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    Black Cardamom Substitute: 5 Easily Available Alternatives!

    Cardamom is a very intense spice with a slightly sweet flavor. Some people even compare it to mint. Originated from India, but now readily available worldwide and used in most recipes to enhance flavor. 

    All the seeds, extracts, and oil of cardamom are known to have impressive health benefits. Also, cardamom has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. These benefits are also backed by science. 

    You might know that there are various types of cardamom, from green, black, to white. Normally, black cardamom pods are bigger in size as compared to green ones. They have a brown-to-black appearance. 

    What Is Black Cardamom Anyway?

    black cardamom substitute

    Black Cardamom is a cardamom type belonging to the Zingiberaceae family. It is very much dried, and its seeds are extracted from the pods. 

    To some people, its taste is a balance between ginger and cinnamon. While others say that it has hints of lemon with a little minty flavor. Some call it a blend of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

    Cinnamon has a unique taste, elevating foods to a different level. It also shares a smokey flavor that is stronger than its green version!

    Black cardamom is cultivated in Bhutan, India, and Eastern Nepal. It has such a matchless flavor that it is hard to describe. 

    Tip: toast the cardamom pods in a dry pan and amplify their aroma and flavor before using them. 

    Out of many effective cardamom alternatives, you will find these 5 substitutes very handy when in a pinch! Let’s start!

    Some Uses of Black Cardamom

    hot chocolate

    We use black cardamom in many creative ways. This includes the following: 

    • Our heart soups
    • Challah and roast poultry
    • Casseroles
    • Blondies
    • Rice pudding
    • snicker-doodles
    • Cakes
    • Payasam 
    • Chowders and more. 

    5 Substitutes for Black Cardamom

    1. Coriander Seeds

    coriander seeds as a black cardamom substitute

    Here is another fine substitute for cardamom. It also has its unique sweet aroma, flavor, and a touch of citrus. This super treat comes from the Mediterranean and Southern Europe regions. 

    Coriander seeds are widely used as whole seeds and in their ground form. They fit so well with many different dishes that contain cardamom. The meals include Indian cuisine, soups, curries, stews, stir-fries, pickling vegetables, marinades, and baked goods. 

    Use coriander seeds in your next instant pot beef stew recipe and enjoy the flavor to its fullest!

    Coriander seeds add that filling taste to your meals. Be it the amazing curries or the seeds sitting on top of the juicy BBQ burgers. This basic ingredient is common in all these necessary meals.  

    This underrated spice is small but offers big benefits to its consumers. When your recipe calls for cardamom, and you don’t have any, coriander will also improve your health. 

    It treats digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation (Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, and ulcers), or colic conditions. 

    2. Nutmeg


    Are you familiar with nutmeg? If not, you should know that it is a famous spice with an earthy, mildly nutty, sweet taste. However, it is not a typical sugary treat, but it is still used as a sweet seasoning for many dishes. 

    The nutty taste dominates the nutmeg’s flavor. This quality makes it suitable for both sweet and savory meals. People use it to complement meats, sausages, vegetables, potato sauces, puddings, baked products, and soups. Make your chickpeas and spinach stew in a slow cooker using nutmeg. 

    You can buy nutmeg as a ground spice or whole seed. Whatever way you like to use it, it will make a good black cardamom substitute. After all, both these spices have the same flavor profile. 

    Remember to use nutmeg in a 1:1 ratio to substitute cardamom. It offers many health and nutrition benefits along with versatile cooking uses. Add it to your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or every night’s warm milk. Not only that, but nutmeg is also a nice seasoning for vegetables like sweet potato or cauliflower. 

    3. Ginger


    Ginger is also considered the best cardamom pod substitute and is widely used in world recipes. It serves the season but is also packed with the finest medical benefits. 

    It has a sweet peppery flavor alongside a spicy essence. The western region often uses ground ginger for cooking quick bread, spice cookies, and several beverages. 

    This black cardamom substitute is present in various forms on the market. You will find ginger in fresh, dried candies, preserved, pickled, or powdered. 

    Ginger is a flowering plant used as a spice in meat, seafood, and vegetable cooking. It is also acidic, and being a part of the turmeric and cardamom family, it adds great taste to the recipes when used in place of cardamom. 

    4. Cinnamon

    cinnamon as a black cardamom substitute

    If you are looking for the best cardamom replacement, go for cinnamon. Cinnamon even exceeds in value for containing more vitamins and minerals. 

    Even so, both these natural treats are tastewise interrelated. The taste is different, though, yet they are similar in sweetness. Cinnamon also has an earthy, woody flavor with a slight citrus feel. 

    Cinnamon’s spiciness in taste reminds you of cloves in an instant. Using either one stick or ground cinnamon doesn’t make any difference to the taste. Only the texture of your recipes differs. 

    Cinnamon tastes so delicious in various desserts. This includes rice pudding, French toast, cookies, apple dessert, and churros. You also must have enjoyed the touch of cinnamon in your cinnamon royals, hot cross buns, and morning buns. 

    Have you heard of the famous Turkish sweet dish, Baklava? This also has cinnamon as an ingredient. The apple desserts mentioned above include baked apples, apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp, and more. 

    5. Cloves

    cloves as black cardamom substitute

    Cloves are another suitable black cardamom substitute if you don’t have this available. They add unique flavor to meats, beverages, and desserts. Figure out more!

    Clove is an aromatic flower bud from a tree in the Myrtaceae. It has a slightly bitter undertone which is like cardamom. It also has a mildly sweet flavor that gives a rich taste to any dish. They do the trick better. 

    You can prepare marinades, fruits, pies, drinks, stews, rice, or tea with cloves. Besides, cloves have countless medical advantages as well. It also goes well with other mildly sweet spices like cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. 

    While using cloves as a replacement for cardamom, add small quantities because its flavor is strong and might ruin the dish if overused. Whether you use them whole or ground, they add depth and flavor to a wide range of foods. 

    These small-sized dark brown pods give the next level to curries, meats, and spiced-flavored baked products. Sauces like Worcestershire sauce also contain the goodness of cloves. 

    The Bottom Line

    Cardamom is an amazing ancient remedy for plenty of health issues. It lowers blood pressure, aids weight loss, and improves breathing. It also fights tumors, bacteria protects the liver, and treats anxiety. 

    Adding cardamom to your diet may be an effective way to better the health of your mind and body. We hope the cardamom alternatives discussed above will let you choose the one that best suits your needs. 

    You might already know that cardamom is an expensive spice, so having some black cardamom substitutes ready will be the best move. 
    Also, read the Top 5 substitutes for Achiote Paste for all your recipes!

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