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    Pizza Eggs: Viral TikTok Recipe – Healthy Breakfast

    Yesterday night, you really had a blast with friends and family. You had so much fun, took photos, made memories, and enjoyed the best time of your life.

    Delightful, right!?

    And with many other amazing dishes, you also made Pizza at home, and now, you have just a few slices of pizza.

    Are you wondering what you can do with leftover pizza?

    Pizza egg keto dish has only a few basic ingredients with a lot of nutrition and deliciousness to start your day with. You can assume that you are making instant pot scrambled eggs with chopped leftover pizza slices. Take it as a scrambled egg pizza —a healthy breakfast recipe to brighten your day!

    Just so good! It’s also a famous pizza egg TikTok recipe. Let’s try making it.

    Which Pizza Goes Well With Eggs?

    which pizza goes well with pizza eggs recipe

    Both pan pizza and thin crust go so well with pizza eggs. My kids love regular pan pizza, which is softer and thicker. Pan pizza makes a fluffier egg mixture. Well, I would conclude that both pizza types are absolutely delicious.

    Ingredients for the Pizza Eggs Recipe

    • Leftover Pizza Slice
    • Heavy Cream
    • Butter
    • Large Eggs
    • Salt

    Pizza with Eggs —Directions

    1. Beat the eggs, salt, and heavy cream using a fork.
    2. Chop the leftover pizza slice.
    3. Warm pizza slices in a microwave oven.
    4. Now melt butter in a frying pan over medium-low heat.
    5. Gently cook the egg mixture.
    6. When the egg mix starts setting, move the egg gently to the center of the pan using a heat-proof spatula.
    7. Add the warm, chopped pizza to the mix, stirring the cooked eggs slightly.
    8. Cook the pizza eggs until you feel it cooks to your liking.
    9. Your pizza eggs are ready to serve.

    Pro Tip: For a softer, creamier scrambled egg texture, keep the heat to low and observe until the eggs get glossy. If you like well-cooked yet fluffy eggs, it is possible to flip the egg mix in the frying pan and let your eggs cook until they catch a firm and dry texture.

    Note: Do NOT over-stir the egg mixture. This will ruin the entire activity for the pizza eggs. 😄 What I mean to say is it will affect the taste while breaking the eggs beyond the requirement. That sort of cooked egg will definitely not go well with pizza chunks.

    Just plate your egg pizza instantly once you see the eggs have reached the desired texture. Serve the dish hot, and discover that pizza and eggs can be so much fun together! For your pizza lover, try our quick and easy Cloud Bread Pizza recipe. Say yes to pizza!


    Carbs: 19g Calories: 385cal Fat: 26g
    Trans Fat: 1g Saturated Fat: 12g Monounsaturated Fat: 2g
    Cholesterol: 382mg Sugar: 2g Sodium: 807mg
    Calcium: 69mg Iron: 2mg Vitamin A: 913IU
    Protein: 18g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g Potassium: 144mg

    Pizza Eggs —Cooking Notes

    pizza eggs — Cooking Notes

    • You can always add more than one pizza slice to the recipe.
    • For a softer dish, choose pan pizza; for a light, crusty taste, use thin pizza.
    • Use a variety of tasty pizza toppings to have more fun with the dish.

    These delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs leftovers from pizza are super easy and fun to make and eat. The best part is it also helps save you money by stretching your budget.

    It’s Good to Know!

    toasted leftover pizza with egg on top

    Source: Freepik

    You can also melt butter in a pan and toast the leftover pizza slices. Then you can spread the egg mixture upon it and scramble them together. It will also bring full flair to the side crusts of the pizza. For taste enhancement, you can also add shredded cheese toppings to this healthy egg pizza.

    Fun Fact: Fried egg on pizza is also gaining popularity worldwide. The fried egg as a pizza topping had been a common meal in France. This is pizza with eggs on top.

    As the saying goes:

    “There is no limit to creativity. The more you use it, the more you have it!”

    Wrapping Up

    So, it’s not just another one of the leftover pizza recipes.

    Americans are well-known for our massive servings. And above all, fast food is one of our all-time favorite meals. It’s a usual thing to have some of the food left over. It’s time to start saving much from our regular take-out eateries and try various creative main courses or sides from them.

    Rewarming your leftover pizza has become old-school thought! 🙂

    But many of you would still love doing just that. Even so, if you love trying new things, this nutritious pizza egg recipe is for you. It will leave you fulfilled and satisfied until lunchtime. It is good till the last bite!

    Pizza Eggs

    Pizza Eggs: Viral TikTok Recipe - Healthy Breakfast

    Thought about what else you could do with leftover pizza other than warming the slices or having them cold? Let’s rework that pizza!
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 15 minutes
    Course Breakfast
    Cuisine American
    Servings 2 Persons
    Calories 385 kcal


    • 4 Large Eggs
    • ¼ cup Heavy Cream
    • ¼ tsp Salt:
    • 1 slice Pepperoni Pizza


    • Take a small bowl.
    • Add eggs, cream, and salt to the bowl. Use a fork to whisk the ingredients well.
    • Preheat a sauté or frying pan that is 8” in size. This helps the eggs to cook evenly on all sides.
    • After the pan warms up, cut the pepperoni pizza slice into ⅓” small pieces. This will make chopped pizza that’s around ⅔ of a cup.
    • Now, place the pizza on a small-sized plate.
    • Warm it gently in a microwave on high power for about 25 seconds.
    • Remove the plate from the microwave.
    • Now add butter to the warmed pan.
    • Add the beaten egg mixture to the frying pan and wait until the eggs are slightly set.
    • Use a flexible silicone spatula to gently push the eggs from the pan’s edges into the middle as they start to set.
    • Fun part! Add the pepperoni pizza to the egg mixture.
    • Keep moving the eggs gently throughout the pan until they are well-cooked.
    • Serve the Pizza Eggs on two plates. Enjoy!
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