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    About The Foodnom

    We created The FoodNom to help people learn to cook their favorite dishes anytime, from anywhere, without a hassle. From foods’ health benefits, recipes, and meal ideas to providing substitutes for different ingredients, The FoodNom aims to be there for its readership in times of need.

    The FoodNom is your stop if you’re exploring your interest in cooking different cuisines, trying new items for your meal times, or looking for quick substitutes to put in the dish on the stove.

    Subjects we discuss at The FoodNom blog:

    • Recipes
    • Nutrition tips
    • Healthy lifestyle tips
    • Ingredient substitutes
    • Interesting options for sides
    • Meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    We are all about food, health and fitness! Our content is engaging and informative so you can read, understand and share it with your loved ones to exchange value. 

    — A healthy lifestyle is a common goal after all! 💫✨

    Our Process – More Than Just Writing!

    At FoodNom, our enthusiasm for writing never stops. We train our writers regularly, so they can improve their writing. We help them create more value through their content. They write from the heart, making every word count!

    Before publishing, each topic undergoes standard quality assurance tools. We ensure that only the well-researched and “right” information is being disseminated on our site to the intended audience. 

    The quality assurance parameters help us drop any wordy segments from our content. We love to keep the content precise and engaging. After all, readers’ satisfaction is a serious business!

    Weekly training and discussions are held among the teammates to give them exposure to the trends and improve their knowledge. Building up better work ethics is also one of our priorities.

    As a responsible business, we experience continuous growth and improvement. Our dedicated team of professionals does its best to give our readers the best user experience online.

    Know Our Team

    Reem Hanif – A Devoted Senior Writer & Editor

    Reem is a certified, experienced web writer. She has a demonstrated history of working in the higher education system and web content writing industry for years. 

    She is a skilled writer with a strong research and analytical approach. She has produced content for health, fitness, and wellness niches. She also covered diverse topics and web copies from various other industries. 

    Reem has been the core team member from day one. She comes up with innovative, creative writing solutions for the website. She is a team player and works diligently to write quality content on trending topics. 

    Writing is her passion. She loves to write on food, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle topics and add value to the lives of our readers.

    Syeda Esha Umer – A Passionate Senior Writer at Foodnom

    Syeda Esha is an English Literature and Linguistics graduate and has been a content writer for four years. She started her career as a student through freelance assignments and has come a long way, becoming a supporting contributor for Foodnom. 

    Mrs. Esha has versatility in her skills, and her expertise as a writer encircles food, nutrition, recipes, fitness, and many others. She has taken multiple courses from Udemy and Skillshare to fill the gaps in her work.

    Her hobbies include reading, writing, and learning new things at every opportunity. These leisure time activities also aid her as a writer in polishing her skills and being the best version of her professional self.

    Areena Nadeem – An Emerging Creative Content Writer

    Areena Nadeem is a content writer who sees writing as a part of an activity. She likes to write in many different ways. The mixed imaginative thoughts in her mind have encouraged her to start writing, and now it has become her passion.

    She is a creative thinker who learns and understands before she starts working. Her main focus is to create simple and original content that readers can acknowledge. Writing makes her mind feel fresh, and she writes about various categories like food, lifestyle, and sometimes her thoughts.

    Areena is always looking forward to achieving something that will boost her career, whether it is online learning or important tips from her colleagues. She believes in learning later than never!

    The FoodNom – Expect the best on the web from us!

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