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    5 Substitutes for Grenadine Syrup – Best Alternatives!

    If you are craving an energy drink that has a sweet and fruity taste, then grenadine syrup is all you need. But what if you are unable to find it? Do not worry. We have found some great substitutes for grenadine syrup that you should know!

    One of the best and most healthy substitutes for grenadine is homemade grenadine syrup, which is quick and easy to make. Also, you can go for pomegranate molasses, unsweetened pomegranate juice, raspberry syrup, or strawberry daiquiri syrup.

    This blog covers the best five substitutes for grenadine syrup that can help you select which one is the best option for you.

    Firstly, let us enlighten you with a short introduction to grenadine syrup. 

    What is Grenadine Syrup? 

    Named after the French word “grenade,” this syrup is referring to pomegranate as it plays the main role in making the syrup. 

    Grenadine syrup is alcoholic-free and is mostly used to add to desserts or beverages like cocktails or smoothies. It gives a flavorful taste of mixed fruit even though it only contains pomegranate. Also, it is thick and sticky in texture with a bright red color.

    Some of the popular and amazing grenadine cocktails are:

    • Mai Tai
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Singapore Sling
    • Shirley Temple
    • Malibu Sunset
    • Bacardi Cocktail
    • Tropical Champagne

    Not only in beverages, but you can also add grenadine in other desserts like cupcakes, cheesecakes, ice creams, or even cookies. 

    Best Grenadine Syrup Alternatives

    Although grenadine syrup is available easily at the local stores, you can substitute other juices, molasses, or syrups if it is hard to find. 

    Look through the substitutes below to help find what is best suitable for your cocktail or other beverages when grenadine syrup is unavailable. 

    1. Homemade Grenadine Syrup

    homemade substitute for  grenadine substitute

    Homemade grenadine syrup is the first thing that you should think of when replacing grenadine syrup. It is the best and most healthy substitute to add to your cocktail or mocktail. 

    Why waste money when you can make grenadine syrup by yourself at home? You probably have the ingredients available at home because it does not require so many elements.

    All you need is a pomegranate, sugar, and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients slowly in a hot pan until the sugar melts. It creates a soft pink color. Once you check and taste it and feel it is good to go, you may add it to the cocktail or drink.

    Surely, it will give the same taste as your favorite grenadine syrup. 

    2. Pomegranate Molasses

    If you do not want to make grenadine syrup at home, you should try this pomegranate molasses.

    Pomegranate molasses is similar to grenadine syrup because of its thick, sticky texture and red color. The taste may vary because of the difference in sweet taste. 

    Pomegranate molasses are considered the best substitute for grenadine in different beverages and give a flavorful taste.

    Tip: If you like a sweetened drink, you may add sugar to molasses according to your preference because pomegranate molasses might not be as sweet as grenadine syrup.

    3. Raspberry Syrup 

    rasberry juice as a substitute for grenadine syrup

    Raspberry syrup is an ideal replacement for grenadine syrup if you expect the same result and taste. It will not only give an equal amount of sweetness but the same bright red color to your cocktail. 

    This syrup is best popular for a raspberry mojito, raspberry margarita, raspberry lemonade, french martini, knickerbocker, very berry cosmo, and even any homemade dessert like a blueberry muffin

    You can try this delicious syrup for recipes that call for grenadine syrup. It may slightly give a touch of berry taste but still can be an easy replacement because its sweet and rich flavor will not disappoint you.

    4. Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice

    pomegranate juice substitute for grenadine

    Are you looking for a sugar-free substitute to add to your cocktail? Then unsweetened pomegranate juice is all you need. It is the best replacement for grenadine syrup if you are trying to lower the sugar intake in your diet. 

    Since it is less sweet and good for health, adding twice the grenadine syrup required in the original recipe is recommended. 

    Moreover, you can also have unsweetened pomegranate juice for breakfast by adding it to scrambled eggs if you like to experiment with new things with foodstuff. 

    This unsweetened juice will give the same flavor and texture to your drink. Without sugar, it will provide more of a natural taste of pomegranate.

    5. Strawberry Daiquiri Syrup

    strawberry daiquiri as a substitute for grenadine

    Strawberry daiquiri syrup combines strawberry juice with a huge amount of sugar. It is a premixed drink that is best known for strawberry daiquiri cocktails. 

    The texture of this syrup is thick and syrupy and thick in texture, and less bitter. If you are searching for a grenadine substitute that is sweeter and less tart, strawberry daiquiri syrup is the best option.

    If you want tartness, you can adjust it by adding some lemon juice to strawberry daiquiri syrup. 

    This syrup is easily addable to any cocktails and smoothie as well.


    If you are a cocktail lover, you must be looking for a substitute that tastes similar to grenadine and makes your drink super sweet and fruity. 

    You can try out the earlier alternatives and select which one matches your taste. 

    You may not want to try the sugar-free one, i.e., unsweetened pomegranate juice but other alternatives like raspberry, strawberry daiquiri, or pomegranate molasses might be helpful.

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