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    Copycat Raising Cane’s Sauce Recipe (100% Vegan) With Only 5 Ingredients!

    Let’s not spend on the overpriced raising cane’s sauce anymore and switch to the idea of making a homemade one. Get the same creamy, tangy, and flavorful taste from this copycat raising cane sauce recipe. 

    The dipping you want with the same taste as raising cane’s is right here. 

    So, make the homemade creamy sauce right now!  

    What is Raising Cane’s?

    The Raising Cane’s is a restaurant famous for fried items like chicken tenders with an epic spicy sauce which is called Raising Cane’s sauce. 

    The reason for Raising Cane’s popularity is how uniquely they prepare their chicken tenders. The restaurant doesn’t use frozen chicken to prepare their chicken recipes. You will receive every item freshly cooked. 

    What is Raising Cane’s Sauce?

    The Raising Cane’s sauce is the restaurant Raising Cane’s signature dip. It is served with their famous chicken tenders. 

    The staple Raising Cane’s sauce is so delicious that you’ll keep craving for more. The touch of peppery, tangy spices with a bit of acid makes the sauce super tasty.

    You can use raising cane’s sauce with fries, chicken tenders or as a spread in burgers and sandwiches. If it aligns with your taste then go through the recipe below and make the Raising Cane’s signature sauce at home. 

    Let’s dive into the recipe!

    Why You Must Try This Recipe:

    • It is super quick and easy to make in 20 minutes. 
    • It delivers the same restaurant-style taste at home.
    • The raising cane’s sauce is 100% vegan and can be made dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo.
    • All the ingredients you need are already available in your pantry. 

    Things You Need to Make Raising Cane’s Sauce:

    To make this recipe, you will need a few pantry staple ingredients which are readily available. 

    Please look at the list below.


    For this recipe, the best mayonnaise is either Duke’s or Hellman’s. You can also go for the one that is already available at home. Any mayonnaise will work. 

    Black Pepper

    Use either pure, coarse, or table-grind black pepper, and the sauce will still be delicious. If you do not know, this creamy sauce is more peppery because of the coarser grind. So choose according to your taste.

    Heinz Ketchup

    The most famous ketchup that is used to make this epic creamy sauce. The best part is that you can find this ketchup at any nearby store. 

    Worcestershire Sauce 

    The most reliable one is Lea and Perrins, but you can also go for the other local brands that are cheaper if you are out of budget. 

    Garlic Powder

    Using fresh garlic powder will result in the best way. The spices you added before might have lost the sharpness and need a touch of some other seasoning, and garlic powder makes the best choice. 


    Salt is a must in almost every recipe. Sauces are complete with a touch of salt; it is highly required. You can find kosher salt easily. 

    How to Make Raising Cane’s Sauce?

    Follow the steps to make this spicy, creamy sauce for your favorite chicken tenders. It is super quick and easy once you have all the ingredients. 

    1. In a large bowl, add all the ingredients one by one. 
    2. Mix everything well until it becomes a smooth, thick texture. 
    3. Move the mixture into an airtight container.
    4. Now refrigerate the sauce for 6 hours or overnight for the best results.
    5. Serve with your favorite meal, and enjoy!

    Serving Ideas:

    Helpful tips:

    • Let the sauce chill for 6 hours or more; it is required to get the best flavors. If you use it immediately, the sauce will taste like typical ketchup. Keeping it in the fridge combines the flavors well and turns out extra delicious. 
    • Ensure that you add garlic powder; it helps in giving your sauce the perfect touch of spiciness.
    • Please do not consider it a dipping sauce only; spread it in burgers and sandwiches or top it on any salads, be a creative chef!

    Storing Instructions: 

    Keeping the sauce in the fridge in an airtight container is best. The sauce will stay suitable for up to 10 days.

    These kinds of sauces last for a short time. So, it is better to use it immediately when it is ready. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What ingredients do we need to make raising cane’s sauce?

    The famous raising cane’s sauce needs only a few pantry staple ingredients: Heinz ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, mayonnaise, black pepper, and salt.

    Can we buy a bottle of Raising Cane’s sauce?

    Unfortunately, this sauce is not sold in stores, but if you live nearby a restaurant, they can sell it in a large container. The best way is to make homemade sauce!

    What flavor does Raising Cane’s sauce provide?

    The sauce tastes like a spicy, tangy mixture, and a slight sweetness comes from the ketchup. All the spices are balanced through black pepper and garlic powder to give the best flavors. 

    How can I make this recipe Vegan?

    The perks of making this sauce at home are that you can make it vegan but also gluten-free and dairy-free. Use vegan mayonnaise, which is readily available at any store.

    raising cane's sauce recipe

    Copycat Raising Cane’s Sauce Recipe (100% Vegan) With Only 5 Ingredients!

    Make this copycat raising cane’s sauce at home. This recipe is vegan and super tasty to enjoy with your favorite snacks. Get up and start preparing with only a few simple ingredients!
    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Cook Time 10 minutes
    Total Time 20 minutes
    Course Sauce/Topping
    Cuisine American, vegan
    Servings 18 people


    • 1 cup mayonnaise Duke’s or Hellman’s
    • ½ cup Heinz ketchup
    • 1-2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
    • 1 tsp garlic powder
    • 1 tsp black pepper fresh or ground
    • ¼ tsp salt


    • In a large bowl, add all the ingredients one by one.
    • Mix everything well until it becomes a smooth, thick texture.
    • Move the mixture into an airtight container.
    • Now refrigerate the sauce for 6 hours or overnight for the best results.
    • Serve with your favorite snack, and enjoy!


    • Let the sauce chill for 6 hours or more. Refrigerating it overnight for 24 hours will be extra delicious and full of flavors.
    • Garlic powder is essential, and it helps balance the spices you have added before.
    • Enjoy this sauce as a dip, spread, and topping on your favorite snacks.
    • Store it in an airtight container for 8-10 days in the fridge. It only stays usable for a short time.

    Nutrition Facts:

    Calories 93 kcal
    Saturated Fat 1 g
    Carbohydrates 2 g
    Fat 9 g
    Cholesterol 5 mg
    Sodium 181 mg
    Potassium 33 mg
    Sugar 1 g
    Vitamin A 40 IU
    Vitamin C 0.4 mg
    Calcium 3 mg
    Iron 0.1 mg
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