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    5 Best Substitutes for Chipotle Paste You Can Use in Recipes

    Are you looking for a fine substitute for chipotle paste? It is the key ingredient you’ll need to prepare almost all Mexican dishes. 

    Chipotle paste brings a distinct taste to your recipes. But what to do if you have none around? Look no further. We’ve got you covered in this blog. 

    Smoked jalapenos with other dried chilies in chipotle paste keep you craving more. This is because the chili flavor brings a unique spiciness to your recipes. Not only that you also get the perfect feel of smokiness in your mouth with every bite. 

    Chipotle is the secret champ behind the authentic tasting Tex-Mex dishes. Sad to say that you cannot find it easily outside Mexico. However, we have a list of chipotle paste substitutes that are really satisfying. So, read on spice lovers! 😊🔥

    What is Chipotle paste?

    The chipotle paste is made of dried, whole chilies transformed with water and blended to make a smooth paste.

    You can use chipotle paste in soups, sauces, stews, and desserts. Also note that Morita chipotle paste tastes sweeter than Meco, yet Meco paste has it’s own deeper and smokey flavor. 

    Why Use Chipotle Paste?

    This great ingredient adds heat, smokiness, and savory flavor to your meals. It adds a wonderful taste to meaty dishes, in particular, because of its smokiness. You put it in your chili con carne and stews to experience a delightful taste. 

    We know that sauces and seasonings are widely used to elevate recipes across the world. Specifically, in Mexican cuisine, it is hard to beat chipotle paste.

    The Best Chipotle Paste Alternatives

    You do not need to skip out on chipotle paste if it’s in your recipe’s ingredient list. Pick any of the most popular substitutes for chipotle paste as follows:

    1. Ancho Chili Powder

    Ancho chilli powder

    Here’s the best chipotle paste substitute. Although it is made from poblano peppers, it shares many characteristics with chipotle chili powder. Both are made of whole, dried, and smoked peppers. Yet, this great substitute for chipotle is slightly spicier than red chili powder. 

    In California, Ancho chilis are also called pasilla chilis; these are two different chilies. Ancho chili powder substitute for chipotle paste doesn’t have any additional spices like chipotle.

    Ancho chilis also have their natural sweet undertone, which brings a new flair to any meal. Its powder is milder than chipotle. So, you can use a little more than the chipotle or add some cayenne pepper to add heat. 

    2. Smoked Paprika

    smoked paprika powder

    We have spoken about chipotle’s smoky flavor earlier in this blog. The same smoky flavor comes from this unique spice called smoked paprika. You can call it an absolutely amazing substitute for chipotle paste. 

    Smoked paprika is full of the smoke flavor you love. This makes it the best alternative for chipotle. It is super easy to find in the market and gives the same smokiness you crave in your dishes. 

    Note that smoked paprika is milder than chipotle paste, just like ancho chili powder. We advise adding its quantity as much as needed. If you still want to add spice, use it with cayenne pepper

    3. Southwestern Sauce

    Another best replacement when thinking of what to use instead of chipotle sauce is the Southwestern sauce. This amazing chipotle sauce substitute is made from chipotle, garlic, lime juice, mustard, and mayo. 

    Its sauce or pepper version is perfect as salad dressings or a sandwich ingredient. Southwestern sauce has the same taste as a chipotle sauce but with a slightly different consistency that is even creamier than the mayo. 

    4. Adobo Sauce

    Adobo sauce substitute

    Chipotle in Adobo Sauce is a great substitute for chipotle sauce, and many people are fond of this refreshing change. It is easily available in areas where Tex-Mex cuisine is popular among foodies. And why not, it is also made from chipotle peppers you know!

    Adobo sauce’s chipotles are made up of dried and smoked jalapenos. They are then hydrated and canned in a puree that is made from vinegar, garlic, tomatoes, and some other spices. It has a tangy flavor that pairs well with the smoky chili’s undertones. 

    5. Chili Garlic Paste

    Chilli garlic sauce

    Chili garlic paste is a chipotle sauce alternative with similar consistency. You can use this if you have none of the above substitutes at home. This common ingredient is easily available in supermarkets or present in your kitchen mostly and adds a unique spicy taste to your recipes. 

    The flavor of chili garlic paste is hot and it is not similar to chipotle paste’s taste. You get the same earthy flavor without the smoky undertone. This paste can be a good source of heat but the flavor differs from the chipotle paste. Use it only in case you’re in a pinch!

    Homemade Chipotle Paste

    Many companies that manufacture chili paste or chipotle paste, add citric acid to keep the paste from accumulating toxic bacteria. It affects the flavor, though, and might also not suit many people who avoid citric acid. 

    If you don’t want to use any substitute for chipotle paste, there is another alternative for you. 

    What can be better than making your own chipotle paste? 

    You only need a few common ingredients from your kitchen to continue with luscious Mexican food prep. The ingredients include chipotle chilies, garlic, lime juice, sugar, salt, water, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. 

    It is up to you whatever way you are using to add chilies to your dishes. Even so, using a couple of liquid smoke drops will also add smoke flavor to the chilies. 

    Wrapping It Up

    Whether you use any substitute for chipotle paste in your recipes or make your own chipotle paste, the taste you’ll discover is worth the effort. 

    Tex-Mex cuisine is addicting because it combines spices and seasonings such as chipotle paste. Considering alternatives is a good option when you do not want to miss the smokiness of this epic Mexican delight. 

    So, using chipotle chili paste substitutes to jazz up your meals will save your day.

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