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    Is Sparkling Ice Good For You? Read Before You Drink!

    With a low-calorie percentage, Sparkling Ice water is considered healthy among the common public. But is it good for your health? No. Find out why.

    Sparkling Ice has Sucralose (artificial sweetener) and food coloring, which can endanger your health when consumed regularly. These sparkling water drinks also have aspartame as a sweetener. It’s not for diabetic patients or pregnant women due to the potential risks to their well-being.

    We will present some facts in this blog for you to cross-check the validity of the claim to get your answer: is Sparkling Ice good for you?

    Let’s start with Sparkling Ice’s benefits.

    Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Ice

    Sparkling Ice is not only a tasty and refreshing beverage choice but also offers a range of healthful benefits:

    1. Hydration with a Twist: Staying hydrated is essential for overall health, and Sparkling Ice can be a delightful alternative to plain water. Its bubbly nature and enticing flavors make drinking water more enjoyable, encouraging you to drink more and stay hydrated throughout the day.
    2. Low-Calorie Option: For those conscious of their calorie intake, Sparkling Ice offers a low-calorie alternative to sugary sodas and fruit juices. With zero sugar and only a few calories per serving, it’s a guilt-free choice for those looking to maintain a balanced diet.
    3. Natural Flavors: Sparkling Ice is made with natural fruit flavors, providing a delicious taste without the need for artificial additives or sweeteners. Whether you prefer the tang of citrus or the sweetness of berries, there’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy.
    4. Vitamins and Antioxidants: Many Sparkling Ice flavors are infused with vitamins and antioxidants, adding a healthful boost to your hydration. These beneficial nutrients can support your immune system and contribute to overall well-being.
    5. No Caffeine or Sodium: Unlike many other carbonated beverages, Sparkling Ice is caffeine-free and low in sodium. This makes it a suitable choice for those aiming to reduce their caffeine intake or who need to monitor their sodium levels.
    6. Versatile Mixers: Sparkling Ice can be a versatile mixer for creating exciting mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Combine it with fresh fruits and herbs for a delightful and guilt-free party drink option.

    Is Sparkling Ice Good for You?

    Sparkling Ice is a well-liked beverage option that stands out with its zero-carb content, making it a favorable choice for individuals mindful of their carbohydrate intake. However, it’s crucial to be aware that this drink contains added sugars, which might diminish its health appeal. On a positive note, it does include green tea extract, vitamins, and antioxidants, offering potential health benefits.

    Yet, it’s essential to exercise caution as there are some associated risks with consuming Sparkling Ice. The carbonation in the drink may cause additional issues, and there’s a possibility of the presence of certain toxic ingredients.

    When considering whether to enjoy Sparkling Ice, it’s vital to weigh these potential risks and benefits and make an informed decision about its inclusion in your diet.

    Sparkling Ice Water: The Nutritional Percentage

    According to research, it is hydrating and has minerals that normal water has. But, water with added sugar is not good for your health.

    Sparkling Ice is carbonated water (pressured with carbon dioxide) which is why many people think it’s a good substitute for water. But, it’s harmful to your health if you drink it every day.

    The red flag in Sparkling Ice ingredients is sweeteners or artificial nutrition. Sparkling Ice has Sucralose, which is unhealthy for you to consume regularly.

    Sparkling Ice Ingredients

    If you’re a fitness freak or a health-conscious individual, you must have tried Sparkling Ice as an alternative to sugary drinks. It’s a good mindset to quit unhealthy beverages.

    sparkling ice ingredients

    Look at the nutritional value Sparkling Ice offers:

    • 5 Calories Per Serving
    • Contains 1% juice
    • Caffeine Free
    • 135mcg RAE Vitamin A
    • Vitamin A: 15%
    • Vitamin D 3mcg: 15%
    • Niacin: 15%
    • Vitamin B6: 15%
    • Vitamin B12: 15%
    • Biotin: 15%
    • Pantothenic Acid: 15%

    The nutrition list looks very beneficial but has a decent percentage of sweeteners, improving the taste of Sparkling Ice water.

    Does Sparkling Ice Have Sugar?

    If we follow the information given by the it’s authorities, the drink doesn’t have sugar but is sweet. Where does the sugar come from?

    The Sparkling Ice uses Sucralose, also known as Splenda, for its sweet flavor. It’s an artificial sweetener but is 800x sweeter than sucrose (our table sugar). These sweeteners improve the beverage’s taste but are hazardous to your health.

    Artificial sweeteners such as Sucrose are included in small quantities, so they don’t affect your health immediately. They act as a slow poison, so if you have diabetes, please avoid drinking such beverages.

    Difference Between Sparkling Water and Soda?

    Sparkling Ice and soda both are water-based drinks pressured with Carbon Dioxide. This is the only similarity while the differences are given below:

    Sparkling waterSoda/Drinks
    Natural mineralsAdded Mineral s
    No Phosphoric AcidAdded Phosphoric Acid
    Sugar-free (most cases)Added sugar
    Less to none caloriesHigh calories 

    Harmfulness of Sparkling Ice Drink

    Sparkling water is sure a treat to your taste buds, but it has some major drawbacks, making people think twice before gulping it down their throats. We will discuss the facts shared by the experts below.

    1. Chemogenic Origin

    A fact that makes Sparkling Ice a harmful drink is its carbonated nature. When the Sparkling Ice water is carbonated under pressure with carbon dioxide gas, it produces carbonic acid, resulting in a burning sensation in your mouth after a few sips.

    The National Center of Biotechnology Information derived these results after a few psychological and neurobiological effects. The team of experts conducted a psychological experiment to conclude what Sparkling Ice water offers to your health.

    2. Damages Teeth Enamel

    Sugar is one of the main reasons why people cut down on soda drinks. Sugar in any form is unhealthy, and it affects your mouth’s health the most. The germs in your mouth feed off the sugar and carbs, which also hurts the enamel, and enamel damage is irreversible.

    So, according to their website, Sparkling Ice water has (sugars) per 8 oz. serving. It’s not too much, but drinking Sparkling Ice too often will damage your enamel. The sugars will add to the bacteria as they eat, get stronger, and hurt your teeth.

    3. Kidney Damage

    Sparkling Ice can affect your kidneys because of the carbon dioxide gas. This fact is put forward through an experiment conducted by the National Library of Medicine. If you consume these drinks more than twice a week, there’s a chance that you’ll get kidney stones or other related infections.

    What you can do to stay healthy is drink more water. Water not only hydrate you but it’s also good for kidney health. If you need more taste in your usual water, you can make lemonade at home but avoiding sparkling water will be the best solution.

    4. Causes Bloating

    Carbonated drinks have gas as a major component of the glasses which is not always ideal for many people. It can cause gas problems and bloat. Maltodextrin, an ingredient in the Sparkling Ice drink, causes bloating.

    People who experience bloating from carbonated drinks should avoid it. You can drink juices or plain water. Adopting healthy eating habits will also make you feel more healthy and active.

    The bloating is because of the excessive gas in your intestines resulting from drinking too much sparkling water. But that’s not the only reason. Bloating can also cause a food allergy or intolerance to certain food items. It will be best to get yourself checked by a specialist or gastrologist.

    it has its good sides and bad. Where it poses a potential risk to your health, it also helps with some things you may struggle with.

    We will look at sparkling water’s positive points in the following section.

    The Sparkling Ice Water Myths

    Sparkling Ice drinks are not so healthy, and we have explained why. However, they offer some benefits to your digestive system, and we are sure you’d want to know about them. So, let us cross-check the health facts heard about sparkling water.

    1. Bad for Intestines

    Carbonated drinks are healthy for your gastro health, and this fact isn’t just relatable to the Ice Sparkling water, but it’s about all other carbonated sugary drinks. Fizzy drinks help you digest food faster and improve your metabolism by stimulating your digestive nerves.

    The efficiency of carbonated drinks is verified through a collective experiment of 16 people (adults and youngsters). Of 100% of participants, 63% reported they swallowed better after drinking carbonated drinks like Ice Sparkling. This is one of the reasons why carbonated soft drinks advertise their product with food and eating visuals.

    2. Harmful for Bone Health

    Sparkling water has carbon gas, making people assume it causes calcium deficiency. But, it’s merely hearsay. Sparkling water doesn’t harm your bones in any way, which is supported by research by the National Center of Biotechnology Information.

    If you are a cola drinker and feel joint weakness, you should increase your calcium intake and take foods that are good for the bones.


    Sparkling Ice water is not categorized as a healthy drink, but it does help you with digestion and weight maintenance. It is, of course, not suggested for toddlers. Adults should not drink sparkling water at 45 to 85 milligrams a day.

    You can surely drink sparkling water once or twice a month but don’t become a stan for it. It can risk your health in the long run.

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