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    What to Serve With Meatballs? Explore 20 Low-Carb Side Dishes

    Are you looking for ideas on what to serve with meatballs? Look no further. We have a couple of tried and true ideas for you.

    Meatballs are my all-time favorite dish. I love having meat with sauce balls separately or in other words. You can try some side dishes with meatballs to enjoy the perfect weekday or weekend meal. The cute meatballs are also a wise, tasteful choice when you decide to lose weight and have a healthy diet.

    Making the meatballs in excess and freezing is always a good idea if you have a busy schedule. You can just take it out of the freezer for a quick and super easy dinner. No wonder meatballs are popular all across the world. You have created ideas for eating this delicious recipe in many fun ways. It won’t be wrong if I call meatballs my go-to comfort food once after I freeze them.

    This blog shares what to serve with meatballs. I will particularly cover the low-carb side dishes.

    Let’s begin!

    What to Serve With Meatballs for Dinner?

    So, what is a good side to go with meatballs? Or, what to serve with turkey meatballs?

    To get the answer, keep looking.

    Following are the 20 low-carb dishes you should try when you are wondering what to serve with meatballs. I am sure you’ll love these side dishes for meatballs.

    1. Green Beans

    what to serve with meatballs ? serve Green Beans

    Here’s what to eat with meatballs keto!

    Green beans make a great side dish. They take less time to prepare and are quick to cook. You can even serve it with meatballs. Roasted green beans are very filling with homemade meatballs. You can cook both these dishes at the same time. For instance, you can cook meatballs while roasting green beans, and a healthy meal is ready in minutes.

    2. Zucchini Noodles

    what to serve with meatballs? serve Zucchini Noodles

    What to serve with meatballs in tomato sauce? It’s Zucchini noodles.

    Zucchini noodles are also known as zoodles. Zoodles are a kind of zucchini pasta that is gluten-free. When you think about what to serve with meatballs, Zucchini noodles make a perfect low-carb food choice for your entire family. They make tasty sides for meatballs that are homemade and served with tomato sauce.

    3. Creamed Spinach

    Thinking what to serve with meatballs ? Try Creamed Spinach

    Want to try the next level, Spinach!? Creamed Spinach is what to serve with meatballs!

    Spinach has its own unique and strong flavor. However, introducing a few different types of cheese is a good idea to bring more taste to the vegetable. A special set of spices also go in to make it the creamiest smooth Spinach that melts in your mouth. This dish has amazing health benefits if taken with traditional simple protein meatballs.

    4. Cauliflower Rice

    Don't know what to serve with meatballs ? Cauliflower Rice is the Answer.

    Cauliflower rice is a simple low-carb side food to serve with meatballs. The most wonderful thing about Cauliflower rice is that it can go pretty well with almost anything. You can do it in various ways, such as turning it into cauliflower fried rice, adding meatballs to the platter, and having it with butter, salt, and pepper. My favorite is the meatball idea, which brings the Cauliflower rice dish to life. It tastes amazing!

    Also, try some awesome Steak dinner ideas.

    5. Grilled Veggies

    what to serve with meatballs ? Grilled Veggies!

    Grilled vegetables are a lovely simple recipe that I absolutely love to have, especially during my weekdays. It is ready in a flash and brings me back to life by preserving all my energies. It is super easy to make and tastes great.

    You start by preparing veggies with garlic marinade. It is full of nutrition. It is a tradition as well to have grilled vegetables with any meat. You can take any of the meatballs of different meat types, such as beef, chicken, or fish.

    Learn more about Gluten-free breakfast items and their benefits.

    6. Salads

    Simplest side is Salad when you think of what to serve with meatballs

    Over 6 out of 10 Americans eat salads regularly. Also, salads are healthy sides for meatballs. 😊🥗

    If you are a veggie-lover, you know exactly what to serve with meatballs. Salads are simply loved! They contain nutritious veggies full of wonderful natural flavors and are always filling. When done with freshly cut veggies and served with additional meatballs’ meat proteins, they get the nicest compliments possible.

    7. Shirataki Noodles

    Shirataki Noodles is the best answer of what to serve with meatballs

    Shirataki noodles are the easiest side dish with low carbs for beginners. You give a quick rinse to the Shirataki noodles before topping them with marinara sauce or any other sauce you like to have with it. You will surely receive rave compliments if you serve it with hearty homemade meatballs. Also, it’s good to use any sauce that compliments your meatball recipe.

    8. Roasted Eggplants

    Roasted Eggplants

    Roasted Eggplant is a simple dish prepared with only 3 ingredients. The simplest, tasty side dish comes out to be tender and caramelized. Perfectly oven or pan-roasted Eggplant has salty, creamy, versatile, and snacky flavors when you taste it. It goes so well with salads and Greek meatballs. After trying it, you know that Eggplant knows no bounds!

    Learn about 8 High Volume Low-Calorie Meals That Are Amazingly Filling.

    9. Spaghetti Squash

    Spaghetti Squash

    This vegetable is much underrated, but it’s fun if you cook it nicely. Spaghetti squash is a low-carb dish that lacks flavor on its own. Yet, it is served as a perfect side for meatballs with a tangy sauce. It goes pretty well with any meatball recipe.

    10. Grilled Zucchini

    Grilled Zucchini

    We have already discussed Zucchini noodles, but grilled Zucchini is a unique simple dish and has an entirely different flavor and texture. This food is also filling and nutritious when we talk of value. And this is what goes perfectly with tender meatballs!

    Know what sauce to serve with meatballs.

    11. Zucchini Casserole

    Zucchini Casserole

    Now here is another option for what to serve with meatballs. This Zucchini Casserole will become your go-to recipe if you love casseroles and meatballs!

    This low-carb Zucchini Casserole tastes amazing with meatballs. On its own, Zucchini Casserole is a quick, simple keto food that requires just a few ingredients. It is so full of flavor that no one can resist! With very low amounts of carbohydrates, this gluten-free, cheesy keto side is a great way to keep yourself healthy.

    12. Asparagus

    What is not to love about this simple side Asparagus recipe with cheesy meatballs?

    Asparagus is one of the simplest side dishes for meatballs. They are ready to eat in only 4 minutes in the microwave and are super healthy and full of taste. Together they make an amazing combination of nourishing, melt-in-your-mouth diets that will keep you craving for more. When deciding what to serve with Turkey meatballs or chicken meatballs, go ahead with Lemon garlic Asparagus.

    13. Broccoli


    What to serve with meatballs? Broccoli and a magical mix of exotic flavors… you should really try this recipe out!

    Broccoli is surprisingly filling and the tastiest vegetable when you pair it with your favorite meatballs. You can stir fry Broccoli on the stove, steam a Broccoli bag in the microwave, or air fry Broccoli to get a wonderfully cooked nutritious meal with your meatballs. Broccoli is great as a meal choice in every way you can imagine. It’s low-carb, light on your stomach, and full of taste. Enjoy!

    14. Cauliflower Mash

    Cauliflower Mash

    If you have been struggling with your kids refusing to eat Cauliflower, it’s time for you to get happy! 😄

    Cauliflower mash goes pretty well with Swedish meatballs. Tomy, surprise, Cauliflower mash tastes the same as mashed potatoes. You will love this creamy Cauliflower mash with tender and juicy meatballs each time. You can make it your everyday dinner routine. It’s a keto-friendly meal that gives you full satisfaction. This mash makes one of the best sides for meatballs.

    15. Butter Mushrooms

    Butter Mushrooms

    Do you have an interest in having Mushrooms? Here’s what to serve with meatballs because this superfood does help promote health and boosts immunity.

    Butter Mushrooms are so good with all meatball recipes. Mushrooms taste strange to many people, though, but there is also quite a majority that likes Mushrooms. They even want to have them in their daily diet from breakfast to dinner. The meal blend of butter Mushrooms and meatballs is a great idea for perfect meals for weekdays and weekends.

    16. Garlic Mashed Turnips

    Garlic Mashed Turnips

    It’s all about the creamy and rich food that leaves your family fulfilled and happy.

    Garlic mashed Turnips is an extremely nourishing low-carb side dish for meatballs. You can prepare them on the stovetop with ease in a single pan. We can also say this is a good alternative to mashed potatoes, low in carbohydrates. You can serve Garlic mashed Turnips as healthy sides for meatballs.

    17. Cauliflower Wings

    Cauliflower Wings

    Keto Cauliflower wings taste creamy while keeping your low-carb, healthy diet.

    The flavorful air-fried Cauliflower wings are crispy and soft on the inside. It also rocks as a party snack, especially together with tender meatballs. You no longer have to just stick to a veggie platter. Be as creative as you can by trying different recipes in your routine. You cook the crispy cauliflower wings with the tangy buttery sauce.

    18. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Get another awesome idea on what to serve with meatballs. The roasted Brussels Sprouts are made with Garlic Butter.

    The heart-healthy roasted Brussels Sprouts go well as a side or appetizer with meatballs. All you need is a few fine ingredients and prepare the side dish in 30 minutes. You will enjoy this very simple to make and it is good for your health. If you cook them well, they become crispy golden and tender on the inside. The taste is both sweet and nutty caramelized flavor.

    19. Grilled Keto Carrots

    Grilled Keto Carrots

    Time for some juicy, tender, perfectly cooked vegetables. Grilled Keto Carrots serve so well in summer.

    You ensure great taste while using minimal ingredients with easy cooking steps. Low-carb and delicious, the grilled keto carrots suit any occasion well. You can easily make them and fill your stomach with the optimal vegetable intake. The low-carb keto-friendly side dish for meatballs is a great addition to your dinner table. This goes so well with meatballs.

    20. Keto Grilled Corn On The Cob

    Keto Grilled Corn On The Cob

    Another solution to what to eat with meatballs is keto-grilled corn on the cob. It’s a low-carb side dish for meatballs and a summer must-have!

    Keto-grilled corn cob is a summer specialty for many families. This diet keeps you low-carb, full of nutrition, and healthy. Try this grilled corn recipe on the cob when you think of what to serve with meatballs for dinner. It is cooked with salted butter and lime, which brings an irresistible flavor your whole family will never forget.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you enjoyed all these low-carb side dish ideas for meatballs. Fresh veggies, along with a few simple ingredients, spices, and some meatballs, can make your day memorable!

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