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    10 Perfect Substitutes for Spring Onions

    If you need good substitutes for spring onions that add delicious flavour to your meals, then this is the right place to find them.

    This blog will illuminate the 10 substitutes that are best for spring onions.

    Facts About Spring Onions

    • Spring onions are similar to scallions or green onions in shape as they both have a small white bulb with a long green on top. 
    • It tastes salty, and mildly sweet when cooked. 
    • It can be used in many dishes like soup, salad, sandwiches etc.
    • It helps fight viral flu infections, protect from heart problems, and lessen blood sugar levels.

    But there might come a time when spring onions are not available and we are unable to find them at the moment. 

    Then what should we do? Is our food going to taste bad without it? 

    Don’t worry at all because we have some solutions for you.

    Spring Onion Substitutes

    There are a few options we are going to share that you can use as an alternative for spring onion. They are easy to find and easier to use as well. So let’s begin!

     1. Scallions

    Scallion Substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Scallions are generally known as green onions and have the same shape as spring onions as well. But the main difference between them is their age. Spring onions tend to be older than scallions because they have a stronger flavour. 

    But they can be used in the replacement of spring onions and it is the best substitute for it. Some people usually use green onions because it helps in:

    • Taking down the cholesterol
    • Preventing cancer
    • Reducing sensitivity
    • Improving the immune system
    • Best for diabetes 

    It has so many benefits that are good for both food and our health. So it is one of the best alternatives for spring onions that is useful in every way.

    2. Red Onions

    Red onion substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Red onions are mostly used in cooking, salad and other snack stuff as well. They are round in shape with a mixture of purple and reddish looks. It has a good flavour and is best if you cook them on the grill.

    Just like every other onion, red onions also have some health benefits such as:

    • Fights with bacteria
    • Lowers the risk of cancer
    • Makes your bone healthy

    Also, red onion is stronger in flavour so some people might not like it and they are not always easier to find in grocery stores. But it is likely to be used in your meals when no other options are available. 

    3. Shallots

    shallots substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    They are a little different from other onions but have a light taste like spring onions. But its taste is a mixture of both garlic and onions with a bit of a sweet effect.

    It is most useful for every meal except spicy food. It can not add spice to your food so if you are a fan of spicy food then you might have to look at other options. 

    Some of its benefits are:

    • Controls blood sugar levels
    • Helps in hair growth
    • Protects from allergies
    • Fights with germs
    • Improves heart health

    4. White Onion

    White Onion substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    White onions are a good substitute for spring onions. They are often used in cooking and they are a bit strong in flavour so they are mostly used in spicy meals.  

    Just like other onions, white onions are also beneficial in health. It includes: 

    • Good heart health
    • Controls blood sugar level
    • Cleans your intestine
    • Strong antibacterial effects

    5. Leeks

    Leaks substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    As shown above, its shape has green on top and a small white bulb. The green part is most likely to taste like cabbage until it’s cooked. Also, it creates the thickness of your dish moderately. Its taste is also similar to garlic but still a great substitute for spring onions.  

    There are some health benefits that we must need to know about leeks. It helps to:

    • Protect your mind
    • Fight with infections
    • Lower blood sugar level
    • Weight loss 

    6. Chives

    chives substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Chives are different in shape with no bulb, only a green bunch of leaves. It is used after being chopped to make the food tasty and healthy. Some people use them more often because they are easy to cut and addable to your food. They are also a good substitute for spring onions. 

    Mostly, people use it in Chinese food like rice, soup, shashlik, Manchurian etc. And it is added after cooking because if you cook chives, you might lose their taste. It is also considered a good replacement for spring onions.

    Some good benefits of chives are:

    • Improves your sleep
    • Helps in functioning memory
    • Keeps your eyes healthy
    • Protects from the risk of cancer

    7. Ramps

    Ramps substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    These are not really in use because it comes in a very short season. Most people do not know about ramps and it’s okay to learn about something later than never. It can be used as an alternative to spring onions. Ramps are result-oriented to substitute for spring onion.

    Some of its benefits include:

    • Weight loss
    • Easier to add to your diet
    • Prevents cancer
    • Helps in reducing inflammation

    8. Coriander

    Coriander substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Although coriander has a different shape and taste, some people consider it as a replacement for spring onions because it only helps in changing a bit of colour to your food, the taste might be different. That’s why it is only useful if the difference in taste is not your main concern. 

    It might lack in taste but still has some benefits that you need to know:

    • Protects your skin
    • Helps in lowering blood sugar level
    • Secure your healthy brain 
    • Resists infections
    • Saves you from heart problems

    9. Sawtooth Coriander

    Sawtooth Coriander substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    It is a kind of coriander, both look different, but it resembles scallions and no other kind of onions but still can be a good replacement for spring onions. It tastes the same as coriander but this one is a little stronger in flavour. 

    If you add sawtooth coriander to your diet. You may heal from the problems given below:

    • Fever
    • Vomit
    • Infections
    • Headache
    • Earache
    • Stomachache
    • Asthma 
    • Diarrhoea 
    • Malaria

    10. Wild Garlic

    Wild Garlic substitute
    Designed by Freepik

    Wild garlic can be a good substitute for spring onions in Chinese food. It gives the same texture and taste as spring onions. It can be used according to the recipe that requires spring onions because it is important to check how much amount is needed. 

    Its benefits include:

    • Controls blood pressure 
    • Lower the risk of heart problems
    • Helps in digestion
    • Nutrition

    Have a look at Why you should follow a nutritious diet


    These spring onion substitutes can be very helpful for those who are unable to find them in the market and it barely affects the taste of your food. You can easily replace any of the above options with spring onions.

    Also, it is important to know which alternative is being used for which food. Because few of them have certain instructions that need to be noticed while you are cooking.

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