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    7 Substitutes for Pinto Beans – Which is Best?

    Pinto beans play an important role in many recipes because of their delicious creamy taste. However, sometimes you may need substitutes for pinto beans when you can not find them.

    Some of the best substitutes for pinto beans are black beans, navy beans, great northern beans, lima beans, cannellini beans, kidney beans, and black turtle beans. Their only difference is color, but they work well in pinto beans recipes. 

    This article will cover seven amazing pinto bean alternatives to help you find the best one. 

    Let’s dive right in!

    Quick Facts about Pinto Beans

    Pinto beans are considered one of the most desired beans in the world. They are brown-colored beans that deliver a mild and creamy taste to the dish with other ingredients. 

    This bean comes in both dried and canned forms. Mostly common in dishes like refried beans and other recipes like chili, burgers, pasta, salads, soups, and many more. 

    Furthermore, pinto beans are high in fiber and protein, which means adding this bean to your diet is healthy because it will protect you from several diseases, including heart problems.

    Substitutes for Pinto Beans

    Are you out of pinto beans or want to try something different? There are varieties of beans, so if you look for other options to replace pinto beans, you can easily find a suitable replacement.

    Below are some of the best substitutes for pinto. Go through each of them to choose the best for your recipe. 

    1. Black Beans

    black beans substitute for pinto beans

    Most people consider black beans a perfect substitute for pinto beans and are the first choice. Both beans are the same in size and flavor. There is a color difference, which is obvious. 

    You must remember that black beans are quicker than pinto beans in cooking, so try to check them after every few minutes to avoid overcooking them because they are already soft.

    Also, the black bean has similar health benefits to pinto beans; both are high in protein, fiber, and many other nutrients. You can use this substitute in many dishes like burritos, tacos, rancheros, broths, and many more. 

    2. Navy Beans

    navy beans substitute for pinto beans

    Navy beans are quite a smaller version of beans but one of the best substitutes for pinto beans. Their same mild and nutty flavor with a creamier texture will make no difference.

    If you are cooking Mexican food, casseroles, pasta, stews, chili, soups, or salads, with a pinto beans recipe, then navy beans are an easy replacement that will create the same taste and texture to your dish.

    Tip: Navy beans are soft, so they are best used for refried beans as it requires beans that are easy to mash. 

    3. Great Northern Beans

    great northern beans substitute for pinto beans

    Great northern beans are the ideal substitute for pinto beans. They are creamy white colored beans and smaller in size than pinto beans. But, the similar flavor of these beans works as a good alternative.

    You can use great northern beans in soups, salads, casseroles, and other similar dishes, which will not be affected by these small beans. 

    These beans are white, so they may not be suitable for most pinto beans recipes. If the color is not your main concern, then you can easily replace them because they absorb the flavor of other ingredients well. 

    4. Lima Beans

    lima beans

    Lima beans are another good substitute for pinto beans since they are the oldest beans cultured before corn. These beans are also known as butter beans because of their smooth buttery flavor. 

    You can use lima beans in all recipes that call for pinto beans but they work best in side dishes in filling meals such as soups, burgers, pasta, burritos, chili, and many more.

    5. Cannellini Beans

    cannellini beans

    Cannellini beans also referred to as white kidney beans, are considered a popular pinto beans alternative. They deliver the same creamy and earthy flavor while maintaining the shape while being cooked.

    You can easily replace cannellini beans with pinto beans in almost all recipes. However, these beans are common in Italian dishes like pasta, minestrone, soups, sausages, and many more. 

    Take the same amount of cannellini beans as pinto beans in any recipe, and their cooking time is the same, just like the texture and taste they deliver. 

    6. Kidney Beans

    kidney beans

    Kidney beans might not be a satisfying substitute because they turn out different in texture but close to flavor. That does not mean you can not use them in your recipe. 

    Kidney beans are dark-colored and a bit thicker than pinto beans, but that will not make any difference in your recipe. However, kidney beans and pinto beans are more common in Mexican recipes like tacos and casseroles.

    Furthermore, kidney beans are best at holding up their shape so substituting them in recipes that need a long boiling process, like soups or stews, is the best choice.

    7. Black Turtle Beans

    black turtle beans

    Lastly, Black turtle beans can also replace pinto beans. Although they are dark in color, the look of your dish may result differently, but the flavor and texture will stay the same. 

    These black beans are popular in Caribbean and Latin American cuisines like tacos, salsas, soups, and many more. People even serve these beans in side dishes like salads—for instance, southern macaroni salad.   

    Remember that black turtle beans take more time to cook when cooking them as a replacement for pinto beans.


    If you are making your favorite dish that needs pinto beans but running out of them, then we hope this blog was helpful. We have shown you some alternatives that deliver the same taste as pinto beans. 

    So when you think of replacing them in any recipe, all of the above alternatives are good. Specifically, black beans and navy beans are the top selected substitutes, whereas other beans are also acceptable for any recipe that requires pinto beans.

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