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9 Perfect Mustard Seed Substitutes: Best For All Dishes!

The mustard seed makes every dish flavorful, thanks to its natural spiciness. But what if you don’t have hands on it and need a mustard seed substitute? Don’t worry, and keep reading!

There are many options available when mustard seeds are not available. A few of the best alternatives include caraway seeds, turmeric, cumin, and wasabi. You will surely get the desired spiciness. 

This post will cover the best 9 substitutes for mustard seeds. Continue reading to find the most suitable one for your recipe. 

Let’s get started. 

What are Mustard Seeds?

what are mustard seed substitute
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Mustard seeds are the most popular seed which comes from the mustard plant and gives a unique flavor to various cuisines around the globe. 

The use of mustard includes making mustard and mostly in other dishes like curries, soups, and everyone’s favorite mustard sauce!

Mustard seeds are an essential part of cooking. Sometimes a dish is complete with mustard seeds. That’s why it is important to have some good replacements to save your day! 

9 Best Substitutes for Mustard Seeds:

Let’s look at the following replacements in most recipes where the mustard seed is a key ingredient. 

Read through each substitute and pick the one that aligns well with your taste. 

1. Caraway Seeds

caraway seed is a mustard seed substitute
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Caraway seeds are one of the ideal options when mustard seeds are unavailable. They have the same flavor as mustard seeds and work perfectly for any recipe. 

These seeds are slightly warm and spicy. Add the same amount when replacing with mustard seeds to create a bright flavor.

For more in-depth flavor, you can use caraway powder. Both work perfectly, but caraway powder provides a more intense flavor.

Soups, stews, curries, and salads like chick-fil-a spicy southwest salad will turn out delicious with caraway seeds. Give it a try! 

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a mustard seed substitute
Image: Freepik

Turmeric is another great substitute for mustard seeds because of its strong, peppery flavor. It is a popular Asian spice often used in most South Asian cuisines.

The taste is milder than caraway seeds, but turmeric still delivers an intense flavor similar to mustard seeds. Your dish will not disappoint you! 

Use it for any dish you want; roasted veggies, rice, and curries will surely turn out great with a pleasing taste and a bright yellow color of turmeric. 

3. Cumin 

Cumin is a mustard seed substitute
Image: Freepik

Cumin is also a common replacement that tastes similar to mustard seeds but is stronger in flavor. Many Middle Eastern cuisines contain cumin as a key ingredient. 

Remember that when using cumin powder in your dish, add half an amount first, then add more if needed. Mostly, its strong flavor does its job with a smaller quantity. 

Add it to rice dishes, curries, and some firecracker meatballs for a spicy, peppery taste. Many people rub it on beef and marinated chicken too. You must give it a try! 

4. Wasabi 

Wasabi is a mustard seed substitute

Wasabi is a popular ingredient for creating a strong, spicy taste in various dishes. A famous Japanese dish called sushi contains wasabi, and that’s what makes it delicious. 

You can easily substitute mustard seeds with wasabi because of their natural spiciness. However, since wasabi is more intense in flavor, try using it in less quantity first to avoid extra spiciness. 

Also, wasabi is great for eggs, too; sprinkle it. You will love it! 

5. Other Color Mustard Seeds 

mustard seed substitute
Image: Flickr

Mustard seeds come in varieties of yellow, black, and brown colors. The most interesting part is that it is readily available at any local store.

Yellow seeds are milder in taste. In contrast, black and brown seeds are spicier. If you don’t have yellow mustard seeds, use fewer brown and black seeds, and vice versa.

Many recipes can turn out tasty if you use black mustard seeds instead of yellow because its powerful flavor makes your dish spicy, peppery, and full of wholesome flavors. 

6. Prepared Mustard

Image: Freepik

Prepared mustard is an excellent replacement for mustard seeds. It will deliver the same intense flavor and keep your dish looking perfect. 

It’s okay to leave mustard seeds out of your pantry, but you can have some prepared mustard for a long time. Use a store-bought (Dojin or Standard American Mustard) or make your own. It will enhance the flavors of your dish and make it super tasty. 

Add a few teaspoons of prepared mustard to any dish when replacing it with mustard seeds. Remember that prepared homemade mustard lasts for a month. 

7. Ground Mustard Powder

Ground mustard powder
Image: Flickr

The mustard powder is an easy option if you still need mustard seeds. It is readily available at any store and lasts longer than mustard seeds. 

The mustard powder will create a smooth, peppery flavor in your dish. It is best to add to your Mac n Cheese and other food items like soups and stews.

Many people use it to rub on meats or for the marinade. So, if you run out of mustard seeds, go for this ground mustard powder; it’s a must-try! 

8. Mayonnaise 

Image: Freepik

Mayonnaise may sound like a strange choice, but it is a good replacement for mustard seeds. It creates the same creamy consistency, but the taste might be different.

If you are replacing it with mustard seeds, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and keep in mind to add a small amount so that it doesn’t ruin the taste of your dish.

The main purpose of using mayonnaise is that it helps thicken the consistency of your food. 

9. Use More Spices

Image: Freepik

If you can not find any replacement for mustard seeds, the only option is to add more spices you already have. It helps create a preferred flavor for your dish. 

When you add more spices, you will get the same flavor profile of the dish with no mustard seeds. 

Ensure that you add the right amount of spices according to your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which substitute is the best to add to curry?

Turmeric is the best replacement for mustard seeds in the curry because it gives a perfect, natural spiciness. 

Can I use mustard instead of mustard seeds?

Yes, absolutely! Using mustard is also a great choice, providing a flavor similar to mustard seeds. 

Which substitute to use in pickles?

Cumin or caraway seeds. Both work great in any pickle you are making. Do give it a try! 

What spice tastes the same as mustard seeds?

Wasabi is the closest substitute when it comes to taste. It has the same tangy, milder flavor that will add a bit of heat to your dish and works perfectly as a substitute for mustard seeds. 

Wrapping Up!

There are many great options if you are looking for a mustard substitute. Each replacement has its taste that will give the best flavors to your dish. 

So, if you don’t have hands-on mustard seeds, then no need to worry! We enlisted some of the best substitutes to help you get the same taste.

If you picked the right replacement from the above list, let us know in the comments!

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