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    5 Perfect Substitutes for 00 Flour | 100% Recommended

    If you can’t find 00 flour, you can use its substitutes to make pasta. This post tells you about 5 substitutes for 00 flour that give you the same texture and flavor for all your baking needs. 

    What is 00 Flour?

    00 Flour is Italy’s favorite flour for making homemade pasta. Sometimes they combine it with finely ground semolina flour, also known as durum flour. This particular type of flour is also hard to find, just like 00 flour. 

    The unique name of the 00 flour indicates the refinement of the flour. It shows that the flour has been ground so well. 

    Your Substitutes For 00 Flour

    00 flour has the best qualities any flour can have to make recipes. The perfect substitutes for 00 flour are given here:

    • All-Purpose Flour
    • Bread Flour
    • Semolina Flour
    • Whole Wheat Flour
    • Pastry Flour

    1. Plain or All-Purpose Flour

    Plain or All-Purpose Flour as substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Who doesn’t know about all-purpose flour? It is also one of the most in-demand replacements for 00 flour, especially among pasta lovers who love making their own pasta at home. 

    While most recipes include 00 flour in the ingredients list. It is also mentioned there that it will be suitable to use all-purpose flour as its alternative. Plain flour is a blend of soft and hard wheat. It certainly gives your pasta a chewy and pleasant texture. It makes a good 00 flour substitute for pasta.

    You will only observe the difference in the stretchiness of the dough. It is not the same as 00 flour, so you will experience a slight change in the texture than you expect. It is a readily available 00 flour substitute on the market. 

    2. Bread Flour

    Bread Flour use
    Designed by Freepik

    Bread flour is another ideal substitute for 00 flour. It is a 100% valid 00 flour replacement, but it’s not gluten-free. It has gluten levels up to 14% high. Avoid using it if you are gluten intolerant and looking for healthier options. 

    Bread flour is prepared with hard red wheat, which makes it better for making bread. It is a perfect 00 flour substitute for pizza dough and pretzels using bread flour. This flour is more finely ground than 00 flour, yet this grounding varies from brand to brand. 

    This type of flour has high protein content, along with high gluten levels. So, it creates an elastic and sticky dough, making pasta and pizza dough ideal. The dough is stretchable with no breaks and keeps the food in place as cooked. 

    3. Semolina Flour

    Semolina Flour as substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Another good substitute for 00 flour is Semolina flour. It won’t be wrong to say it is the best replacement for 00 flour when making homemade pasta. You can replace 00 flour with Semolina flour to create dishes as follows:

    It is made from durum wheat. The texture is slightly coarser as compared to many other flours. It has a yellow appearance. Note that if you combine Semolina flour with 00 flour, this produces excellent results.

    When you use Semolina alone, you get to enjoy the deliciousness of the pasta dough. The Pasta dough is also savory. Bear in mind that using this type of pasta when making pizza or bread is not a good idea. 

    4. Whole Wheat Flour

    Whole Wheat Flour as substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Next on the list is whole wheat flour. It is also one of the ideal substitutes for 00 flour. But even being the nicest alternative, whole wheat flour is not as fine as 00 flour. As a result, every food you make with this comes out with a harder texture. 

    Whole wheat flour is an ideal choice for pretty much anything. This includes making cakes, bread, pizza, various pastries, and more. Whole wheat flour also makes sure to produce a healthier pasta dish. It adds value to the wholesome cracker you eat with your Cowboy Caviar and flatbread meals. 

    This flour is known for the high fiber content it offers. It is highly nutritious in compassion to other types of flour. Considering whole wheat flour when looking for substitutes for 00 flour will never let you down. 

    5. Pastry Flour

    Our next one on the list is pastry flour. It is the American version of the Italian 00 flour. However, the basic difference between them is that pastry flour has much lower levels of gluten. The best part is that when you find it hard to get 00 flour occasionally, you will easily find pastry flour in any local grocery store. 

    And you guessed it right! 

    It is more often used to make pastries and desserts. Not only that, it also adds taste to savory dishes like quiches and tarts. In the end, you get soft and fluffy food products as desired. Pastry flour is also used to make pizza and pasta. However, using bread flour is always better when considering the two. 


    Above are 5 no-fail substitutes for 00 flour that you can use hassle-free. Whether it is the high protein bread flour, easy availability of all-purpose flour or less gluten level of pastry flour, all alternatives of 00 flour are worth trying. 

    Whatever replacement you select for your cooking, you may require more or less amount of liquid. If you do not pay heed to this, you might end up creating a mess of flour. 

    Having said that, just get ready to have cheesy pasta and fun-loaded pizza at your home. Enjoy your journey of home-cooked food on the go and stay healthy! 😊🍃

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