Mexico.

    Fun fact: Mirasol is a Spanish word, meaning “looking at the sun.”

    The concept is generated from how the Mirasol peppers grow upright on their plant. It feels like they are all looking at the sun as they go through the growing process. They are vibrant red in color and exactly as hot as Jalapeño peppers.

    Mirasol peppers are best for soups, sauces, stews, and many other recipes. They create stunning garnishes all because of their vivid, attractive color.

    3. Serrano Pepper

    Serrano Pepper substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Mexicans have been using Serrano peppers in cooking for centuries now. They are still very popular among people when making stews, sauces, and toppings.

    It is a chili pepper that originates in Puebla and Hidalgo Mexican mountains. The name is kept concerning those mountainous regions only. Mexicans use this pepper to make giardiniera most of the time.

    Serrano peppers taste even better when you roast them. Yes, these are hotter in flavor. Yet, if you use a recommended ratio of 4:1 when substituting for Pasilla peppers, you will like their part in the dish.

    4. Jalapeño Pepper

    Designed by Freepik

    Jalapeño pepper is widely used in many dishes. You can also use it as a pasilla chile powder substitute to get an amazing variety of flavors on your table. The good thing is, you can find them at supermarts anywhere around you.

    Jalapeño pepper has a very high nutritious value. These are satisfying enough to your liking. It goes very well in southern macaroni salad, vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, stews, and as a pizza topping.

    These peppers are the capsicum pod-type fruit. They are medium-sized in comparison with other chili peppers. It originates in Mexico but is now grown all throughout the world. The reason is its pleasant flavor and mild heat level.

    5. Habanero Pepper

    Habanero Pepper substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Habanero peppers are produced in Mexico on a large scale. They use them often in hot sauces, snacks, curries, and more. This type is an extremely spicy substitute for Pasilla pepper.

    You can use very few Habanero peppers because of their fieriness. These chilis come in many different colors. But the most common colors you get to see are yellow and orange. They taste good in any dish, but the best usage is the hot sauces.

    In Mexico, these little peppers are often stuffed with cheese and eaten with snacks. The look of this pepper is distinctive. You can call this North American favorite pepper a scorching hot chili.

    Habanero pepper is easily available in stores. Also, to treat the spice-lover in you, try these delicious sides for sausage and peppers.

    6. Cascabel Pepper

    Source Wikimedia

    These peppers are Pasilla peppers look-alike. Yet, they are way hotter in taste than Pasilla pepper. When using these as a substitute for pasilla pepper, be careful about how many you use in the meals.

    Remember that even if you forget a little bit, this can ruin your entire dish by making it spicier. Even so, Cascabel peppers have a rich flavor that uplifts the taste of your meals. It is okay to use them as a substitute for New Mexico chiles being mindful about it.

    7. Guajillo Pepper

    Guajillo Pepper substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Guajillo pepper is the dried version of Mirasol pepper. It has an earthy and fruity taste. It also tastes like tea and cranberries at times. They add these peppers with Pasillas in Mexican dishes like huaraches and to make stews and salsas.

    Again Guajillo peppers are hotter than Pasilla peppers. You only have to use less when adding them as a substitute for pasilla pepper. For instance, you can use half a tablespoon of this pepper instead of a full tablespoon of Pasilla spice.

    8. Mulatto Pepper

    An excellent substitute for Pasilla pepper is the Mulatto pepper. They are like each other. They have a smoky, mildly spicy, sweet flavor with cacao overtones.

    Mulatto pepper is less spicy than Anchos. It is often combined with Pasilla pepper or Ancho pepper to enhance flavors. It is hard to find these peppers in some places, but they are easily spotted in specialty stores in Mexico.

    You can use similar proportions of Mulatto peppers to Pasilla peppers. It delivers the same level of spiciness.

    9. Crushed Red Pepper or Cayenne

    Crushed Red Pepper or Cayenne
    Designed by Freepik

    Both these substitutes are dried forms of chilies. You can find them with ease in all grocery stores. Even then, you have to consider some facts while adding any of them to your meal.

    Crushed red pepper and Cayenne are hotter than mild Pasilla. Both these spices have a neutral flavor. The flavor is peppery but not anything beyond that. Simple spiciness filling is surely achieved by adding these to the food items.

    10. Poblano Peppers

    Poblano Peppers substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    You can successfully substitute Poblano peppers for Pasillo chile in your food. The heat level is similar. These green peppers give your meals a different, more appealing look than the black Pasilla chile.

    Yet, you get the same mild earthy flavor that goes pretty well with plenty of dishes. They are ideal for stuffing purposes. Also, you can chop and use them in your stews and soups to get wows from the crowd.

    Remember that this might not be an ideal spice to use in sauces. To replace Pasillo pepper in a spicy sauce, choose another one of the varieties of peppers out there.

    Wrapping Up

    So, the above are only some of the best Pasilla pepper substitutes we recommend.

    Using these fantastic types of peppers in place of most Pasilla peppers is fun. It’s all about enjoying creativity by using nature’s best.

    Be it Pasilla peppers or any other spice, adding heat to dishes with these chili peppers is a year-old practice worldwide. If you do not have access to Pasila chilis, you can. Still, prepare your recipes without compromising on quality.

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