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    Substitute for Diced Tomatoes: 7 Best Alternatives Explained

    If you love using tomatoes in your routine diet, you must know what diced tomatoes are!

    Diced tomatoes are prepared by cutting tomatoes into small pieces for a variety of purposes. They are used widely in salads, pasta cuisines, pizzas, soups, and gravies. 

    Many traditional and modern recipes around the world require diced tomatoes as a major ingredient for adding a delectable taste. But what if you do not have diced tomatoes on hand? In this blog, we will discuss different diced tomato substitutes. 

    Apart from getting diced tomatoes from the fresh ones at home or places where food is prepared, they also come in cans. Diced tomatoes are commonly sold at supermarkets. They are a rich source of minerals and vitamins and are also low in calories and excess fat. 

    Diced tomatoes are the world-favorite way to add that healthy flavor to your meal. It gives you that tender and juicy nutritious punch your taste buds regularly crave for. 

    Your taste buds will thank you after trying these substitutes for diced tomatoes no matter what the recipe or budget is!

    If you want to explore further, continue reading!

    How Can I Use Diced Tomatoes?

    When you want to spice up your day with a delicious meal, you should use diced tomatoes to make quick and easy meals. You can use them in many different dishes, in your routine cooking, or while prepping food for your friends and family gatherings. 

    We use diced tomatoes in pasta sauces, many Asian cuisine curries, and fillings, and even in making breakfasts in all regions of the world. Due to the fact that diced tomatoes are already chopped, you do not need to put extra effort into preparing them. Just open your can and you are good to go! 

    So next time you need a juicy mouthful flavor in your meal, grab a can of diced tomatoes and add them to your dishes with ease. 

    Health Benefits of Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are the nutrition game as well. They link to providing you with numerous major health benefits Fresh tomatoes are also an ideal source of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Tomatoes also contain lycopene —an antioxidant that reduces risk of heart disease and cancer. 

    What Can I Substitute for Diced Tomatoes?

    You can substitute diced tomatoes with many different types of healthy alternatives. These alternatives include:

    1. Fresh Tomatoes 
    2. Whole Peeled Tomatoes
    3. Tomato Puree
    4. Tomato Paste 
    5. Tomato Juice 
    6. Tomato Soup
    7. Tomato Sauce
    8. Canned Tomatoes
    9. Crushed Tomatoes, and more. 

    Now, let us discuss them in detail under:

    7 Best Substitutes For Diced Tomatoes You Would Love to Know About!

    The perfect substitutes are as follows:

    1. Fresh Tomatoes

    fresh tomatoes

    Fresh tomatoes can substitute diced tomatoes only with a little preparation work. 

    You’ll need to start chopping the tomatoes into small pieces. Then, put them on a plate and sprinkle them with salt. The salt eliminates excess water from the tomatoes and gives you a texture similar to diced tomatoes. They are now ready to be added to any recipe you are making! 🙂

    There’s nothing like fresh tomatoes in the world. You will just have to peel and dice them and they are all good to go into your dish. Well, the cooking time will remain the same because diced tomatoes don’t take much cooking time anyway. 

    Keep in mind that Fresh tomatoes are too expensive. You’ll have to spend way more than buying good quality diced or whole peeled tomatoes. Another factor to consider is that they don’t taste well when out of season. They also don’t produce a nice texture in your dishes during that time. 

    It’s best if you buy a whole lot at a decent price if you don’t grow them yourself. You could do a bunch of stuff with them! The best part is you can even make your own canned tomatoes using fresh ones. 

    2. Whole Peeled Tomatoes

    Whole peeled tomatoes

    Sometimes. Diced tomatoes can be extra soft, pulpy, and mushy. It can be hard to get them evenly sized. In this case, as well, we like using whole peeled tomatoes as a diced tomato alternative.

    You can just pop whole peeled tomatoes in the blender and turn the blender for only a few beatings. This should be until you get the required consistency of peeled tomatoes. Doing this will free you from worrying about whether diced tomatoes will hold up well in the dish or not! 

    Canned whole peeled tomatoes work well if you use them instead of diced tomatoes. They are an ideal choice for buying moms who want to take their cooking to the next level while they are on the go. And when you buy canned whole peeled tomatoes, this gives you a higher level of convenience in home cooking. 

    Once you will use whole peeled tomatoes, you will be looking forward to stocking your pantry with this natural goodness for sure! 

    3. Tomato Puree

    Tomato puree substitute  for diced tomatoes

    Another very useful substitute for the can of diced tomatoes is the very saucy, tomato puree. It’s a thick, red paste you can use as a toothsome addition to your pasta dishes. You can also use this juicy sauce as a thick and rich base for soups and stews.

    You can use tomato puree as an ideal substitute. You can even use this paste as a diced tomato replacement in about any recipe at all. This will add a more lavish taste to your meals than diced tomatoes. 

    So, next time you plan to cook delish, choose tomato puree and add that extra kick to the taste of your dish. That’s why we’re fans of tomatoes no matter what the dish! 

    4. Crushed Tomatoes

    Crushed tomato substitute for diced tomatoes

    Another best substitute for diced tomatoes is crushed tomatoes. They are much cheaper and easier to find in stores near you. They are normally sold in large cans and have a different texture than diced tomatoes. 

    Crushed tomatoes are great to use in place of diced tomatoes if you want a smoother and less chunky dish. You will love the overall experience of using crushed tomatoes as a substitute. They are good to save you some extra bucks and provide you with the ease of cooking. 

    But what about crushed tomatoes? Can you use diced tomatoes instead of crushed tomatoes? The straight answer is yes! Do whatever suits your situation best. 

    You can replace a can of crushed tomatoes with a can of diced tomatoes. Canned crushed tomatoes are actually a mix of diced tomatoes and tomato puree. They can certainly replace diced tomatoes and will substitute them well. Go for them if they are at a good price. 

    Also, try these 5 Easy Substitutes for San Marzano Tomatoes to make sweet and mild sauces. These alternatives can be cooked or roasted on the stovetop and be used in pizzas, pasta, ragus, and lasagnas. 

    5. Tomato Juice

    Tomato Juice substitute for diced tomatoes

    Tomato juice is another great way to add a luscious taste to your food. It gives even better results when it comes to matchless deliciousness. The user benefit of tomato juice is that it does not have any chunks of the skin or annoying seeds. 

    So, tomato juice becomes the best option when you need a smooth consistency like in the case of sauces and soups. Additionally, it is easier to find on the market and doesn’t cost much. 

    Fortunately, many tomato juice brands are now selling a low-sodium option with no added salt. So, next time when you’re in a pinch, reach out to tomato juice as a nicer substitute for diced tomatoes. 

    Tomato juice is a lot more liquidy in taste but it tastes as good in most recipes. When using tomato juice in cooking, keep in mind that it will replace the water in the recipe. The water quantity also depends on what dish you are making. You can manage likewise!

    Overall, tomato juice is a nice substitute. Your dish will be even better and tastier than you could imagine!

    6. Canned Tomatoes

    canned whole tomato substitute for diced tomatoes

    Canned tomatoes are the new kid in town. They are the perfect substitute to be used in any recipe. The best thing about using them is that they are already chopped up. This saves you the extra prep work and time. They are usually more economical than fresh tomatoes. 

    Canned tomatoes also taste better. They also provide lycopene, which we talked about earlier in this blog. It’s a natural plant and a phytochemical that offers you countless health benefits and tomatoes their natural hue. You can use this versatile option in your dishes that require diced tomatoes.

    Regardless of the type, canned tomatoes at your nearest stores will be your best substitutes for diced tomatoes. To get the exact same taste, you should simply replace 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes with one can of diced tomatoes. 

    However, you should avoid using canned tomatoes that taste sour. Doesn’t matter if they are a bit softer than the fresh ones. They can affect the overall taste of your dish. 

    7. Tomato Paste

    Tomato Paste

    If you think diced tomatoes are imperative to your favorite recipes, then you should think twice! You can also use tomato paste as a tasty alternative to diced tomatoes. It is more convenient and brings enhancement in flavor. 

    Tomato paste is easy to find in supermarkets. It comes in many different sizes and is storable for months in your pantry. You get extraordinary flavor and texture for your soups, sauces, stews, and other dishes. 

    So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add diced tomatoes to your dish, reach for the tomato paste instead! Tomato paste is a versatile substitute. It has a very thick and concentrated flavor that works so well in dishes like soups, casseroles, stews, etc. 

    The process of making a very quick pizza sauce with tomato paste, freshly ground black pepper, salt, a little sugar, salt, and water. Add the paste and water in equal amounts, then take a bowl and mix all other ingredients in that bowl. 

    Heat the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds. It is important to revive the flavors a bit more. A few seconds will do. 

    You can also make your own pasta sauce with this amazing tomato paste in your pantry. Just add some finely chopped garlic and olive oil to a pan. Fry the garlic for a minute or less, then adds tomato paste, water, salt, and sugar. 

    Fresh and Healthy Tomatoes Are Simply LOVE!

    Fresh and Healthy Tomato

    We all love fresh, yummy, and nutritious tomatoes in our food. It is a healthy practice to incorporate tomatoes into your routine diet so you and your loved ones can achieve optimal health. Frequent use of tomatoes also reduces your risks of many preventable cancers. They are good for a healthy body, mind, and skin.

    You can enjoy your taco dishes i.e. huaraches food, pizzas, and macaroni with either fresh tomatoes or tomato products. These are super easy to use and will help you save time, energy, and money while increasing your nutrient intake. 


    If you cannot find canned or fresh diced tomatoes, don’t worry. Above are a few options that work best as an appetizing substitute for diced tomatoes. From crushed tomatoes to tomato juice, canned tomatoes to tomato puree you have a wide range of options to replace them in any recipe. 

    Thank you for reading this! We hope this post has helped you to get fresher ideas on brilliant substitutes. So, tell us what you are planning to prepare for your family this week in the comments below!

    All of the substitutes for diced tomatoes taste as good and even better in most cases. Thank you once again, and enjoy healthy eating! 🍅🥳

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