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    6 Best Substitutes for Dream Whip For Your Recipes

    If you are a fan of Dream Whip, it would have been difficult to look for its substitute when you don’t have this available at home. It’s because the quality this product has set for its consumers is not that easy to match. 

    Besides, if you do not know what Dream Whip is, we are here to help!

    Dream Whip is a popular product of powdered dessert topping mix. It is produced by General Foods Corporation. This whipped topping mix is ready in 4 minutes. It gives users that time-saving convenience that has won the hearts of millions of American consumers.  

    Even then, if you are short of Dream Whip and looking for a Dream Whipped topping substitute, various handy replacements are available on the market. You are to decide which one will work best for you.

    In this post, we’ll dive into all 6 best options when substituting for Dream Whip. 

    Dream Whip Topping Texture

    The dry form of the Dream Whip topping mix can last for years. When you prepare it, it has a soft and fluffy consistency. That’s why it is called whipped cream. You can call it a shelf-stable dessert topping. Yes! Perfect for people who want to enjoy desserts and avoid fat at the same time. 

    Dream Whip Substitute – 6 Best Options for Your Desserts

    dream whip substitutes for dessert
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    Your readily available substitutes for Dream Whip on the market are:

    1. Whipped Cream

    Whipped cream is a delish substitute for Dream Whip powder. It can be your topping for pies, coffee, or your absolute favorite —hot chocolate. Whipped cream is also known as heavy and fresh cream. 

    As the name implies, whipped cream is made by whipping heavy cream until it becomes a thick paste. It is a dairy product with a higher fat content than Dream Whip topping. 

    You can make whipped cream using raw and pasteurized cream as your homemade Dream Whip. 😊 Pasteurized cream is chilled after being heated to 167 ° for 15 seconds. It has an 18 days shelf life —Alexa Answers.

    Pasteurized cream is fresher in taste and it whips up fast into stiff peaks. You can make butter out of it because it separates easily into solids and buttermilk. 

    Even so, be careful to use this “dairy” cream if you have lactose intolerance or are on a vegan diet. 

    2. Liquid Heavy Cream

    Liquid heavy cream
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    Heavy cream also behaves like a perfect substitute for Dream Whip powder. This is not a low-calorie substitute because it includes dairy. However, this heavy cream’s fluffiness and texture are as good as Dream Whip. 

    Create incredible recipes by using this extremely versatile ingredient to make butter, ice cream, homemade sour cream, and more. You can also use this as cake or Oreo milkshake toppings, a pie ingredient, or to thicken cream-based soups and sauces. 

    Its high-fat content makes it ideal for making whipped cream. Even being liquid, it is stable enough to stay in its shape. It’s a calorie-intensive substitute for Dream Whip that is free of stabilizers. It is an all-natural replacement for Dream Whip. 

    3. Cool Whip

    Cool whip is a North American product manufactured by Kraft Heinz. This whipped topping is similar to dream Whip, used for toppings of desserts, pies, salads, and many other feed-the-crowd recipes. 

    Cool whip is a frozen whipped cream that needs no physical whipping. Moreover, it does not melt with time, and this quality makes it a perfect substitute for Dream Whip.

    The frozen state gives it a higher shelf-life than other heavy and fresh creams. It makes it a perfect Dream Whip equivalent. Initially, it was introduced into the market as a non-dairy product, but later, they added a small heavy cream and skimmed milk percentages. 

    You can easily freeze, store, and ship this cool whip, which makes it different from classic whipped cream. Use cool creams to make banana pudding, flag cake, and chocolate or fruit cake. 😋

    4. Sugar-Free Whipped Cream

    Sugar-Free Whipped Cream subsitute
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    Another finest substitute for Dream Whip is sugar-free whipped cream when you are calorie-conscious. In this case, you cannot use any of the heavy cream or Dream Whip.

    You will feel much better after whisking delightful sugar-free cream for your recipes. Also, if you add artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes, you can come up with stabilized whipped cream. 

    You can make the cake, jello, and pie toppings with sugar-free whipped cream. The texture is lighter and fluffier when you beat it to make it thick, like Dream Whip. Avoid using liquid sweeteners when you are making whipped cream that is sugar-free. The liquid will potentially affect the cream’s consistency. 

    5. Whipped Cream with Cream Cheese

    If you want to make some whipped cream and are excited to make the best version of it, add some cream cheese to the mix. And you will be surprised by the results!

    You get stabilized whipped cream when you include cream cheese in freshly whipped cream. It is similar to Cool Whip. It has the same creaminess and fluff as dream Whip and holds up very well on top of pudding or cake slices. 

    You can also use it in your brownies, cheesecakes, and more. You can make your own sugar-free variety of cream cheese whipped cream. To do this, add sugar replacements or readily available artificial sweeteners to your whipped cream mix. 

    You can also use this topping for your blueberry muffins. It’s good to know that cream cheese whipped cream is tangy, creamy, and lusciously smooth. 

    6. Your own Dream Whip

    homemade dream whip as substitute
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    As a perfect substitute for Dream whip, make your homemade Dream Whip and surprise your family. If it is hard for you to reach out to any of the options above, you only should have a few ingredients at home. 

    To make the finest topping or dips for desserts, grab a cup of cold milk, 1 envelope of Knox Gelatine, ½ sup sugar, and a teaspoon full of vanilla extract. You can store your homemade Dream Whip in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

    Homemade Dream Whip Recipe

    1. Fill a medium-sized saucepan halfway with milk. 
    2. Over the top, sprinkle the gelatine.
    3. Let the mix soften by allowing it to sit for a minute. 
    4. Heat the milk over medium heat.
    5. Stir constantly until it boils. 
    6. Remove the mix from the heat.
    7. Stir in vanilla extract and sugar until dissolved well. 
    8. Pour this mixture into a blender.
    9. Blend it at high speed until it gets a smooth texture. 
    10. Pour it into the serving dish.
    11. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours before serving. 

    Follow the recipe, and you are good to go with this amazing blend of flavors. 

    Wrapping Up

    So, you have seen above that you are free to use a variety of substitutes that are a good match for the texture and flavor. These varieties also offer a low-calorie substitute for Dream Whip. You will find them totally irresistible served over desserts, hot chocolate, or fruit. 

    We hope that with this list, you will not find it difficult to use Dream Whip alternatives in your recipes. You must have had an idea by now that dream whip is no different. Enjoy a life full of tasty and sweet food!

    Happy Eating! 🌸🥞

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