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    Top 5 Substitutes for Eggs in Fried Chicken

    From breading to adding volume and flavor to fried chicken, eggs have been a staple cooking ingredient for ages. It is known for maintaining the juiciness inside and the crispiness outside of white meat.  

    For fried chicken and many other fried recipes, including the world-famous French toast, eggs have been a standard ingredient. But what if you do not have eggs available? Are there any substitutes that perform just as well as a binding agent for the chicken coating? 

    Following are the best substitutes for eggs in this famous Southern Classic fried chicken recipe:

    • Plain milk
    • Yogurt
    • Heavy Cream
    • Applesauce
    • Tomato paste
    • Vegetable oil
    • Flour and water dredge

    This article explains the role of eggs in fried chicken recipes. We will also highlight the best egg alternatives, as mentioned above. 

    Note: If you use egg substitutes for fried chicken, only take small pieces of chicken that cook through well instantly. Eggs form a diary protecting layer in the batter. So, eggs tend to delay the process when chicken pieces are exposed to high temperatures. And having no eggs ensures that the dairy fat and protein cook faster. 

    Egg-Free Fried Chicken 

    You can use milk as the best alternative for egg-free fried chicken. Milk has a consistency similar to eggs, and it binds the coating with the chicken successfully. Other popular household dairy products like heavy cream and yogurt also go well. They also add the required stickiness to take bread crumbs on the chicken.

    What does Dipping in an Egg do to Fried Chicken?

    We should first get a clear picture of the role of eggs in fried chicken recipes. Eggs are best known for their binding attribute. They successfully secure other ingredients in place due to their stickiness. They hold the bread coating well. 

    Egg dripping also helps retain chicken moisture by trapping it inside. In the end, you get juicy fried chicken packed with flavor. Eggs also have various vitamins and nutrients. These include:

    • Vitamin A
    • Protein
    • Calcium
    • Healthy fat
    • Good cholesterol
    • Folate

    Besides that, eggs also play their role in developing cells and boosting the working of the nervous system. Its powerful antioxidants prevent cell degeneration. As eggs have high protein food value, you can consume them in large amounts without stressing about calories. That is why eggs are essential to weight loss plans and athlete diet routines. 

    5 Best Substitutes for Eggs in Fried Chicken

    1. Milk

    milk in a jug and glass

    Milk contains healthy fat and other nutrients, many people also include it in their nutrition-rich diet. So it works well for dipping and coating. It is nature’s best agent to trap and retain moisture.

    You will have a good experience using milk instead of egg in your fried chicken. But if you have any dairy product concerns, you should go for other milk options.

    Yes, good news for the vegans and lactose-intolerant people out there. Try plant-based milk. The specific type of milk will change the flavor. Flavoured or sweetened milk may not be a wise choice for a fried chicken recipe.  

    2. Yogurt

    greek yoghurt

    Another good substitute for eggs in fried chicken is yogurt. Remember that dairy products give you the same results as fried chicken. For instance, you can also make dairy-free chicken marsala. It is due to the similarity in their attributes. But yes, taste differs; it depends on the product you select. 

    If you use plain yogurt in your fried chicken recipe, it will work to lock in moisture. You will also observe the difference in texture, though. Yogurt adds its unique flavor to the meal, but not everyone might like its sour taste. 

    Be sure to be using sugar-free yogurt and avoid any flavored ones. Or else you will lose the flavor. Sugar will burn during the frying process. Use ¼ cup of yogurt per egg. 

    3. Heavy Cream Or Buttermilk

    heavy cream

    Heavy cream also goes well with fried chicken coating. The taste is amazingly good if you don’t mind a calorie-dense high, fat replacement for an egg. The surface created for the layer is perfect and doesn’t change the chicken’s flavor.

    Do not affect the overall taste of your fried chicken with flavored forms of milk. Go for heavy cream or buttermilk to create a sturdy, crispy coating. Buttermilk also adds more moisture and a nicer texture than regular milk does to the layer. 

    You can use ¼ cup of buttermilk in place of an egg. Make your buttermilk if you don’t have any ready at home. Now add lemon juice to a cup of milk. Allow time to curdle, and it is ready to use!

    Good to know: Soaking the chicken in buttermilk is also good. It tenderizes the white meat and keeps it juicy.

    4. Applesauce & Flour

    applesauce in a bowl

    Another good substitute for eggs in fried chicken is applesauce and flour. It is the flavor that works magic. The taste of the breading or flour coating becomes unique, which is impossible with any other common batter or coating. 

    It is ideal to use plain, unsweetened applesauce when you are making fried chicken. Then roll the chicken into it. It is better to replace one egg with ¼ cup of applesauce. Avoid using applesauce that has sugar content in it. Sugar burns in hot oil, as aforementioned. 

    You don’t want over-brown fried chicken and a burned taste in every bite. After applying the applesauce, dredge the chicken pieces one by one in flour. Fry the chicken as you normally do. Enjoy!

    5. Vegetable Oils

    vegetable oil in a bottle

    Some healthy vegetable oils are good substitutes for eggs in fried chicken, including olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, or palm oil. You can add one of these oils to replace eggs while making fried chicken. 

    You have to dip the chicken a bit in oil, then put the starch, breadcrumbs, or other seasonings on the chicken. These oils are also beneficial in fats, consume fewer calories, and are easy to digest. 

    That’s why mostly when eggs are unavailable, people prefer using oil as an alternative for eggs in fried chicken. 

    So, using these oils may help you healthily, and you can enjoy the delicious fried chicken! 

    Wrapping Up

    It is possible to make fried chicken without eggs. Eggs are a diet full of nutritional value and add great taste to any fried food recipe. Even then, it is not easy for everyone to tolerate eggs, which is why many of us look for replacements. 

    Milk can be your ideal option if you can consume dairy products, as it has the same qualities as eggs. You can also use other dairy products, but they change the fried chicken’s taste. 

    For many people out there who love fried chicken but cannot consume dairy products, there are many options for them as well. Ingredients like applesauce and tomato paste are also good for sticking your bread to the chicken. They also go pretty well with the chicken.

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