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    8 Best Substitutes for Rye Flour That are Common

    Rye flour has been used for years because it is best for baking, through which various kinds of bread and other sweet stuff are made that taste good because of rye flour. Also other things like cakes and sometimes soup as well. 

    But many years ago, it was said that rye flour would not be in stock anymore in the U.S, due to which people started using other flour for the same things. People mostly consider rye flour because it has some health benefits that are good for some diseases, i.e., the heart. 

    Best Rye Flour Alternatives

    It is said that rye flour is beneficial because it cures heart problems and lowers blood sugar levels as well. A few common diseases can get better when one intakes rye flour or any substitute for rye flour in their routine.

    A type of rye flour is also known as Pumpernickel flour. It comes in a darker color with a slight purple hue! It differs from other rye flours, which make darker pieces of bread and baked products. 

    Let’s discover 8 pumpernickel flour substitutes. 

    1. Wheat Flour

    Wheat flour substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Wheat flour is also used in baking, and it is considered healthy by many people since it has the same benefits as rye flour and gives the same taste. Just like rye flour, wheat flour also helps in improving heart diseases. It is the best substitute for rye flour in your cooking.

    Also, it contains vitamin B, which is beneficial for our brain and helps improve our mental health. 

    Some studies show that:

    • It reduces the risk of skin cancer.
    • It helps to ease the PMS symptoms (to relieve anxiety and stress).
    • It can save you from heart problems.
    • It helps grow your skin and hair.

    2. Rice Flour

    Substitutes for Rice Flour
    Designed by Freepik

    Another nice substitute for rye flour is rice flour, which has its kind, i.e., brown rice flour, which is also known for replacing rye flour. 

    But it can not be used alone while baking; it needs to blend with certain flours that make your food tasty, but it does not create the same texture as rye flour. 

    So there are a few things that you may find different when you switch to other flours. 

    It is mostly used to help:

    • Grow your hair
    • Lighten your skin
    • Skin aging

    3. Buckwheat Flour

    Designed by Freepik

    Buckwheat flour is the one that is less used in baking, and in Japan, it is used for their dish soba noodles, whereas the French use it for their sweet dishes more often. 

    It is still a good replacement for rye flour but not the best. Because rye flour is the most popular flour and is used almost all over the world. Due to the shortage of rye flour, people sometimes use buckwheat flour, which helps them in baking and stuff. 

    It also helps in the following:

    • Improving heart diseases
    • Reducing blood sugar level
    • Protecting from cancer 

    It contains healthy vegetarian protein and is non-allergic too.

    4. Chia Flour

    Chia Flour substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    This rye flour substitute is considered a healthy replacement since it can be used for food that requires rye flour. Also, it creates the same texture when you are baking. It is the best gluten-free rye flour substitute. 

    It can also be used in the replacement of wheat flour and eggs in sweet baking stuff:

    • Cakes
    • Muffins
    • Slices of bread

    That’s why it is also the best substitute for rye flour, and the most interesting thing about its origin is that it is created from ground chia seeds. It tastes and makes your baking stuff good as well.

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    5. Oat Flour

    Oat flour contains similar things to rye flour, which makes your baking tasty and gives a good texture, but there is one thing that might not be suitable for everyone because it contains gluten. 

    It can also be used for its own recipe, like:

    • Pancakes
    • Cookies
    • Bread 

    Also, there is one thing that needs to be noted: the amount of rye flour (2 cups) used in baking will not be applied to oat flour because one cup of oat flour equals 2 cups of rye flour.

    • 2 cups of rye flour equals 1 cup of oat flour

    These are the things that are important to remember because they can make a difference in your cooking. 

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    6. Spelt Flour

    Spelt Flour substitute of rye flour
    Designed by Freepik

    It can replace rye flour easily, but one thing to remember while using it is that it contains gluten, so it might not be useful for everyone. So it is important to use it only for bread or other baking stuff.

    Some nutritional benefits include:

    • Minerals 
    • Proteins
    • Fiber
    • Vitamins

    7. Corn Flour

    Corn flour substitute of rye flour
    Designed by Freepik

    It is not the best but a good replacement for rye flour. It is gluten-free but does not contain many nutrients. Even though it creates the same texture and is good in taste.

    Almost all baking goods include corn flour since it gives a great taste to your food.

    Mostly, it is used to make:

    • Cakes
    • Cookies
    • Pastries
    • Muffins

    8. Barley Flour

    Barley Flour substitute of rye flour
    Designed by Freepik

    It is also the best substitute for rye flour and can be used for baking stuff, and it will not disappoint you for sure. But there is one thing, it is not as strong as wheat flour, so it may not be used for everything. 

    Still, it has some nutrition fats that need to be noted:

    • Sugar 1.2 g
    • 0% Cholesterol 0mg 
    • 0% Sodium 5.9mg
    • 13% Potassium 457mg
    • 4% Total Fat 2.4g
    • 37% Carbohydrates 110g

    Also, it is great for cookies, cakes, pancakes, bread, etc.


    There are many replacements for rye flour; some have the same benefits, and some contain different things, but overall they all have additional benefits that are good for our health. You can substitute rye flour for all purposes. 

    Some people have health issues and can not digest gluten flour, so almost all the substitutes for rye flour are gluten-free, so it’s easier for everyone to enjoy food. 

    Most importantly, all the substitutes can be used in normal baking stuff easily, and it makes your food as tasty as rye flour, and the result is likely to turn out the same.

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