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    Substitute for Stewed Tomatoes: 5 Easy-to-Use Alternatives!

    We often need to catch up on an ingredient while we are cooking. This happens particularly in the case of stewed tomatoes. They are flavored with herbs and garlic and are hard to resist. 

    So many people love tomatoes, and they are the most often used ingredient in the kitchen. So, it is best to prepare the solution yourself with some alternatives. 

    What are Stewed Tomatoes?

    Stewed tomatoes combine fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, celery, bell peppers, and herbs. They are seasoned and then preserved in a sealed can or jar. Stewed tomatoes taste sour, sweet, and umami at the same time. 

    Health Benefits of Stewed Tomatoes

    Not only do the stewed tomatoes taste amazing, but they are also full of nutrients. They create a deep impact on your health. Stewed tomatoes are rich in folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. 

    The high nutrition power of stewed tomatoes helps your body in many ways. It gives you a healthy heart, skin, and bone density. They are also good at improving fertility and reducing cancer risks. 

    5 Amazing Stewed Tomato Substitutes You Should Know!

    different kinds of tomatoes

    When finalizing an alternative for stewed tomatoes, consider a few factors. Think of the taste and texture you want from the dish. 

    Even so, deciding before cooking leads to desired outcomes. In the case of stewed tomatoes, you’ll get appropriate flavor and texture quality. You will end up having ‘look good, taste good meals. 

    Time to decide on which one you’ll go for!

    1. Diced Tomatoes

    diced tomato substitute

    One fine stewed tomato alternative is the diced tomato. Diced tomatoes are canned, small square pieces of tomatoes with their juice. 

    The difference between diced and stewed tomatoes is their size. Stewed tomatoes have soft and big chunks, while diced tomatoes have smaller pieces. 

    The reason behind this is that diced tomatoes are a bit cooked. They’re not simmered. Some brands sell diced tomatoes that are salted and slightly seasoned. Whereas other brands sell them plain. 

    You may also find roasted diced tomatoes to give a smokey flavor variety. 

    2. Crushed Tomatoes

    Crushed tomatoes are a nice substitute for stewed tomatoes. Make them an incredible base to replace the stewed tomatoes in your meals. 

    You only need to take some tomatoes and crush them before cooking them. Alongside many other health benefits, crushed tomatoes also give you a fine blend of smashed fresh tomatoes and some tomato puree. 

    Cleaning the skin from tomatoes before cooking is always a good idea. This practice enhances the flavor of the dish. It also eliminates the chances of the meal getting the skin’s bitter taste. 

    3. Tomato Paste

    tomato paste substitute

    Tomato paste is a thick, concentrated tomato sauce. It substitutes for stewed tomatoes well. The paste is free from seeds, skin, and pieces of tomatoes.  

    Tomato paste recipes’ texture is different from stewed tomatoes. Yet the resulting taste is incredible. This classic tomato paste levels up your dishes’ flavor, consistency, and color. 

    When making beef or chicken, tomato paste is a must-have ingredient. Also, it elevates the taste of creamy tomato soups. 

    4. Canned Whole Tomatoes

    canned whole tomato substitute

    To get a similar flavor as stewed tomatoes, try canned whole tomatoes. They are a nice substitute for stewed tomatoes. You will be surprised by the look and taste of your dish. 

    Canned whole tomatoes are canned whole peeled tomatoes, as the name implies. Manufacturers use plum tomatoes here. It is because they have a harder texture that retains longer in the can. 

    These tomatoes are perfect with their juice to make delicious recipes. Recipes include soups, pizzas, and southern macaroni pasta. One huge advantage of canned whole tomatoes is that you have complete control of any texture or flavor you like. 

    Whether chopping them into pieces, crushing them to meet a smoother taste, or adding seasoning, they taste good in your meals.

    5. Tomato Puree

    Here is another good substitute for stewed tomatoes on our list. It’s known as tomato puree and comprises a thick liquid made from regular tomatoes. 

    These cooking tomatoes have been strained from seeds and skin. Tomato puree’s consistency resembles both tomato paste and tomato sauce. Yet the flavor is more like tomato paste. 

    Some brands just sell a combination of tomato paste and water as their tomato puree product. Except for salt, there are no other canned tomato puree packaging seasonings. 

    Are Homemade Stewed Tomatoes Substitutes As Good?

    homemade stewed tomato

    It is easy to get a similar substitute for stewed tomatoes. And when you get one, enjoy it with bread and many recipes. Many of these alternatives offer the same texture and taste as what you are missing in your kitchen. 

    It’s up to you if you wish to add some herbs, spices, or veggies to your tomato alternatives to boost flavor. Add onion, garlic, bell peppers, sugar, and black pepper. This will add irresistible aroma and deliciousness to the dishes. 


    We hope the substitutes for stewed tomatoes mentioned above have helped you. Enjoy your soups, pizza toppings, and bases for pasta with them to your utter satisfaction. 

    How great life feels when you know amazing substitutes for what you crave the most in your meals! These substitutes become your savior in the kitchen. They make home cooking quicker and simpler for you. Say hello to a more confident version of you on your cooking journey. 😀 🥘

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